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Every week we will publish "Video Tips" on this page. These short video clips contain valuable information that will help you in your gardening adventures. If you click on the link, Windows Media Player will open and the video will start playing. You can also right click on the link to save it to your local drive to view it later.

This season's (2006) Video Tips:

Show #1
- Black Plants [wmv]

Show #2
- Roses in Containers [wmv]
- Transplanting Plants (Forcing) [wmv]

Show #3
- Dynamic Color Combinations [wmv]

Show #4
- Color Combinations in Containers [wmv]

Show #5
- Black Plants for Effect [wmv]
- Garden Calculator [wmv]

Show #6
- Proportional Sprayer [wmv]
- Container For Growing Herbs Indoors [wmv]

Show #7
- Beautiful Outdoor Containers [wmv]
- Fragrance in the Garden [wmv]

Show #8
- Organic Chemicals for Keeping Deer from Plants [wmv]

Show #9
- Bulb Fertilizer [wmv]
- Roses for Small Spaces [wmv]

Show #10
- Plants To Bring Inside [wmv]

Show #11
- Fruit Trees in Containers [wmv]

Show #12
- Dynamic Entry Way [wmv]

Show #13
- Garden Art and Garden Accessories [wmv]

Show #14/401
- Genius of Place [wmv]

Show #15/402.
- Ordering Plants via Mail Order or Online [mp4]

Show #16/403
- Community Garden [wmv]

Show #17/404
- Tips for Landscape Design [wmv]

Show #18/405
- Homes Made From Recycled Materials [wmv]

Show #19/406
- Rearranging Plants Like Furniture [wmv]

Show #20/407
- Roses As Indicator Plants [wmv]

Show #21/408
- Folliage in Shade for Color [wmv]

Show #22/409
- Pruning Rhododendrons [wmv]

Show #23/410
- Arbors, Frame a View [wmv]

Show #24/411
- Garden Sculptures [wmv]

Show #25/412
- Deer Fence [wmv]
- Label Your Garden [wmv]

Show #26/413
- Ergonomic Tools [wmv]

Show #27/501
- Leaf Miner [wmv]

Show #28/502
- Installing Stone Pathways and Patios [wmv]

Show #29/503
- Home Putting Green [wmv]

Show #30/504
- Homeowners First Look at Makeover [wmv]

Show #31
- Protecting Plants From Frost [wmv]

Show #32
- Protecting Spring Bulbs [wmv]

Show #33
- Decorating a Cake with Fruit [wmv]

Show #34/508 - Temple University/Ambler - Trees and Shrubs
- Fall/Winter Maintenance Tips [wmv]
- Winter Tree Tips [wmv]

Show #35/509 - Chicago Botanic Garden - Enabling Garden
- Making Hanging Containers User Friendly [wmv]

Show #36/510 - Carl English Garden - Seattle
- Copper Tape for Snails and Slugs [wmv]

Show #37/511 - Rose Garden at Elizabeth Park
- Home Remedy for Fertilizing Roses [wmv]

Show #38/512 - White Flower Farm
- Staking - To Protect Tall Plants [wmv]

Show #39/513 - Philadelphia Penitentiary/Ornamental Grasses
- Design an Outdoor Container - Front Door Container for Fall or Winter [wmv]

Show #40/601 - Children's Garden at Atlanta Botanical Garden
- Kid's Fence [wmv]

Show #41/602 - Roof Top Gardening in Chicago
- Making Stepping Stones with Leaf Print [wmv]

Show #42/603 - Seattle Restaurant with Culinary Gardens
- Using Basil After a Freeze [wmv]

Show #43/604 - California Backyard with Grapes and More
- Making a Refreshing Drink with Grapes [wmv]

Show #44/505 - Median Planting Beds in Chicago
- Making a Garden Sphere [wmv]

Show #45/606 - Fruit Show From Vermont
- Treating the Raspberry Cane Borer [wmv]

Show #45/607 - Historic Estate Gardens
- Fertilzing Roses with a Household Product [wmv]

Show #46/608 - Tips for Garden Center
- New Tool Ideas [wmv]

Show #48/609 - Garden Design and Water Gardens
- Mosquito Remedy For Water Gardens [wmv]

Show #49/610 - Vermont: Vegetable, Flower, and Butterfly Garden
- Keep Deer Out Of The Garden [wmv]

Show #50/611 - Perennial Border Garden at an Historic Estate
- New Ideas For Controlling Slugs [wmv]

Show #51/612 - Orchids at the United States Botanic Garden
- Orchids and Humidity [wmv]

Show #52/613 - Extending the Garden Inside Your Home
- Tips for Moving Plants Indoors [wmv]

Check back every week for more Video Tips.

GardenSMART Featured Article

By Heather Rhoades,, Photographs courtesy of

Cover crops are an often-overlooked way to improve the vegetable garden. Oftentimes, people consider the time between late fall to winter to early spring to be a time where the vegetable garden space is wasted. We think our gardens rest during this time, but this is not the case at all. Read more...

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