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Shows from our 2023 season:

Show #01/7101. An Iconic Garden With Over 7 Million Bulbs

Tulips, Tulips, Tulips
Different Tulip Gardens
Showing Off Tulips

Show #02/7102. Blooms - From Spring To Fall

Hydrangea Care
Day Lilies
Plant Grouping Ideas

Show #03/7103. Garden Transformation - Make A Garden Bold And Fun

4 Quadrants
Coordinate Container Colors With Flowers
Comparative And Contrasting Colors
Bright Reds And Bright Yellows
Contrast And Texture

Show #04/7104. Garden Transformation - Plant Pairings, Placement And Design

Garden Design
4 Different Quadrants
Choosing Plants For Containers

Show #05/7105. Containers Elevate A Design And Create Exciting Focal Points

Container Gardening vs. In-Ground Gardening
Plants For Containers
Container Designs

Show #06/7106. Container Gardening - Planting And Maintenance Tips

Planting Tips
Selecting Plants
Window Basket, Window Box
Ideas For The Porch

Show #07/7107. Introduce Water Into Your Garden

Water Gardening
Japanese Garden
Evaporative Cooling
Pond In A Pot

Show #08/7108. Designing And Care Of Daffodils

Different Categories of Daffodils
Different Seasons Of Blooms
Designing With Bulbs

Show #09/7109. Where To Start Rejuvenating A Back Yard

Vision For TheProject
Address Shade Areas
Tree Work
Stump Grinding

Show #10/7110. Back Yard Makeover - The Foundation

Retaining Wall
Freshening Block Walls
Lawn Irrigation
DIY - Installation Lawn Irrigation

Show #11/7111. Backyard Makeover - Finishing Touches

Transforming The Backyard
Select The Correct Grass/Sod
Outdoor Lighting
Placing Containers

Show #12/7112. Turf Tips - To Past Shows And Use These Headings

Choosing Grass
Sprigged, Plugged Or Sodded
Lawn Care
Insect Control

Show #13/7113. An Historic Garden On The Grounds Of Buchart Castle In Meise, Belgium

History Of The Gardens
Garden Highlights
GreenHouse Collections
Interesting Plants

Show #14/7201. Gardening And Flowers Connect People

Color Theory
Composing The Arrangement
Bring Everyone Together

Show #15/7202. Making A House Your Home

Vertical Gardens
Modular System
Watering Modular Systems
Using Indoor Plants Outdoors

Show #16/7203. Taking An Active Role In Growing And Foraging What We Eat

Growing Herbs
The Perfect Beverage

Show #17/7204. New Plants - Extending The Season

Breeding-A Very Long Game
How Breeding Works
Dwarf Cultivars
Several Exciting New Innovations In Plants

Show #18/7205. Therapeutic Benefits Of Gardening

Horticultural Therapy
Tasks That Are Helpful
Design The Garden With Needs In Mind
Choosing The Right Tool

Show #19/7206. Designing A Four-Season Garden

Plant Selection
Addressing Water Runoff

Show #20/7207. Fine Tuning Garden Design

Water Management
Utilizing Rocks
Adding Plants To Rocks
Pathway Material

Show #21/7208. Plant Selection And Plant Placement

Grouping Plants
Color, Texture And Form
Pathways - A Garden Guide
Research Before Planting

Show #22/7209. Using Indoor Plants, Outside

Typical Habitat Of Indoor Plants
Determine Amount Of Shade
Specific Plants To Consider
Cooler Months

Show #23/7210. A Garden That - Enhances Nature's Beauty

Different Garden Areas
Interesting Paths

GardenSMART Featured Article

By Robin Jennings, Heirloom Roses
Photographs courtesy of Heirloom Roses

Fall is actually one of the best times to plant roses. To learn more click here for an informative article.

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