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Bye-bye Bambi

Kathy Morris
Anne K Moore
Photographs: Kathy Morris


My daughter, Kathy, and her family live in Seattle, land of cool, rainy days. They live on the side of a mountain, realm of roaming deer. She has always loved to garden (wherever did she get that?) When they first moved to Seattle, she enjoyed seeing Bambi and his momma visit. That is, until she discovered that everything she planted; perennials, annuals, and vegetables turned into deer browse.

She has sent me these wonderful photos showing what a good product can accomplish. It even lasts through Seattle rains. If you have deer consuming your garden, you might want to try a product called Deer Scram. It’s organic. It worked for her.

Here’s what she has to say, “I thought I would show you how gung-ho my plants are this year. You remember the barrel I had out front? When you were here, we put some coral bells in it and some creeping jenny. There were some other things, but those have survived.”

“I had to add some new soil to it, so K (granddaughter) and I pulled out the few bits of my coral bells that the deer hadn't eaten, and three snapdragons that I never got to see bloom. I didn't even remember what color they were. Oh, and I had the root system of some dusty miller that I came across. I added the soil right on top of the creeping jenny and then planted my petunias, begonias, sweet potatoes, and coleus. I added the dusty miller back in and figured that would be plenty.

“K didn't want to throw any plants away, so I let her put them in the ground. I didn't think they would live, but I figured it wouldn't hurt anything. Well, they lived! I added some dahlia's about a week ago because I just love them. The barrel, as you can see, has thrived! Too bad the only thing that shows is the petunias!”  


“I can find the coleus if I dig around in the middle, and you can see a bit of the begonias. If you look really, really close, you might see a leaf of the dusty miller towards the middle. The creeping jenny won't die! But I do like the way it looks.”

“I know now what color the snapdragons are! I'm so glad I let her replant them. They're such a happy plant and have always been a favorite of mine. The coral bells are thriving as well. I found this wonderful product called Deer Scram (you should write about it!), that doesn't have an odor but has kept the deer out of my flowers and away from my (vegetable) garden. It is full of blooming sugar snap peas and strawberries! It's a miracle product, and it works with all the rain we have.” 

“We got to eat some of the sugar snaps just yesterday and they were yummy! My tomatoes are blooming, and so are my squash. I have zucchini, crooked-neck, and patty pans. My yellow and green beans are up and will be blooming any day, my red bell peppers are blooming, and one is starting to develop a little tiny pepper! The strawberries are blooming and I think I might actually get one or two, although I don't think this is the right time of year. My lettuce is huge, but I'm not sure I like the one I picked. It's a bit bitter. I'll try something different next year.”

We are a family who connects through many things. Gardening through the ages is one of my favorites.

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