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Every week we will publish "Video Tips" on this page. These short video clips contain valuable information that will help you in your gardening adventures. If you click on the link, Windows Media Player will open and the video will start playing. You can also right click on the link to save it to your local drive to view it later.

This season's (2009) Video Tips:

Show #1/1501 - Kula Botanical Garden

- Lawn Area - A Functional Area [flv]
- Proteas - A Beautiful Flower [flv]
- Creating Mystery [flv]

Show #2/1502 - Maui Tropical Plantation

- Palm Trees [flv]
- Bananas [flv]

Show #3/1503 - Maui Garden Tour

- Designs That Reveal slowly [flv]
- Sense of privacy [flv]
- Two Great Gardens [flv]

Show #4/1504 - Restoring 100 Year Old Estate Gardens

- Managing Deer [wmv]

Show #5/1505 - Arizona Landscape Makeover

- eco-Friendly Subdivisions [flv]
- Natural Sustainable Environment [flv]
- Ecologically Sound Landscape [flv]

Show #6/1506 - Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

- Hummingbirds [flv]
- Have A Minimal Impact On The Land [flv]
- About The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum [flv]
- Butterfly Garden [flv]

Show #7/1507 - Biosphere 2

- Biosphere 2 [flv]
- Biosphere 2, Dr. Travis [flv]
- Phenology [flv]

Show #8/1508 - Spring Flowering Bulbs

- Plan For Long Term And Seasonal Successive Interest [wmv]

Show #9/1509 - Rosedown Plantation

- Shade [flv]

Show #10/1510 - Louisiana Garden Stroll

- Cut Flowers [flv]
- Edible Flowers [flv]

Show #11/1511 - Afton Villa Gardens

- Romantic Gardens [flv]

Show #12/1512 - Garden Ideas & Inspiration

- New Plant Developments, New Plant Choices [wmv]

Show #13/1513 - Monticello

- Saving Seeds [flv]
- Thomas Jefferson Loved Flowers [flv]

Show #14/1601 - Longwood Gardens

- Pruning Tips [wmv]

Show #15/1602 - 18th Century Vegetable Garden at Colonial Williamsburg

- 1700's Botanic Collection [mp4]

Show #16/1603 - Maine's Unexpected Oasis

- Vines and Arbors [wmv]

Show #17/1604 - Stormwater Management

- Management Tip 1 [flv]
- Management Tip 2 [flv]

Show #18/1605 - Virginia Garden Tour

- Drip Irrigation [flv]
- Roses and Irrigation [flv]
- Use of Space-Sensitivity to the Land [flv]

Show #19/1606 - How Indians Used the Desert as a Garden

- Using a Cactus for Cooking [wmv]

Show #20/1607 - Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

- Rain Garden And A Rain Barrel [flv]
- Plants For A Rain Garden [flv]
- Irrigation [flv]

Show #21/1608 - Five Rivers Metro Parks

- Anybody Can Do It [flv]
- What To Plant In A Shady Area [flv]

Show #22/1609 - Chadwick Arboretum

- Irrigation [flv]
- Use of Containers in Horticultural Therapy [flv]
- Chadwick Arboretum is a Member of the American Public Gardens Association [flv]

Show #23/1610 - Texas Tough Plants

- Proper Lawn Care [wmv]

Show #24/1611 - Cheyenne Garden Tour

- Dry Creek Bed [wmv]
- Compost - Outside and Inside [wmv]
- Irrigation [wmv]

Show #25/1612 - Cheyenne Botanic Garden

- Annual Beds [wmv]

Show #26/1613 - Plant History & Cheyenne

- Creating an Entranceway [wmv]

Show #27/1701 - The Crown Jewel of St. Louis

- The Proper Depth for Planting a Tree [wmv]

Show #28/1702 - High Altitude Gardening

- Aspen Trees - Amazing & Beautiful [wmv]

Show #29/1703 - Thunderbird Lodge

- Irrigation [flv]
- New Plants [flv]
- Soaking The Rootball [flv]
- Fall Is A Great Time To Plant [flv]

Show #30/1704 - Lake Tahoe Garden Tour

- Bordering Gardens [flv]
- Clematis [flv]

Show #31/1705 - Big Springs Gardens

- Rock Walls [flv]

Show #32/1706 - Texas - A Convergence of Plants

- Conserving Water [wmv]

Show #33/1707 - Colonial Williamsburg's Historic Gardens

- Colonial Lawns and Lessons Learned [wmv]

Show #34/1708 - River Farm

- Small Scale Meadow Garden [flv]
- American Horticulture Society [flv]
- Fall Color [flv]
- Fall Plantings [flv]

Show #35/1709 - Mt. Vernon

- Irrigation [flv]
- Boxwood and different types for different areas [flv]

Show #36/1710 - U.S. Botanic Garden

-Drip irrigation [flv]
-Vertical planting [flv]

Show #37/1711 - Gardening With Less Than 10 Inches Of Rain

-Native Plants [flv]

Show #38/1712. Maine - God's Rock Garden

-Controlling Beetles [flv]

Show #39/1713. A Classical Botanical Garden

-Roses Can Bloom Twice [flv]
-Latest Watering Products [flv]

Show #40/1801. Barnsley Gardens in the Fall

-Swamp Sunflower [flv]
-Containers [flv]

Show #41/1802. Fall Cottage Garden

-Layers Create A Sense Of Depth [flv]
-Creating A Chicken Topiary [flv]

Show #42/1803. Centennial Olympic Park

-Choosing The Right Plant And Digging The Hole Correctly [flv]
-Proper Watering Techniques [flv]

Show #43/1804. Gardening From A Boat

-A Different Raised Bed - Mount Planting [flv]

Show #44/1805. Putting The Correct Plant In The Correct Place

-Maintaining Plant Continuity With Different Growing Conditions [flv]

Show #45/1806. Vail in the Summer

-Choosing Complimentary Colors [flv]

Show #46/1807. Planning, Designing And Planting A Garden

-Get It On Paper [flv]

Show #47/1808. Tournament of Roses Parade Float

-Forcing Blooms [flv]
-Floral Design Tips [flv]

Show #48/1809. Woody Ornamentals

-Hydrangea Arborescens [flv]
-Hydrangea Macrophylia [flv]

Show #49/1810. Huntington Gardens

-Rose Care - Fertilization [flv]
-Selecting the Correct Rose [flv]

Show #50/1811. A 1906 Estate Garden

-Think, Then Edit [mp4]
-Choosing the Perfect Container [mp4]

Show #51/1812. The Colorado Gardens of Mary & Pearl

-Gardening With Sheer Determination [flv]

Show #52/1813. New Jersey Country Estate

-An Alternative To Gasoline Mowers [flv]
-Eradicating Weeds [flv]


Check back every week for more "Smart Tips".

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