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Shows from our 2014 season:

Show #1/3501. Native Plants Can Be Beautiful And Help Conserve Water

The Presidential Library Site
Storm Water Runoff
Selecting Native Plants
Native Grass

Show #2/3502. Spring, A Welcome Change In The Garden

Perennials For Spring Color
Flowering Trees And Shrubs
Natives In Spring
Planting Tips

Show #3/3503. Planning, Implementing And Sustaining A Community Garden

Community Gardens Benefits
Expected Yields
Where To Start
Gardening Tips

Show #4/3504. Fresh Vegetables From The Garden

Fresh Vegetables
Complimentary Non Vegetable Plants
Planting And Care For Tomatoes
Planting Lettuce Seeds

Show #5/3505. A Shade Garden With Intimate Spaces

A Garden Is An Extension Of The Home
Creating Warm, Intimate Spaces
Silver Garden
Hardscapes Can Soften An Area

Show #6/3506. A Woodland Garden In New York City

Leave The Leaves
Flowering Plants
Plants For Garden Wet Spots
Spring Ephemerals

Show #7/3507. Environmentally Friendly Landscape Design

Constructing A "Green And Sustainable" Landscape
Environment Dictates Plant Direction
Amount And Frequency Of Watering
Plants That Work

Show #8/3508. The Oldest Botanic Garden In Texas

Strolling Garden
Color Themed Gardens
Vegetable Garden

Show #9/3509. Understanding What Lies Beneath The Surface

A Beautiful Park In Manhattan
A Shovel And A Soil Probe
Determining Your Type Of Soil
Making Good Compost

Show #10/3510. Choosing The Correct Plant

Plants With Shades of Green
Children's Garden
Whimsical Garden
Consider Sunlight When Choosing A Plant

Show #11/3511. Tropical Plants In A Native Environment

Tropical Plants
Attracting Wildlife
Understory Plants
Tropical Hardwood Forest

Show #12/3512. Consider Containers For Growing Vegetables

Other Vegetables
Growing Tips
Good Looking And Bountiful

Show #13/3513. Two Gardeners Carve Out Their Piece Of Paradise

Plants That Play Well Together
Go Vertical
The Grotto
Theme Gardens

Show #14/3601. Colorful, Unique Container Combinations

Color Effects The Garden Mood
Bold Containers
Bold Plants
Consider Texture & Height

Show #15/3602. An Empty Rectangular Backyard Transformed

Backyard Before
Process Of Change
Placing And Constructing Paths
Care And Maintenance

Show #16/3603. Landscape Designs With A Gardener's Touch

Library Garden Renovation
Start With The Basics
Cul-De-Sac Focal Point
How To Handle Challenging Spots

Show #17/3604. Good Garden Design Maximizes The Use Of Space

Gardening In New Orleans
An Open Palette
Bringing The Outside In
Transitioning To A More Formal Garden

Show #18/3605. Two Great Gardens - One With English Inspiration, One With French Inspiration 

Established Garden
English Garden
Framing The Front Entrance
Plants Bring The Landscape Together

Show #19/3606. Two Inspiring Gardens And Gardeners In Cleveland

Introducing People And Neighborhoods To Gardening
Know The Soil
Revitalizing A Neighborhood
Urban Agriculture

Show #20/3607. Landskip - Work With Nature, Don't Fight Nature

Overgrown Wilderness
Improvement-Little By Little
Trails Make The Property Accessible
Landskip-Working With Nature

Show #21/3608. Selecting Plants That Attract Wildlife

Selecting Plants
Wildlife Habitat
Natural Can Be Unique

Show #22/3609. Connecting People With Plants

Naturalistic Gardens
Plants From Around the World
Sculpture In The Garden
Whimsical Containers

Show #23/3610. Around Every Turn - Something New

Meeting The General
Principles of Gardening
Paths With A Natural Feel
Old World Plants And Natives

Show #24/3611. Dogwood Canyon

The Water Is Pristine
Spirit Shelter
The Trails Are Impressive
Go Fishing

Show #25/3612. College of the Ozarks

Insect And Disease Issues
Pruning Tips
Pattern Gardens
Hydroponic Gardening

Show #26/3613. Big Cedar Lodge

Landscaping Ideas-Where/How Should We Begin?
Cottage Garden
Prolonging The Season
Window Boxes

Show #27/3701. Lawn Care

Sprigged, Plugged Or Sodded?
Steps For A Healthier Lawn
Beneath The Soil
To Fertilize Or Not To Fertilize

Show #28/3702. An Historic Garden Gem

Early Settlers And Vegetable Gardening
Seeds Or Starter Plants?
Frame The View With Shrubbery
Plants For Dry Shade

Show #29/3703. A Magnificent Estate With Equally Magnificent Gardens

How To Make A Container Water Garden
The Advantages Of Going Up
How To Make A Wreath With Plants
A Very Effective Vegetable Display Garden

Show #30/3704. A Spectacular Fall Garden

Think Fall When Planning A Garden
Layers Create Intimacy In The Garden
Look At Other Gardens For Ideas
Terrace Garden

Show #31/3705. An Historic Garden In New Orleans

Perennial Border Gardens
Annuals, Bi-Annuals And Perennials
Have Fun With Vegetables
Rustic vs. Formal Gardens

Show #32/3706. A Garden Gem In Los Angeles

Succulent Garden
Camellias - Great For Winter Interest
Comparing - Japanese And Chinese Gardens
Roses - From Roman Times To Hybrid Teas

Show #33/3707. Bloggers Garden Tour

A Garden Out Of the Wilderness In Its Infancy
A Wilderness Gardens After Many Years Of Care And Cultivation
Transforming a Difficult In-Town Lot
Stonewalls And Sculpture

Show #34/3708. Massive Floral Designs

Where Does One Start
Mechanical Aspects
Plant Material
Parade Day

Show #35/3709. Gardening In The Fall

What To Do With A Plant That's Been Too Successful
Color In A Fall Garden
Blending Practical And Beautiful
Bring Nature To Your Front Entrance

Show #36/3710. Fall And Winter Can Be An Interesting Time In Your Garden

A New Garden Trend
Planting Tips
Late Season Plants
Indoor Plants

Show #37/3711. Creating Fantastic Garden Rooms In The Keys

Landscape Design Insight
Different Garden Rooms
Formal Yet Playful
Making Use Of Light In The Garden

Show #38/3712. The Age Of Elegant Gardens Lives On

The Entryway Sets It All Up
Theme Gardens
Pruning Tips
Allium Care

Show #39/3713. A Garden Legacy From The 1996 Olympics

When Should We Water?
Transitioning From Grass To Trees
Right Plant In The Right Place
4 Basics Of Lawn Care

Show #40/3801. New Plants And Design Ideas Dating Back To 1850

Congress Established In 1820
Growing Inspirations
A Garden With An Old World Feel
Don't Give Up - Go Up

Show #41/3802. Landscaping With Containers

Design Inspiration
Primary Containers And Accent Containers
Matching Plants And Containers
Planting Tips

Show #42/3803. Two Fantastic Gardens And Gardeners

Gardens Evolve Over Time
Basic Garden Design
A Steep Hill Can Make A Great Garden
Holding Topsoil In Place

Show #43/3804. A Great Plant Collector's Nursery

Miniature Gardens - Miniature Plants
Unusual Plants
Making A Trough Garden

Show #44/3805. Valentines Day And Roses Just Go Together

Propagating Roses
Identifying Roses
Different Uses For Roses In The Garden
Bringing Back Fragrance

Show #45/3806. Plants that Brighten Up Those Shady Areas

Colorful Foliage
Plants That Provide Texture
Plant Ideas
Design Ideas

Show #46/3807. Reducing Effects Of Storm Water Runoff

How Problems Were Handled In The Past
Managing Storm Water Runoff
Reclaiming Sites
Backyard Applications

Show #47/3808. Divide Your Landscape Into Smaller Spaces

Dogwood Trees
Plants With Early Season Flowers
Dwarf Hostas

Show #48/3809. An Estate Garden Known For Its Spring Color

After The Daffodil Bloom Is Gone
Tulips - Annual or Perennial?
Spring Blooming Trees And Shrubs

Show #49/3810. A Garden Tour And Planting Tips At A Magnificent Estate

Moisture Retention Issues
Amending The Soil
Great Plant Ideas
Interesting Color Combinations

Show #50/3811. Gardening And The Winners Circle

Roses And Tulips
Adding New Elements To The Garden
Plants For Cold And Plants For Hot And Dry
Thrillers, Fillers, Spillers

Show #51/3812. An Artist With Containers

Inside The Container
Locating Containers
Container Planting Basics

52/3813. Daffodils - A Harbinger Of Spring

Early, Mid And Late Blooming Daffodils
Several Of Jim's Favorite Daffodils
Spring Flowering Trees
Crepe Murder Or Thinning?

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