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Shows from our 2010 season:

Show #1/1901. The Gardens Of Our Third President

Thomas Jefferson Comments
Gardens of Monticello
a. Grove
b. Flower
c. Vegetables

Show #2/1902. Landscape Makeover

First Plan The Subdivision
Lots Inside The Envelope
Eco-Friendly Landscape Plan
Choosing Correct Plants

Show #3/1903. 1800s Garden

Garden Rooms
Creating Focal Points
Formal vs. Informal
Favorite Plants

Show #4/1904. Gardening In Maui

Creating An Interesting Garden
Creating Function and Beauty

Show #5/1905. Key West Botanical Garden

The Courtyard
Attracting Wildlife
Tropical Hardwood Forest

Show #6/1906. Key West Garden Club

The Courtyard
Fruit Orchard
Xeriscape Plants
Planting Techniques

Show #7/1907. Key West Garden Tour

1st Home
Palms As Focal Points
Color and Texture
2nd Home
Design Philosophy
Utilizing Light In The Garden

Show #8/1908. Virginia Garden Week Tour

1st Home
Rose Garden
Mixed Border
2nd Home
Horizontal and Vertical Layers

Show #9/1909. New Orleans Botanical Garden

Water Gardening
Living Fossils

Show #10/1910. New Orleans Garden Tour

1st Home
Garden Rooms
2nd Home
Front and Back
Lessons Learned

Show #11/1911. Longue Vue House and Gardens

Portico Terrace
Vegetable Garden
Plants From The Grocery
Wild Garden

Show #12/1912. Gardening In Dayton Ohio

Grand Estate Garden
Shade Garden
Period Gardens
Children's Garden

Show #13/1913. Rainwater Runoff

Managing Storm Water Runoff
Water Is Precious - Protect It
Wild Plantings
Micro Intervention

Show #14/2001. American Horticultural Society

Installing A Meadow Garden
Sod Sofa
Collecting Tomato Seeds
Green Roof

Show #15/2002. 1800's Garden

Formal or English Style Gardens
French Influence In Gardens
Garden Rooms
Value Of A Garden Journal

Show #16/2003. Community Garden

Starting A Community Garden
Raised Beds
Succession Planting
Planting Tomatoes

Show #17/2004. Early Hawaiian Crops

Dwarf Coconut Palm
Pineapple Is A Bromeliad
Apple Banana Tree
Coffee Is A Member Of The Gardenia Family

Show #18/2005. New Plant Ideas

Impatiens, Petunias and Coleus
Selecting A Good Plant
Good Planting Techniques
Plants For A Rain Garden

Show #19/2006. A Magnificent Lake Tahoe Lodge and Gardens

Great Color Combinations
Planting Tips
Soil Conditioning
Using Containers As Focal Points

Show #20/2007. The Gardens Of Our First President

Designing A Landscape
Formal Areas
Adding Playfulness and Color
Trees or Groves

Show #21/2008. Tucson and Native Plants

Native Desert Plants
Hummingbird Feeders
Butterfly & Moth Gardens
Five Growth Forms Of Cactus

Show #22/2009. Gardening At The Capitol Steps

Theme Gardens
Creating Depth And Going Vertical
Privacy In Your Garden
Beautiful Yet Functional Gardens

Show #23/2010. A Woodland Paradise In The Sierra Buttes

Let The Land Dictate Design
Naturalistic Landscape
Pond Design
Plant Selection

Show #24/2011. Gardening In Lake Tahoe

A Garden With Lots Of Color
Building A Garden Is A Progression
Gardening On A Steep Slope
Terracing, Creating Nooks And Crannies

Show #25/2012. How Water Works In The Plant World

Living The Experiment
Plants, Energy And Water
What Goes In, What Comes Out
Creating A Better Environment

Show #26/2013. Columbus, Ohio Trial Garden

Shade Garden
Perennial Garden
Container Care
Horticultural Therapy

Show #27/2101. An Historic Site With A Great Fall Garden

Pinching Asters
Native Plants
Fall Bulbs

Show #28/2102. Louisiana Garden Tour

Playground Garden
Designing A Cut Flower Bed
Raised Beds
Winter Vegetables

Show #29/2103. Fall Need Not Be The Forgotten Garden Season

Fall Flowers
Formal Versus Informal
Unique Gardens
Fall Flower Arrangement

Show #30/2104. Plants That Will Last Generations

Rural Cemeteries Forerunners Of Arboretums
How To Choose And Position A Tree
Fast or Slow Growing Trees
Plant With The Future In Mind

Show #31/2105. Fall Gardening In Oregon

Art-Inspired Gardening
Creating Living Spaces On A Hill
Creating A Sanctuary
Fragrance Adds A New Dimension

Show #32/2106. Roses And How They're Used

How Breeding Roses Has Changed
Identifying Roses
Varying Applications For Roses

Show #33/2107. Gardening On Porches, Patios And Balconies

Container Gardening
Design Ideas
Plants For Different Conditions
Rose Care

Show #34/2108. Plants That Look Good Fall And Winter

Utilizing Native Plants
Wildlife In The Garden
Plants That Are Different
Multi-Season Interest

Show #35/2109. Floral Display On Wheels

Tournament Of Roses Parade Float
Building A Float
Floral Design

Show #36/2110. Behind The Gates In Maui

Home 1 - Larger Property
Home 2 - Smaller Property
Designing An Entrance
Plant Material For Screening

Show #37/2111. An Historic Garden In Pasadena

History of Huntington Gardens
Theme Gardens
Origin Of The Rose
Rose Garden

Show #38/2112. A Kentucky Collectors Garden

Garden Renovation
Springtime Color
Hosta, Helleborus & Ferns
Unusual Gardens

Show #39/2113. The Perfect Plant For A Shady Spot

And More...

Show #40/2201. Landscape Makeover Part 1

Developing A Plan- Landscape Architect
Landscape Contractor
Selecting & Placing Plants
Mulch & Edging

Show #41/2202. Landscape Makeover Part 2

Irrigation System
Paver Patio
Staining The Deck

Show #42/2203. Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Introduction - Doug Price
Sacred Earth Garden
Roof Top Garden
Water Smart Gardens

Show #43/2204. Rock Gardens & Unusual Plants

Plants For Rock Gardens
Design Ideas
Making A Hypertufa Trough Garden

Show #44/2205. Plant Propagation

Branch Sport

Show #45/2206. Large Inner City Park

Dealing With Sound Issues
When To Irrigate
Informal Borders
Soil Prep And Digging A Hole

Show #46/2207. Managing Water Runoff

Alternative Technology To Silt Fence
Green Roof
New Ideas For Riprap
Homeowner Applications

Show #47/2208. Every Plant Has a Story

Worldwide Plant Exploration
Plants Dating To The Early 1900's
Wyoming Landscape
A Collector's Garden


Show #48/2209. Gardening In Harsh Conditions

History of Cheyenne
Installing A Creek Bed
Antiques In The Garden
Salad Garden


Show #49/2210. A Big Garden In A Small Town

1700's Garden
1800's Garden
1900's Garden
Present Day Gardens


Show #50/2211. Springtime At Longwood Gardens

Bulb Cycle
Unusual Bulbs
Tulips And Daffodils
Design Ideas


Show #51/2212. A Beautiful Garden In Orlando

Tropical Looking Plants
Wet Area Into A Rock Garden
Idea Gardens
Plants For Shade


Show #52/2213. Run For The Roses

Aristides Garden
Winners Circle
Plants In Full Sun
Pushing The Season

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