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Shows from our 2017 season:

Show #1/4701. Garden Art On A Huge Scale

Edible Plants
Aquatic Plants
Bed Prep

Show #2/4702. Introducing Kids And Adults To Gardening

History Of Community Gardens
Benefits Of Community Gardens
Planning process
Long Term Sustainability

Show #3/4703. Springtime - A Great Time To Be In Our Gardens

5 Great Hydrangeas
Water Gardens
Hearty Water Lilies
Tropical Water Lilies

Show #4/4704. An Estate That Dates Back To When Cotton Was King

Garden Rooms
Heirloom Plants
Pleasure Gardens
Favorite Plants

Show #5/4705. Bringing A Garden Back Into Scale

Garden Design
Keep Your Garden Looking Fresh
Conifer Tips
Shade Gardening

Show #6/4706. Incorporate Your Personality Into Your Garden Space

Refreshing A Site
Where To Start
A loose, Whimsical Feel
Extend The Season

Show #7/4707. The Joy Of Gardening

English Influence In The Garden
Early Spring
Formal Garden
Music Garden

Show #8/4708. Managing Rainwater Runoff

Clean-Store Water
Direct Water
Slow Water
Plants Can Be Helpful

Show #9/4709. Majestic Miniatures

What Is A Bonsai Plant?
Several Beautiful Examples
How Much Work?
Care And Maintenance

Show #10/4710. A Great Teaching Garden In Ohio

The Ohio State University
Various Theme Gardens
Perennial Plants In A Teaching Garden
A Trial Garden

Show #11/4711. Therapeutic Impact Of Gardening

Therapeutic Benefits
Utilization Of Space
Raised Beds
The Right Tool

Show #12/4712. The Land Has Something To Tell

Two Beautiful Homes And Gardens
Accent The View
Different Garden Themes
Connecting The Home And Surroundings With Plants

Show #13/4713. The Marriage Of Horticultural Knowledge With Artistic Talent

Climbing Plants
Is A Meadow For You?
Historic Gardening Ideas
Plant Favorites

Show #14/4801. Water Gardens

Consider The Reflection
Symbolism Of Japanese Gardens
Water Features for Your Yard
Water Plants

Show #15/4802. Children Learn A Lot From Gardening

Longwood Children's Garden
Unique, Interesting Gardens
Gardening Tips
Gardening Is Great For Kids

Show #16/4803. The Freshest Food Imaginable

Cooking An Unusual Dish
Fresh And Healthy
Planning The Garden
Year Round Crops

Show #17/4804. A Floral Display On Wheels

A Huge Floral Display
How Does It Work
What Is Used
The Big Day

Show #18/4805. Flora And Fauna Of Beach And Intercostal

Plants Differ From The Ocean To The Intercostal
A Beautiful Courtyard
Unique Plant Ideas

Show #19/4806. Color Combinations For Your Garden

Selecting the Correct Plant
Plant Combinations
Placing Plant Material
Color Echo

Show #20/4807. Gardening When It's Very Hot

Perennials Can Add Color
Unifying Plant Material
Consider Native Plants

Show #21/4808. Plants For Shade

Research Plants For Shade
Woodland Shade
Ground Cover Plants

Show #22/4809. Cemeteries - The Birthplace Of Landscape Architecture

Rural Cemeteries Forerunners To Arboretums
Great Trees:
Dawn Redwood
Bald Cypress

Show #23/4810. Design Tips To Consider When Planning Your Garden

Your Garden Can Be Like A Painting
Dinner Plate Hibiscus
Great Outdoor Rooms

Show #24/4811. Take Plant Clues From Nature

Transitioning From A Natural Area To A More Planned Environment
We've Gone Cone-Crazy
Don't Be Afraid To Make Gardening Mistakes - We All Do

Show #25/4812. Oakland Cemetery

Heirloom Plants
Sandy Loam soil
Big Trees
Understory Plantings

Show #26/4813. Local Farmers Fresh Produce

Fresh Food Movement
How To do At Home

Show #27/4901. Floral Arranging

Gardening Connects People
Getting Started In Flower Arranging
Young And Old Find Common Ground
Special Thanks

Show #28/4902. Gardening Lessons From Kentucky

Plant Collections
Theme Gardens
Unusual Plants
How To Incorporate Design Into Your Garden

Show #29/4903. The Latest In Hardscape Materials And Installation

The Landscape Plan
New Products

Show #30/4904. Installing Plants And Trees

Utilizing Plants To Create Balance In The Garden
Choosing Trees
An Interesting Tree - Parrotia
A Garden Tip When Planting Hedges

Show #31/4905. Landscaping - From Paper To Reality

What's Happened So Far
Outstanding Containers - How They Are Made And Why Were They Selected
Last Minute Tweaks
What's Coming Up

GardenSMART Featured Article

Written by Joan Maloof, Photographs by Robert Llewellyn

Trees don't have two eyes like we do, yet they can see. They know how much light is hitting their leaves, and they know the quality of that light, too. They know if it's summer or winter by the length of the day, and they know if it's noon or afternoon by the wavelength of the light. Read more...

Join fellow garden lovers, history buffs and music enthusiasts to discover the quaint towns and colorful gardens of Holland and Belgium in May of 2018.

This exciting journey will be hosted by nationally known host Eric Johnson, of Public Television's blockbuster show GardenSmart. Your river cruise begins in Amsterdam where you'll see works by Rembrandt and Van Gogh, Anne Frank's House, and see the city's most famous gardens. Then spend a full morning on the grounds of the most beautiful spring garden in the world-Keukenhof! Visit the picturesque Belgian towns of Bruges and Ghent as well as Kinderdijk, with the Netherlands' iconic collection of 19 authentic windmills that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition, history buffs will experience a captivating tour of the WWI trenches of Flanders and WWII Arnhem Battlefield of A Bridge Too Far fame. You won't want to miss this extraordinary garden adventure to Holland and Belgium.

Book by November 15, 2017 and save up to $1200 dollars per person!

To register call: Alki Tours at 800-895-2554

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