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Shows from our 2008 season:

Show #1/1101 - Churchill Downs Before The Kentucky Derby
Design Ideas

Show #2/1102 - New Plant Ideas
New Plants
Insect Control
Design Ideas

Show #3/1103 - Children's Garden - Longwood Gardens
Different Children's Rooms
Plants Ideal For A Children's Garden
Pruning Tips

Show #4/1104 - Nemours Mansion and Gardens
The Inn at Montchanin Village
The Gardens of Nemours
Vertical Mulching
Managing Deer

Show #5/1105 - 2008 Philadelphia Flower Show
EPA Exhibit
Green Roof Ideas
Garden Design
Composting and Collecting Rain Water

Show #6/1106 - Plant Life From The Ocean To The Intercoastal
Plants Found:
At The Beach
In Lagoons
At The Intercoastal
And In Between

Show #7/1107 - Indian Canyons
Palm Canyon - Arrowweed and Desert Willow
Deer Grass, Brittlebush, Creosote Bush
Desert Crockpot
Rocky's Take Away

Show #8/1108 - The Living Desert and Zoo
Local Desert Plants
Palms, African Acacia Trees
Boojum Tree, Cardon Cactus
Butterfly House

Show #9/1109 - Garden Tour-Palm Springs
Older Home/Garden - Larger Lot
Newer Home/Garden - Smaller Lot
Take Away

Show #10/1110 - Wisconsin Hidden Gem
English Cottage Garden
Fern and Moss Garden
Reception Garden
Demonstration Garden

Show #11/1111 - Theme Gardens-Missouri Botanical Garden
Demonstration Gardens
Japanese and Chinese Gardens
Woodlands Garden

Show #12/1112 - Forest Park
Planting Pockets and Band Beds
Gardening On A Terrace
Tips For Planting A Tree
Garden Room

Show #13/1113 - Bulbs Show
Daffodils, Tulips and Others
Dividing Bulbs
Succession Planting

Show #14/1201 - Gardens On Long Island Sound
Gardens at Studio
Welcoming, Inviting and Whimsical
Incorporating the Landscape Into the Interior Design

Show #15/1202 - The Gardens of the Alamo
Shady Areas
Areas With Sun and Shade
Areas with Full Sun
High Traffic Areas

Show #16/1203 - San Antonio Riverwalk
A New Vista Around Every corner
Raised Beds
Mound Planting

Show #17/1204 - San Antonio Botanical Garden
Texas Natives Trail
Children's Garden
Water Saver Lane

Show #18/1205 - Gardening In Alaska
Shade Gardening In The Land Of The Midnight Sun
Asiatic Lilies
Lawn Tips
Fruit Trees In Alaska

Show #19/1206 - Colonial Gardens of Colonial Williamsburg
The Governor's Palace
Gardens of the Gentry
Garden of a Midling Sort

Show #20/1207 - Colonial Kitchen Gardening
18th Century Tools
Herbs, Melons, Cucumbers, etc.
Perennial Garden

Show #21/1208 - Modern Landscaping at Colonial Williamsburg
Design Philosophy
Plants For Sun
Plants For Shade

Show #22/1209 - Gardening in the Land of the Giants
Annuals, Medicinals and Plants For Fragrance
Micro Climates
Giant Vegetables

Show #23/1210 - Betty Ford Alpine Garden
High Altitude Plants
Saving Seeds
Trough Planters

Show #24/1211 - Gardens in the Town of Vail
Color Wheel
67 Stunning Plant Varieties
Planting Tips

Show #25/1212 - Private Colorado Garden Tour
Mary's Garden
Vegetable Garden & Pond Area
Pearl's Garden
Berms & The View

Show #26/1213 - Native Plants and Ecological Restoration
Utilizing Native Plants
Savanna Garden & Rain Garden
Prairie Garden & Mesic Mix of Prairie Species

Show #27/1301 - Coastal Maine Botanical Garden
Transitioning From Natural Surroundings To The Planned Environment
The Great Lawn Area
Rose Arbor

Show #28/1302 - Private Maine Garden Tour
Water's Edge Garden
Combining Different Elements Into A Garden
Fragrance Garden
Perennial Garden and Deadheading

Show #29/1303 - Garden Design
Plan Concept and Site Analysis
Pathway or Hardscape Elements
Addressing Plant Material
Plant Placement

Show #30/1304 - Anchorage, Alaska and the Alaska Botanical Garden
Stunning Plants
Working With Rocks

Show #31/1305 - Greenwood Gardens
East Side Terrace
South Side Terrace
West Side Terrace

Show #32/1306 - New York Botanical Garden
Rose Garden
Benenson Conifer Collection
Shade Gardening
Perennial Garden

Show #33/1307 - Reeves Reed Arboretum
Perennial Border Garden
Native Plants
Invasive Plants
Noxious Weeds

Show #34/1308 - Arizona Oasis
Upland Sonoran Desert
Planting Ideas

Show #35/1309 - Charleston - Middleton Place and Magnolia Plantation
Magnolia Plantation
Romantic Garden
Middleton Place
Formal Landscape
Azalea Hillside

Show #36/1310 - Roses, Roses, Roses
Different Roses
Propagating Roses
Using Roses In The Garden

Show #37/1311 - Landscape Lessons From A 1920's Estate
Formal Areas
Informal Areas
Outdoor Living Areas

Show #38/1312 - Eco-Friendly Socks and Driving Grids
Eco-Friendly Landscape Socks
Driving Grids
Garden Design Ideas

Show #39/1313 - Historic Charleston Garden Tour
Home 1
Favorite Plants, Garden On Axis, Pool Area
Home 2
Carriage House Garden, Island Garden

Show #40/1401 - Old Cemeteries, The Birthplace Of Landscape Architecture
History of Cave Hill
Large, Rare Trees
Unusual Shrubs

Show #41/1402 - Two Historical Oregon Towns, Two Fantastic Fall Gardens
Hillside Home
Raised Beds and Fall Color
Grape Arbor, Walkways and Pond

Show #42/1403 - Gardening in Greenwich, Connecticut
Using Artwork In The Garden
Garden Design Ideas
Deep Watering Tip
Mixture Of Old And New In The Garden

Show #43/1404 - Desert Plants Often Adapt Nationwide
Desert Plants
Where They Will Grow
Growing Conditions

Show #44/1405 - Rock Garden Plants
Dwarf Plants
Rock Garden Plants
New Plant Ideas

Show #45/1406 - American Renaissance Gardens In Florida
Property Design Philosophy
Interesting/Unusual Gardens

Show #46/1407 - Charleston Garden Festival
Typical Charleston Garden
Modern Interpretation of Charleston Garden
Vertical Gardening System
Time Line Garden

Show #47/1408 - Kentucky Collectors Garden
Theodore Kline
Plant Collections
Tree Collections
Create Smaller Spaces

Show #48/1409 - Historic Arizona Resort Landscape
Main Entrance
Color Choices
Raised Planters

Show #49/1410 - Plants With Multi Season Interest
Plants for Fall or Winter
Mass Plantings
Attracting Wildlife
Rare or Unusual Plants

Show #50/1411 - South Florida Botanical Garden
Palms & Other Large Trees

Show #51/1412 - Container Gardening
Designing with Containers
Great Container Plants
Outdoor Furniture
Question & Answer Department Head - Anne

Show #52/1413 - Plant Propagation
Starting From Seed
Breeding For Foliage

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By Power Planter
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Spring-planted bulbs will burst with beautiful blooms this summer. And will make quite a statement with little effort plus are perfect for cut-flower arrangements. And with the Power Planter auger they are quite easy to plant. For an article with a list of favorites, click here .

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