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Outdoor Living Trends To Be On The Lookout For In 2023

Outdoor Living Trends To Be On The Lookout For In 2023

By Joe Raboine, Director of Residential Hardscapes, Belgard

Outdoor living has taken on a new meaning over the past few years. Homeowners want and now expect an outdoor space, which plays a significant factor in buying a home or renovating their existing space. The backyard has more functions than ever. Homeowners utilize the outdoors to host game nights with friends, work from home on a nice day, and relax in the shade for a mini staycation.

According to Houzz, “23% of homeowners plan to renovate in 2023 or sooner, more than half (58%) have kicked off their project in January.” Updating the exterior of the home is a top priority, as well as bringing the outside in.

You can plan on 2023 to bring new and exciting designs and inspirations as homeowners prepare or start to renovate their homes. This year we expect a few trends to take over the outdoor living industry.

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1. Sustainable Outdoor Living

No matter what industry you are in, sustainability is at the top of everyone’s mind. Sustainability impacts the outdoor living industry and makes us rethink how we produce, package, and install materials. Homeowners interested in gardening and outdoor living tend to be more concerned about their environmental impact. Contractors are seeking sustainable products on the market to meet customer needs and provide a positive effect on the earth. Given how much our outdoor spaces intertwine with nature, it’s critical that the products we use help us take care of our natural surroundings.

As humans, we have an underlying desire to connect to nature. Scientific research shows that sitting on a patio immersed in nature for just 10 to 15 minutes can drop stress levels by 60%. Add a water feature that uses recycled water, play with an entangled design, and integrate a variety of greenery to incorporate natural design elements to create an oasis as soon as you step outside. Mesh natural materials with manufactured ones to embody a biophilic design that is beautiful and earth conscious.

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2. Blur the Line Between Inside and Out

Indoor-outdoor living is a trend that will consistently be a priority for homeowners and contractors. Homeowners are now designing and creating outdoor spaces with the same detail as the inside of their homes. Contractors are designing more detailed custom outdoor spaces, each project catering specifically to their client’s needs.

Extending the home blurs the line between in and out. You can open your home up to the outdoors to create a sense of cohesion by using area rugs, exterior paint, and outdoor decor color that help form a harmonious balance. Achieve a smooth transition by selecting pavers that match the flooring color and style for a seamless effect. You can enjoy your yard from sunrise to sunset.

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3. Adventure with Color and Texture

Don’t be afraid to have fun when you pick your pavers and outdoor accessories for the backyard. Similar to designing the inside of your home, ensure the outside matches your style and personality. Homeowners often feel limited when designing their backyards, sticking to the same popular colors and textures used in basic builds.

You can customize your home with an array of textures and materials from wood, stone, glass, and metals to create a visually exciting space that’s different from typical designs. Texture adds dimension and an aesthetically pleasing look. Color is meant to be playful and provide harmony. The outdoors should feel alive. Mix and play with colors and texture to create patterns that animate the room and add depth.

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4. Creating a Functional Space

No matter the size of your space, there is an opportunity to make it functional while keeping it charming and beautiful. Shade structures and pergolas are ideal for smaller areas looking for additional privacy. Vertical gardens provide the opportunity to grow fresh herbs and produce without worrying about traditional gardening tasks such as weeding. Built-in seating and benches can be used for storage, relaxing, and entertaining, depending on the occasion.

When creating a functional backyard, get creative with the design process. Give your outdoor living area a purpose and maximize every square inch. Work hand in hand with your contractor to discuss your wants and needs. A hybrid space is a top priority for many homeowners in 2023, so they can host, work, dine, and relax all in the same space.

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5. Integrating Technology

Designing your dream space is as easy as pulling out your phone. Augmented reality (AR) is the latest trend in the outdoor living industry. Homeowners can bring their ideas to life in real time, testing how different firepits, retaining walls, built-in seating and more will look in their backyard. AR technology on a mobile device allows homeowners to explore and test various styles and features in their space at that exact moment.

The technology streamlines the design and selection process between contractors and homeowners, resulting in clearer communication, timely decisions, and overall higher customer satisfaction at the end project. It’s the next step in giving homeowners a chance to experience their dream backyard in just a few minutes.

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