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Show #23/4010. The Environment Dictates The Landscape

Plants For A Green Landscape

One of the most important components of a great landscape plan is determining where each plant should be placed. There is an art and science involved in making those selections. And with a green landscape that is even more important because the plant pallet is limited in many different ways. Eric wonders what criteria was involved in putting together a plant list for this plan. Craig weighs in, this landscape has even more determining qualifications. This home has an owner that is here different times of the year. And they want to maximize the effect those textures and colors will have during those specific times. He wants to maximize the effect that textures and colors have working together but the biggest thing is to make sure that he groups things together that require similar amounts of water. He is not using all natives rather integrating natives with material that is often more common. Thus sun exposure and wind exposure all must be considered. Experience and knowledge tells one what will not work but often finding what will work is like chasing your tail. Plus, again, they made selections based on the environment and knowing when the client was going to be here.

Even though there are plants here that don't require significant amounts of water the site is still irrigated. Everything is irrigated but irrigated with a drip irrigation system that utilizes the cisterns as a water source when that water is available. From time to time it does need to be supplemented by some irrigation wells. But controlling the amount and the frequency are the biggest challenges. There is no potable water being used because creating potable water takes energy.

Many green landscapes look more like what we might find in nature. They typically have a kind of wild component about them. But this is beautifully designed, well organized, it's a gorgeous landscape. Eric feels Craig has addressed the environmental aspects but additionally it's an aesthetically beautiful place. Many when thinking natives think it will be boring but by integrating natives with non natives as long as one pays attention to watering requirements and things like integrating texture variation and color variation it can look beautiful. And this landscape looks beautiful.

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