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5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Trees in Your Home

5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Trees in Your Home

By Justin Hancock, Costa Farms
Photographs courtesy of Costa Farms


I’ve always romanticized the idea of having a home in the trees and being able to look out into the lush canopy. Because it’s difficult to be able to achieve that, I’ve compensated by enjoying trees in my home. Sound farfetched? It’s not! With houseplants, it’s actually easy to incorporate trees indoors. Here are five.


On Your Desk

Don’t have a lot of space? No worries! Enjoy a tree on your desk or a tabletop with beautiful bonsai. The best variety of tree to grow as a bonsai depends on your space, but some reliable indoor favorites include Ginseng ficus, Fukien tea, and Formosana ficus.
The key to success with bonsai, like any plant, is to pick the right plant for your spot. Get more tips for growing beautiful bonsai!


As a Room Divider

Tall, skinny houseplants (such as majesty palm and money tree) make fantastic living room dividers. Don’t want to be distracted by the TV when your family is eating dinner? Just strategically place a few to block the view. In addition to looking great, these houseplants will purify the air.

Fill an Empty Corner

A beautiful, structural plant is perfect for filling that empty corner in your den. Classic varieties such as corn plant or Madagascar dragon tree can brighten dim corners, too, adding a splash of light and life to an otherwise dull spot.


Provide Privacy

A beautiful tree that has a lush, thick canopy, such as a ficus or lady palm, is ideal for blocking the view into your home from an exposed window. The plant serves a function and you also give it an ideal spot with lots of light to thrive.

Add Seasonal Flair

If you don’t want to invest in a cut Christmas tree every year or hate the idea of buying a plastic tree that you’ll use for a few years (then it goes into a landfill), enjoy a beautiful Norfolk Island pine. This tropical tree is perfect for adding holiday spirit when it’s decorated, but then has a lush, elegant look the rest of the year once you take the decorations off.

Get more ideas for selecting, using, and growing houseplant trees at Costa Farms.

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Photos and story by Monrovia Nursery Company

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