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Every week we will publish "Video Tips" on this page. These short video clips contain valuable information that will help you in your gardening adventures. If you click on the link, Windows Media Player will open and the video will start playing. You can also right click on the link to save it to your local drive to view it later.

This season's (2008) Video Tips:

Show #1/1101 - Churchill Downs Before The Kentucky Derby

- Design Fundamentals for Containers [wmv]

Show #2/1102 - New Plant Ideas

- Great Color Combinations For Your Garden [wmv]

Show #3/1103 - Children's Garden - Longwood Gardens

- Pruning An Olive Tree [wmv]

Show #4/1104 - Nemours Mansion and Gardens

- Controlling Deer [wmv]

Show #5/1105 - 2008 Philadelphia Flower Show

- Try A Rain Barrel and Composting [wmv]

Show #6/1106 - Plant Life From The Ocean To The Intercoastal

- Orchids Are For Everyone [wmv]

Show #7/1107 - Indian Canyons

- Desert Crockpot [wmv]

Show #8/1108 - The Living Desert and Zoo

- Native Plants [wmv]

Show #9/1109 - Garden Tour-Palm Springs

- Joe's Take Away - Gardener's Challenges and Solutions [wmv]

Show #10/1110 - Wisconsin Hidden Gem

- Pay Attention To Your Plants [wmv]

Show #11/1111 - Theme Gardens-Missouri Botanical Garden

- Try New Plants [wmv]

Show #12/1112 - Forest Park

- Tree Planting Tips [wmv]

Show #13/1113 - Bulb Show

- Extend The Blooming Season [wmv]

Show #14/1201 - Gardens On Long Island Sound

- Gardens Should Reflect Your Personality [wmv]

Show #15/1202 - The Gardens Of The Alamo

- Secrets For Great Looking Turf [wmv]

Show #16/1203 - San Antonio Riverwalk

- Mound Planting [wmv]

Show #17/1204 - San Antonio Botanical Garden

- A Beautiful Yard That Conserves Water [wmv]

Show #18/1205 - Gardening in Alaska

- Push The Gardening Envelope, They Do In Alaska [wmv]

Show #19/1206 - Colonial Gardens of Colonial Williamsburg

- How Did They Cut The Lawn? [wmv]

Show #20/1207 - Colonial Kitchen Gardening

- Perennials vs. Annuals [wmv]

Show #21/1208 - Modern Landscaping at Colonial Williamsburg

- Plants For Shade vs. Sun [wmv]

Show #22/1209 - Gardening In The Land Of The Giants

- Use Innovative Plant Combinations [wmv]

Show #23/1210 - Betty Ford Alpine Garden

- A Sense of Place [wmv]

Show #24/1211 - Gardens in the Town of Vail

- How To Use A Color Wheel [wmv]

Show #25/1212 - Private Colorado Garden Tour

- Gardening Is A Labor Of Love [wmv]

Show #26/1213 - Native Plants and Ecological Restoration

- Natives Offer Great Diversity [wmv]

Show #27/1301 - Coastal Maine Botanical Garden

- Choosing the Proper Vine [wmv]

Show #28/1302 - Private Maine Garden Tour

- Lily Leaf Beetle - Control [wmv]

Show #29/1303 - Garden Design

- Develop A Landscape Plan [wmv]

Show #30/1304 - Anchorage, Alaska and Alaska Botanical Garden

- Plants That Grow In Alaska Will Grow Elsewhere [wmv]

Show #31/1305 - Greenwood Gardens

- When Making Changes - First Stand Back, Then Edit [wmv]
- Different Containers [wmv]

Show #32/1306 - New York Botanical Garden

- Maintenance/Pruning Tip To Get Roses To Bloom In September [wmv]
- Watering Products That Are Must Haves For The Garden [swf]

Show #33/1307 - Reeves Reed Arboretum

- Electric Mowers [swf]
- Noxious Weeds [swf]

Show #34/1308 - Arizona Oasis

- Great Plants For A Small Space [wmv]

Show #35/1309 - Charleston - Middleton Place and Magnolia Plantation

- Romantic Versus Formal Gardens [wmv]

Show #36/1310 - Roses, Roses, Roses

- Roses Can Be Used Anywhere [wmv]

Show #37/1311 - Landscape Lessons From A 1920's Estate

- Find the Beauty In Your Landscape [wmv]

Show #38/1312 - Eco-Friendly Socks and Driving Grids

- Innovative Methods To Tackle Environmental Issues [wmv]

Show #39/1313 - Historic Charleston Garden Tour

- Tips For Designing A Formal Garden [wmv]

Show #40/1401 - Old Cemeteries, The Birthplace Of Landscape Architecture

- Consider Plants For The Long Term [wmv]

Show #41/1402 - Two Historical Oregon Towns, Two Fantastic Fall Gardens

- Start With A Good Foundation [wmv]

Show #42/1403 - Gardening in Greenwich, Connecticut

- Site Selection Is Very Important [flv]

Show #43/1404 - Desert Plants Often Adapt Nationwide

- How to Make A Succulent Wreath [flv]

Show #44/1405 - Rock Garden Plants

- How To Make A Hypertufa Trough [flv]

Show #45/1406 - American Renaissance Gardens In Florida

- Ideas For Our Home Garden [flv]

Show #46/1407 - Charleston Garden Festival

- What's Old Is New [flv]

Show #47/1408 - Kentucky Collectors Garden

- Garden Design Tips [flv]

Show #48/1409 - Historic Arizona Resort Landscape

- Fire Pits Extend The Season [flv]

Show #49/1410 - Plants With Multi Season Interest

- Gardening Is Richer With Diversity [flv]

Show #50/1411 - South Florida Botanical Garden

- Gardens Are An Evolution [flv]

Show #51/1412 - Container Gardening

- Proper Techniques for Pruning Roses [flv]

Show #52/1413 - Plant Propagation

- Diversity And Changes In The Plant Kingdom [flv]

Check back every week for more "Smart Tips".

GardenSMART Featured Article

By Heather Rhoades,, Photographs courtesy of

Cover crops are an often-overlooked way to improve the vegetable garden. Oftentimes, people consider the time between late fall to winter to early spring to be a time where the vegetable garden space is wasted. We think our gardens rest during this time, but this is not the case at all. Read more...

Join fellow garden lovers, history buffs and music enthusiasts to discover the quaint towns and colorful gardens of Holland and Belgium in May of 2018.

This exciting journey will be hosted by nationally known host Eric Johnson, of Public Television's blockbuster show GardenSmart. Your river cruise begins in Amsterdam where you'll see works by Rembrandt and Van Gogh, Anne Frank's House, and see the city's most famous gardens. Then spend a full morning on the grounds of the most beautiful spring garden in the world-Keukenhof! Visit the picturesque Belgian towns of Bruges and Ghent as well as Kinderdijk, with the Netherlands' iconic collection of 19 authentic windmills that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition, history buffs will experience a captivating tour of the WWI trenches of Flanders and WWII Arnhem Battlefield of A Bridge Too Far fame. You won't want to miss this extraordinary garden adventure to Holland and Belgium.

Book by November 15, 2017 and save up to $1200 dollars per person!

To register call: Alki Tours at 800-895-2554

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