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Charleston Garden Festival

What's Old Is New

What's old is new again. That was the theme of the Charleston Garden Festival and it couldn't be more important or more timely. Each of the garden designers had their own interpretation on the theme but all had an important message to tell. Joe feels the most important message was the use of native plants. With time and resources at a premium native plants certainly make sense. The designers had very clever uses of natural and sustainable resources and recycled products. Who can forget the outdoor shower? Weather-resistant wood that doesn't require any special treatment, there wasn't a nail in the entire structure. Then, the contemporary garden, the crushed glass underfoot, a great recycled product that looked great, allowed drainage and reduced runoff. That's a great idea. Fall is in the air, it's a great time to be thinking about gardening next year. Plenty of new ideas and plenty to think about over the winter.

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