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Every week we will publish "Video Tips" on this page. These short video clips contain valuable information that will help you in your gardening adventures. If you click on the link, Windows Media Player will open and the video will start playing. You can also right click on the link to save it to your local drive to view it later.

This season’s (2019) Video Tips:

Show #1/5501. Springtime - Daffodil Time

Show #2/5502. Early Season Color Is A Welcome Change

Show #3/5503. A Town That Loves Its' Tulips

Show #4/5504. 1 Million Plants In The Middle Of New York City

Show #5/5505. Historic Lodge And Gardens In Lake Tahoe

Show #6/5506. A Small But Productive Garden

Show #7/5507. Two Very Different Gardens - One Small, One Large

Show #8/5508. Two Gardens - One Free Spirited, One Formal - Both Beautiful

Show #9/5509. Plants Are Forgiving, Push The Envelope

Show #10/5510. Roses - A Cutting Edge Industry

Show #11/5511. A Memorable Garden In Key West

Show #12/5512. Create A Sense Of Mystery At The Entrance To Your Home

Show #13/5513. A Garden With A Rich Horticultural Tradition

Show #14/5601. A Garden Created Under Napoleon's Reign

Show #15/5602. A Beautiful Beautiful Garden That Dates Back To 1796

Show #16/5603. Restoring a 17th Century Garden

Show #17/5604. Windmills, Water Management And Beautiful Gardens

Show #18/5605. A Garden Founded In 1638

Show #19/5606. One Of The World's Largest Flower Gardens

Check back every week for more "Smart Tips".

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