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Rosa Oso Easy Series

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Oso Easy Roses do not need spraying - ever. Their name says it all. They don't even need deadheading. They will shed their spent flowers and toss out new buds all without your help. All but one is hardy in USDA Zones 3-9. At one to three feet high, they thrive in little landscapes, where they can be worked into a small perennial border or command the spotlight in a container. Their ''come hither'' show entices passing butterflies to use the flat blooms as perfect butterfly landing pads.

Oso Easy Peachy Cream sports probably the second favorite rose color in America. Oso Easy Peachy Cream is the first choice of the person who loves subtlety in the home and in the garden. Quiet reigns where Oso Easy Peachy Cream resides. And this peach never needs spraying or deadheading.

Two Oso Easy Paprika roses thrive in my garden. Subtle they are not but not gaudy, either. The blossoms open orange, and then fade to coral, with deep yellow centers. Last a pale yellow washes away the other colors just before the spent bloom drops from sight. These color waves constantly drench the bush.

Oso Easy Strawberry Crush is not quite as hardy as its rose-mates. It is rated to USDA Zones 4-9. The colors are delicious. The buds open into double strawberry pink flowers. Then they morph into a light creamy pink. Did I mention no spraying?

These roses can take the place of bedding plants in the front of the border. Plant a whole section where you want color all summer long. The best part is they will be back next year and for years after without any replanting.

Oso Easy Fragrant Spreader rose is of a different sort. It might be small, but it will not stay in a small space. It needs room to roam so should not be planted in a small garden. This is a perfect landscape plant for those tough hotspots on hillsides and open areas. Oso Easy Fragrant Spreader will fill in with intense pink flowers that fade to white. It lives up to the name, covering where other roses fear to spread.

Give any of the Oso Easy roses a fertile, moist, good-draining soil and feed them often through their blooming season. They are Oso easy.

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