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Meet Anne Moore

Meet Anne Moore

Anne Moore ”ardent gardener and active writer” brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the GardenSMART website. She won a 2007 Silver Media Award for magazine writing, a national award, from the Garden Writers Association.  She is a frequent contributor to Master Gardener newsletters; writes recurring garden articles for several magazines; is the former Gardening Editor of South Carolina Homes & Gardens magazine; and has had her photographs published in many of these magazines/newsletters.

When asked how she first got interested in gardening, she smiles and shares a favorite slice of her personal history. According to Anne, "When I was five or six, my Dad's passion for growing and open spaces led him to purchase an Ohio farm where our family tended a large vegetable garden. As I matured, in both age and gardening know-how, I developed a flower border of my own, along one side of the vegetable patch. I carefully chose perennial and annual seeds, and Dad ordered them for me along with his vegetable seeds. I've been tending plants and watching them grow ever since."

Like so many in our mobile society, Anne has lived and gardened in diverse parts of the country. "In Tennessee and Michigan, as well as Ohio and South Carolina," she explained, "I have planted and raised my share of flowers, vegetables, trees, and shrubs, in garden loam, red clay, and sand. It was in my last garden, in Lexington, South Carolina that I became a Master Gardener and then an obsessed gardener!" she explains, with a laugh. "Now I am starting over with a new garden. I brought along pieces and parts of the old garden and work to fill in all of the spaces. Obsessed gardeners tend to dig up grass, much to their spouse's displeasure. I am no exception."

As for the other side of her story, Anne says that she got started as a writer in high school. "I was Feature Editor and then Editor of our school paper," she stated, "and I've been writing ever since."

Anne is a member of the Garden Writers Association, the Lexington County Master Gardener Association, and the Midlands Master Gardener Association.  She and her husband, David, have three grown children: a daughter, Kelly Gosh, in Muskegon Michigan; a daughter, Kathleen Morris in Seattle Washington; and a son, Michael Moore in West Columbia South Carolina.


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