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Every week we will publish "Video Tips" on this page. These short video clips contain valuable information that will help you in your gardening adventures. If you click on the link, Windows Media Player will open and the video will start playing. You can also right click on the link to save it to your local drive to view it later.

This season’s (2022) Video Tips:

Show #01/6701. Six Unique, Historic Gardens

Show #02/6702. Soil - Key To Healthy Plants

Show #03/6703. Spring Has Sprung

Show #04/6704. Updating And Restoring An Out-Of-Scale Garden

Show #05/6705. From Farm To Table At Hard Work U

Show #06/6706. Great Garden Designers Create Amazing Spaces

Show #07/6707. Amazing Yields, Beautiful Containers

Show #08/6708. Making A Space Come Alive - From A Tried Garden To An English Cottage Garden

Show #09/6709. Turning Challenging Sites Into Community Garden Paradises

Show #10/6710. A Truly Inspirational Garden

Show #11/6711. Bringing Back A Prairie Inside A City

Show #12/6712. Update Makeover Show - English Cottage Garden - In Spring

Show #13/6713. Choosing The Correct Plant

Show #14/6801. Iconic Southern Garden

Show #15/6802. A Plant Collectors Paradise

Show #16/6803. Beauty, History, Culture And Crops

Show #17/6804. Historic Gardens In Historic Belgium

Show #18/6805. Spending The Day With A World Famous Plant Breeder

Show #19/6806. Behind The Gates In Maui

Show #20/6807. Beautiful Flowers And An Auction House Where Sold

Show #21/6808. A Garden Built For Respite And Retreat

Show #22/6809. Planting And Caring For Trees On A Citywide Level

Show #23/6810. Building A Garden From The Ground Up

Show #24/6811. Cooking In The Garden

Show #25/6812. Transforming A Deck Into A Gardening Work Of Art

Show #26/6813. Container Plants For Intense Shade Or Sun

Show #27/6901. Improving Curb Appeal

Show #28/6902. Tips For Planning A New Garden

Show #29/6903. The Challenge Of Gardening With Deer Pressure

Show #30/6904. After The Landscape Plan-Consider Topography, Plants, Hardscape

Show #31/6905. Two Beautiful Historic Gardens With 200 Years Of History

Show #32/6906. Good Garden Design In New Orleans

Show #33/6907. A Plant Enthusiasts Garden Featuring Rare Plants And Conifers

Show #34/6908. A New Jersey Garden That Overlooks Manhattan

Show #35/6909. Bonsai-An Art And A Science

Show #36/6910. Garden Tour - Two Ponds

Show #37/6911. Behind The Scenes Of Two "Locally Grown” Farms

Show #38/6912. The Colonial Garden At Williamsburg

Show #39/6913. The Barn

Show #40/7001. Garden In The Sky

Show #41/7002. Tips For Tree Care

Show #42/7003. Highlands Biological Center

Show #43/7004. Spring Is On The Radar - We Hope

Show #44/7005. Gardening And Wildlife

Show #45/7706. It's Fun - Try Something New In Your Garden

Show #46/7007. Cashiers Farmers Market

Show #47/7008. Conifers - A Four Season Garden

Show #48/7009. A Stunning Community Garden

Show #49/7010. What A Difference A Garden Makes

Show #50/7011. Plan For Seasons Of Color In Our Garden

Show #51/7012. Gardening Means Being Engaged With The Natural World

Show #52/7013. Gardening Inspiration

Check back every week for more "Smart Tips".

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