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GardenSMART :: Fall Lawn Care Reminders for a Lush, Green Lawn Come Spring

Fall Lawn Care Reminders for a Lush, Green Lawn Come Spring

By John Deere
Photograph courtesy of John Deere

Many homeowners may not be considering spring lawn prep as they buy Halloween candy and costumes. Following prime outdoor entertaining season, yard work focus typically switches to leaf control and management.

However, there are a number of best practices that should not be overlooked before the leaves change and cold weather sets in for the season.

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John Deere shares the following lawn care reminders that will help ensure a robust lawn come spring.

  • Seed in the Fall. Fall is actually a better time to seed than the spring if you have cool-season turf. When the seasons turn warm, many homeowners begin to apply pre-emergent fertilizer to control weeds, but that also prevents grass seed from growing! Plant your seed in early fall to establish a resilient lawn come warm weather.
  • Mow if it Grows. If it’s December 15th and your lawn is still growing, you can still be mowing, but hold off if there is frost on the lawn. Mowing when frost is on the turf can damage the turf blades.
  • Consider Mulching. Using the mulching blade or kit on your mower, trim 1/3 of the blade off the top of your grass, or mulch thin layers of leaves. When you mulch properly creating fine clippings, nitrogen is returned to the soil and the layer of compost creates a moisture barrier. This will prepare the roots and soil for a strong spring.
  • Let it Snow! Don’t panic when the flakes begin to fall. Snow can actually protect your lawn by creating an insulated cover that gradually adds moisture. It can act as a winter blanket for your turf.

Effective lawn maintenance in the off-season can help homeowners revitalize their lawns when warm weather returns. Learn more about the tools you need to care for your lawn at John Deere.



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