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Every week we will publish "Video Tips" on this page. These short video clips contain valuable information that will help you in your gardening adventures. If you click on the link, Windows Media Player will open and the video will start playing. You can also right click on the link to save it to your local drive to view it later.

This season's (2012) Video Tips:

Show #1/2701 - Designing And Planting A Vegetable Garden

- Roses That Bloom A Long Period Of Time [flv]
- Plants From Blooms Of Bressinghan [flv]


Show #2/2702 - Incredible Vegetable Production - In Containers

- A Great Looking Vegetable Garden On A Small Deck [flv]
- Blue Ribbon And Red Ribbon Plants [flv]


Show #3/2703 - Early Season Color At An Historical Estate

- Try Grasses In The Landscape [flv]
- Great Gardening Products [flv]


Show #4/2704 - Gardening In A Civil War Fort

- Correct Planting Techniques [flv]


Show #5/2705 - A Garden Gem In Cleveland

- Ice Cubes and Orchids [flv]
- Poor Soil? - Go up [flv]


Show #6/2706 - Gardening In New Orleans

- Grow Your Own Tomatoes [flv]


Show #7/2707 - Urban Gardening

- Conservation - Bees and honey, leaves, weeds and compost [flv]
- Improving soil and planting techniques [flv]


Show #8/2708 - Gardening With Containers

- Containers That Use Less Water [flv]
- Great Plants For Containers [flv]


Show #9/2709 - New Orleans National Landmark

- From Table To Garden [flv]
- Tips For Growing Iris [flv]


Show #10/2710 - Two Beautiful Gardens In Key West

- Eric's Gardening Tips [flv]


Show #11/2711 - Lake House Landscape Makeover Part 1 - Containers

- New Hydrangeas [flv]
- Day-Lilies That Bloom all Season [flv]


Show #12/2712 - Lake House Landscape Makeover - Part 2 - The Entryway

- Azaleas That Bloom Spring And Fall [flv]
- Pavers For An Entryway [flv]


Show #13/2713 - Lake House Landscape Makeover - Part 3 - Landscaping A Difficult Site

- Elephant Ears In A Container [flv]
- How to Install Modular Walls [flv]


Show #14/2801 - Restoring A Garden

- Deer Exclusion Fence [flv]


Show #15/2802 - Tropical Plants

- Orchids Are A Great Houseplant [wmv]


Show #16/2803 - Four Unique Gardens, Four Interesting Gardeners

- Creating A Butterfly Garden [flv]


Show #17/2804 - Gardening In Alaska

- Basics of Horticulture Are The Same [flv]


Show #18/2805 - A Beautiful Hot Summertime Garden

- You Can Have Color In A Shade Garden [flv]


Show #19/2806 - Asheville Garden Tour

- Growing Plants In A Pond [flv]
- Raised Beds Are An Excellent Way To Start Gardening [flv]


Show #20/2807 - A Landscaper's Backyard Paradise

- Framing A View [flv]


Show #21/2808 - An Artists Seaside Cottage

- Tips For Designing Your Gardens [flv]


Show #22/2809 - Landscaping America's Largest Home

- Planting A Rose [flv]
- Pruning and Deadheading Roses [flv]


Show #23/2810 - Historic Charleston Plantation Gardens

- Formal vs. Informal Gardens [flv]


Show #24/2811 - Growing And Cooking With Berries

- Insect Control For Raspberry Plants [flv]


Show #25/2812 - Two Private Charleston Gardens

- Formal Gardens Are A Classic Ideas [flv]


Show #26/2813 - A Premier Woodland Rock Garden

- Deer Exclusion Fence [flv]


Show #27/2901 - Gardening Ideas From Biltmore Estate And Gardens

- Water Gardening [flv]
- Growing Cactus [flv]


Show #28/2902 - Those That Cultivate The Soil Are A Noble Breed

- Sustainable Gardeners Save Seeds [flv]
- Flowers - Provide Fragrance and Curiosity [flv]


Show #29/2903 - Fall Lawn Care

- Can I have A Golf Course Type Putting Green In My Backyard [flv]


Show #30/2904 - River, Boats And Gardening

- Showcasing Plants [flv]


Show #31/2905 - It's Fall - Think Bulbs

- Succession Planting [flv]


Show #32/2906 - Gardening In Alaska

- Show Off Your Plants [flv]


Show #33/2907 - A Garden Plan - Get It On Paper

- What do I Want This Space To Be? [flv]


Show #34/2908 - Birthplace Of Ecological Restoration

- Native Plants Can Provide Diversity And Beauty [flv]


Show #35/2909 - Transforming A Laguna Beach Cottage - Part 1

- Stone Walkways Go Together Like Pieces Of A Puzzle [flv]


Show #36/2910 - Transforming A Laguna Beach Cottage - Part 2

- The Backyard Reveal [flv]


Show #37/2911 - Gardening Lessons In Palm Springs

- Palm Springs Gardening Lessons [flv]


Show #38/2912 - Gardening Ideas At 8,200 Feet

- Select Plants Happy In Your Region [flv]


Show #39/2913 - Nature's Desert Garden

- Red Barrel Cactus [flv]


Show #40/3001 - A Garden Gem In The Big Apple

- Prune Roses For Fall Flowers [flv]
- Exciting Watering Tools [flv]


Show #41/3002 - Pushing The Climate Zone In Texas

- Turf Care [flv]


Show #42/3003 - Garden Ideas From Texas

- Water Saving Lane [flv]


Show #43/3004 - Historic Vegetable Garden

- A Real Feat To Pull Off a Good Perennial Garden [flv]


Show #44/3005 - A Public/Private Garden Partnership in St. Louis

- How We Should Plant A Tree [flv]


Show #45/3006 - An Historic New Jersey Estate & Garden

- Battery Powered Mowers [flv]
- Dealing With Invasive Weeds [flv]


Show #46/3007 - A Garden Gem On Maine's Coast

- Vines Can Create A Romanticspace [flv]


Show #47/3008 - An Unusual Town With A Lot Of Color

- Do Those Colors Look Good Together? [flv]


Show #48/3009 - Addressing Erosion And Storm Water Runoff

- How To Make Compost [flv]
- You Can Garden On Gravel [flv]


Show #49/3010 - A Gentleman's Farm In New York

- Spend Time In Your Property, Then Landscape [flv]


Show #50/3011 - A Garden Tour In Boothbay Maine

- Manual Insect Control [flv]


Show #51/3012 - Spring In St. Louis

- Push The Envelope, Try New Plants [flv]


Show #52/3013 - Restoring An Historical Garden In The Brandywine Valley

- A Deer Exclusion Fence [flv]


Check back every week for more "Smart Tips".

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