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GardenSMART :: Diamonds Are A Gardener's Best Friend

Diamonds Are A Gardener's Best Friend

By Susan Martin for Proven Winners
Photographs courtesy of Proven Winners

Meet Proven Winners' 2020 Annual of the Year™ - The Diamond Collection of Euphorbia.

When plants remain as popular as the Diamond collection for a decade and a half, they must be special. Women know—diamonds go with everything, just like this trio of Diamond Euphorbia. Their wispy white blossoms invigorate combinations and complement everything you pair with them. Though they may appear delicate, these are rock solid, heat and drought tolerant, versatile plants.  

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Left to right: Diamond Snow™, Diamond Frost® and Diamond Mountain® Euphorbia

Diamond Euphorbia at a Glance:

  • Fresh white color all season
  • Complements everything you plant with it
  • Incredibly easy to grow
  • Thrives in sun, shade, heat and drought
  • Delicate appearance but strong growth
  • No deadheading needed
  • Perfect for containers and landscapes

How Do They Compare?

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 Starboard recipe featuring Diamond Snow™

Diamond Snow™ Euphorbia

Diamond Snow's double flowers provide an extra-bright punch of white in containers and landscapes. Though it grows to a similar 12-18" height as Diamond Frost, its shape is more densely rounded so it's better when given its own space to shine along the edge of a garden bed or in container recipes.

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 Blue Magic recipe with Diamond Frost®

Diamond Frost® Euphorbia

Diamond Frost is like your friend who gets along with everyone she meets—it combines easily with many kinds of plants, weaving its wiry stems in and out, poking its single, airy white flowers out amongst its neighbors in container recipes. It grows about 12-18" tall. This plant is often imitated but never equaled!

GardenSMART Article Image

Diamond Mountain® in the landscape

Diamond Mountain® Euphorbia

This super-sized Euphorbia makes magnificent hanging baskets and extra-large upright containers when combined with other very vigorous plants like Supertunia Vista® petunias. But its best use may be in garden beds where it has the space to grow and mature into a huge 2-3' round mass of bright white blooms.

Growing Diamond Euphorbia in Patio Containers and Hanging Baskets

Diamond Frost® is the diamond necklace that dresses up your little black dress. Use it sparingly if you're just looking to add a bit of sparkle to your containers, or plant it liberally if you want to make sure it gets noticed. Since this plant grows at a rate similar to many other flowers like Superbells® calibrachoa, Superbena® verbena and Boldly® geraniums, it's easy to mix Diamond Frost into your upright container recipes. 

The clue to Diamond Mountain's size is in its name. It forms a huge mountain of tiny, radiant white flowers, kicking into high gear once the heat of summer arrives. Because of its massive size, you'll want to plant Diamond Mountain with other very vigorous plants in upright containers like Supertunia Vista® petunias and Angelface® Super Angelonia.

Choose Diamond Snow if you're the kind of person who doesn't like your peas and carrots to mix on your dinner plate. This plant is not the mingling kind. Its size and average growth rate make it perfect for upright containers where it will happily occupy its own space next to its neighbors. Its double flowers provide an extra-bright punch of white.

Quick Care Tips

  • Diamond Euphorbia might appear to be delicate, but they are actually tough as nails! From North to South and coast to coast, they thrive in sun, shade, heat, drought and poor soil. They are self-cleaning, so no deadheading is needed to keep them in bloom from spring to frost.
  • While most Euphorbias grow best in sun to part sun conditions, you'll be surprised how much shade they can handle. Though they will be fuller with more flowers in sun, they also bloom well in shade where their habit will be somewhat looser.
  • These are not plants you'll want to fuss over. They grow best without much supplemental water and you won't need to fertilize weekly like you do with many other annual flowers. You shouldn't need to do much pruning to keep them in tiptop shape. Euphorbias are very self-sufficient.

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Patent Info: Diamond Snow™ Euphorbia USPPAF CanPBRAF; Diamond Frost® Euphorbia USPP17567 Can2830; Diamond Mountain® Euphorbia USPPAF CanPBRAF

Contributor Bio: Susan Martin is an avid zone 6 gardener, garden writer and speaker who enjoys spreading her passion for plants to her fellow gardeners across North America.


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