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Best Flower Colors To Match Your Home

Best Flower Colors To Match Your Home

By Suzette Rubio, Beacon Impatiens
Photograph courtesy of Beacon Impatiens

Which flower colors look best to match your home? If this has been a nagging question this spring gardening season, we’re here for you! With Beacon® Impatiens, a wide variety of colors and mixes is available as a pretty palette of potential.

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Choosing Beacon for your garden is an easy decision for standout color — either in a monochromatic garden or an outdoor display full of complementary hues. You’ll get the strong, long-lasting flowers plus disease resistance that you need for a garden unlike any in the neighborhood. Now, depending on the color of your house, try taking some tips from the color wheel. Check out our article on the Science Behind Gardening with Color to get started.

White House

White is actually a very strong color, even lasting into the fading light of a dusky sky. A blend of all white flowers makes for both a lovely and dramatic statement in the garden.

Greige House

Do you have a beige, gray, or an on-trend greige house? Since it’s a neutral, you’ll want to stay on the softer side. Try colors like rose, violet blue, and yellow flower combos.

Brown House

In this case, brown goes with everything. Pale pinks, deep pinks, and even burgundy will go well against a brown house and bring out the deep richness of this backdrop.

Brick Red House

A natural pairing with a striking brick red house is a color scheme made up of colors that are just as hot. Think orange, scarlet, and salmon hues.

Go Bold

At the end of the day, it’s your house! Go bold and get creative. With a beautiful assortment of colors to choose from with Beacon Impatiens, you can mix and match shades and pair them with accent plants for an attractive display for all to enjoy this spring.

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