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Five Garden Resolutions for 2020

By The Davey Tree Expert Company
Photograph courtesy of The Davey Tree Expert Company

Gardeners are a reflective group, always looking back to see what worked and more importantly, what didn't. And like most people at the start of a new year, gardeners are thinking about ways to improve upon last year with resolutions.

"Laying the groundwork for a healthy landscape is the key to success for those garden resolutions," says Andy Shaffran, manager of North Detroit's Davey Tree.

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To learn how to create a healthy landscape and to cultivate fresh ideas for the 2020 gardening season, check out these tips from Davey Tree:

  • Create a plan. Use these colder winter months to decide what changes your garden needs once spring arrives. Andy suggests creating a regular maintenance schedule to ensure trees, shrubs and flowers receive consistent, quality care. "Make sure to include a diverse range of tree species in your plan," he says. "Trees and shrubs provide structure and drama to a garden." In addition, as trees grow, the cost-saving benefits they provide throughout the year increase significantly – the cooling shade in summer and the wind reduction in winter can reduce home energy bills by as much as 50 percent.
  • Inspect trees and shrubs for insects or disease. Mature trees increase property value by as much as 28 percent, according to HouseLogic. But a tree can shift from asset to liability when branches, trunks or roots suffer injury and threaten to cause property or personal damage. Protect your family and home by inspecting trees and addressing potential problems now.
  • Prune in the winter. Now is a great time to prune dead, diseased or broken branches to keep trees and shrubs structurally strong and better able to withstand damage from severe weather events.
  • Plan to use mulch. Mulch conserves water, inhibits weeds and provides an attractive ground cover. Spread a circle of mulch around trees to keep lawn mowers from damaging the roots and bark. Cover the drip-zone — areas directly beneath the foliage and shaded by the tree — with 1-3" of mulch and keep it 2-3" away from the trunk to discourage decay. Also, Andy says that tree roots need to breathe, "So don't mulch too deeply – create a donut instead of a volcano of mulch." 
  • Resolve to be water-wise. One inch of rainfall equates to 625 gallons of water per 1,000 sq. ft., but we can't always count on the rain. Be a water-wise gardener by watering trees and shrubs slowly once a week in the absence of adequate rainfall during the warmer seasons. Preferably, water in the early morning when it's cooler to avoid evaporation. Remember, tree roots can be deeper than turf roots, so you need to water trees about three times as long as you water your lawn to make sure enough moisture reaches the root zone. It also helps to water only the drip zone.

Want to add these garden resolutions to your list this New Year? Call in experts such as Andy to inspect your trees this winter. Find your local office today.

With nearly 10,500 employees throughout North America, The Davey Tree Expert Company provides solutions for residential, utility, commercial and government clients. Rooted in research, the company's vision is to achieve balance among people, progress and the environment. Tree experts since 1880, Davey provides diversified tree services, grounds maintenance, and environmental services. Celebrating 40 years of employee ownership, Davey is one of the largest employee-owned companies in the U.S. and is headquartered in Kent, Ohio. Want to join us? Discover your Davey career, and apply today.


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