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Every week we will publish "Video Tips" on this page. These short video clips contain valuable information that will help you in your gardening adventures. If you click on the link, Windows Media Player will open and the video will start playing. You can also right click on the link to save it to your local drive to view it later.

This season's (2007) Video Tips:

Show #1/701 - Arrowhead Alpines

- One of the Best Collectors Nurseries in the Country [wmv]

Show #2/702 - Phoenix, Arizona

- Desert Botanical Garden [mp4]

Show #3/703 - Resort Landscaping in Phoenix

- Resort Landscaping in Phoenix [wmv]

Show #4/704 - What's New in Perennials

- Great Color Combinations For Your Garden [wmv]

Show #5/705 - Upland Sonoran Desert

- Boyce Thompson Arboretum Small Demonstration Garden with Lots Of Interest [wmv]

Show #6/706 - Churchill Downs, Home of the Kentucky Derby

- Design Fundamentals for Containers [wmv]

Show #7/707 - From Breeding To How A Plant Makes It To Your Garden

- New Plants and New Uses For Those Plants [wmv]

Show #8/708 - Cave Hill Cemetery

- Planning Ahead With Plants [wmv]

Show #9/709 - Yew Dell Gardens

- Design Tip - A Design Rather Than A Nursery [wmv]

Show #10/710 - Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

- Design Tips From Vizcaya Gardens [wmv]

Show #11/711 - Flamingo Gardens

- Gardens Are Never A Finished Product [wmv]

Show #12/712 - Bonnet House

- Orchids Are For Everyone [wmv]

Show #13/713 - Viewer/Container Show

- Pruning Roses [wmv]

Show #14/801 - Dallas Arboretum - Plants Ideal For Hot Conditions

- Use Foliage For Color in Shade [wmv]

Show #15/802 - Garden Sculpture in Cape Cod

- These Castles are Real [wmv]

Show #16/803 - All American Selection Trial Garden

- Mail Order Gardening [mp4]

Show #17/804 - Dallas Landscapes

- Rearranging Plants Like Furniture [wmv]

Show #18/805 - Two Yards with Great Utilization of Space

- Five Living Areas in One space [mp4]

Show #19/806 - New Landscaping Ideas From Chattanooga

- Innovative Products for Ecological Reclamation [wmv]

Show #20/807 - Olbrich Gardens - Madison Wisconsin

- Add Interest To Your Garden [wmv]

Show #21/808 - Ecological Restoration at the Madison Arboretum

- Utilize Regional Plants and Match to an Appropriate Site [wmv]

Show #22/809 - Rotary Gardens in Janesville, Wisconsin

- Know Your Plants [wmv]

Show #23/810 - Part 1 - Landscape Makeover

- Selecting and Installing Stone for Pathways and Patios [wmv]

Show #24/811 - Part 2 - Landscape Makeover

- Homeowner Views the Backyard for the First Time [wmv]

Show #25/812 - Cape Cod Landscaper's Yard

- Use Arbors in Landscape Design [wmv]

Show #26/813 - Alaska Botanical Garden

- Gardening Is The Same No Matter Where You Live [mp4]

Show #27/901 - Alaska State Fair

- Proper Plant Care and Plant Combinations [wmv]

Show #28/902 - Alaska Garden Tour

- Organic Gardening Is The Way Of The Future [wmv]

Show #29/903 - 1920's New York Estate Gardens

- Accent The Positive In Your Landscape [wmv]

Show #30/904 - Connecticut Home/Gardens on Long Island Sound

- Create Gardens That Reflect Your Home [wmv]

Show #31/905 - Exquisite Greenwich Connecticut Inn and Gardens

- Choose the Proper Plant for the Site [wmv]

Show #32/906 - Rose Show

- New Developments In The Rose Industry [wmv]

Show #33/907 - Preparing For Winter Gardening In Southern Oregon

- Nurturing From The Ground Up [wmv]

Show #34/908 - Specialty Nursery In Southern Oregon

- Plant Diversity Makes Gardening More Enjoyable [wmv]

Show #35/909 - Charleston Garden Festival

- Using Native Plants and Natural Resources [wmv]

Show #36/910 - Charleston Plantations

- Lesson To Be Learned From Historic Gardens [wmv]

Show #37/911 - Gardens of Two Historic Charleston Homes

- A Formal Garden Is Relaxing [wmv]

Show #38/912 - Lawn Lesson From A California Golf Course

- Artificial Surface Putting Greens [wmv]

Show #39/913 - Leonard J. Buck Rock Garden

- A Deer Fence That Works [wmv]

Show #40/1001 - Two Cape Cod Gardens in Sandwich

- Pruning Tips For Rhododendrons [wmv]

Show #41/1002 - Outdoor Furniture

- Container Design Ideas [wmv]

Show #42/1003 - Gardening In Taos, New Mexico

- Community Garden [wmv]

Show #43/1004 - Longwood Gardens Tour

- Plants That Provide Color In The Garden [wmv]

Show #44/1005 - Blending Art and Horticulture

- Cut Back Plants And Bring Them Inside [wmv]

Show #45/1006 - Taos, New Mexico Garden Center

- Earthships - Eco Friendly Homes [wmv]

Show #46/1007 - Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida

- Fertilize As You Water [wmv]

Show #47/1008 - Home and Gardens of President Andrew Jackson

- Creating A Dynamic Entryway [wmv]

Show #48/1009 - Rutgers University Gardens

- Treating Leaf Miner [wmv]

Show #49/1010 - Indoor Gardening Texas Style

- Using Roses As Indicator Plants In A Vineyard [wmv]

Show #50/1011 - Garden Smart Visits a Viewers Container Garden

- Deer-Free Spray [wmv]

Show #51/1012 - Philadelphia Flower Show

- Black Plants Create Intrigue [wmv]

Show #52/1013 - Springtime and Tulips

- Use Roses In Containers [wmv]

Check back every week for more "Video Tips".

GardenSMART Featured Article

By Justin Hancock, Costa Farms Horticulturist, Photographs courtesy of Costa Farms

Gardening indoors and out come with their own sets of challenges and opportunities, making it easy to master one and struggle with the other. If you're one who puts your focus outdoors, but you want to enjoy the beauty and air-purification properties of houseplants, start here! Read more...

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