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Shows from our 2019 season:

Show #1/5501. Springtime - Daffodil Time

Daffodils Can Last Weeks, If Not Months
Planting Tips
Companion Plants
Flowering Trees

Show #2/5502. Early Season Color Is A Welcome Change

History Of The Garden
Tulips, Daffodils
Dogwood, Native Azaleas, Wisteria

Show #3/5503. A Town That Loves Its' Tulips

Different, Beautiful Gardens
Bulb Care
Care After Blooming

Show #4/5504. 1 Million Plants In The Middle Of New York City

Shade Gardening

Show #5/5505. Historic Lodge And Gardens In Lake Tahoe

Use Color To Unify Your Garden
Addressing Sandy, Rocky Soil
New Plants
Planting Techniques

Show #6/5506. A Small But Productive Garden

18th Century Tools And Cultivation
Cold Frames
Plants Of The Time
Start Small

Show #7/5507. Two Very Different Gardens - One Small, One Large

Design Philosophy
Address Space And Scale
Restoring A Garden Space
Create A Focal Point

Show #8/5508. Two Gardens - One Free Spirited, One Formal - Both Beautiful

1st Home
English Garden Influence
2nd Home
More Formal Garden

Show #9/5509. Plants Are Forgiving, Push The Envelope

23 Home Demonstration Gardens
Attracting Birds
Fragrance Garden
Woodlands Garden

Show #10/5510. Roses - A Cutting Edge Industry

Propagating Roses
Rose Classes
Roses For The Garden
What Happened To Fragrance?

Show #11/5511. A Memorable Garden In Key West

A Tropical Garden
Plant Collections
Attracting Wildlife
Hardwoods And Palms

Show #12/5512. Create A Sense Of Mystery At The Entrance To Your Home

1st Home
The Garden/Landscape Reveal
2nd Home
More Formal, Yet Understated

Show #13/5513. A Garden With A Rich Horticultural Tradition

Formal Setting
Informal Setting
Succulents And Mass Annual Plantings
Winner's Circle

Show #14/5601. A Garden Created Under Napoleon's Reign

Video Tour - Bruge and Ghent
Unusual Plants
Shade Gardening

Show #15/5602. A Beautiful Beautiful Garden That Dates Back To 1796

Garden History
Interesting, Unusual Plants And Flowers
Unique Gardens

Show #16/5603. Restoring a 17th Century Garden

How Do Windmills Work?
Managing Water Levels
Windmill Gardens
Nature Preserve

Show #17/5604. Windmills, Water Management And Beautiful Gardens

Windmill Gardens
Outdoor Garden Rooms
Nature Preserve

Show #18/5605. A Garden Founded In 1638

Garden History
Convergent Evolution
Interesting, Unusual Plants

Show #19/5606. One Of The World's Largest Flower Gardens

Romance In The Flowers
7 Little Gardens
Depth and Vertical Aspect Of A Garden

Show #20/5607. A Demonstration Garden And A Flower Auction House - Both Impressive

Trial and Evaluation
Auction Room
Buyers And Growers

Show #21/5608. What To Do When A Garden Gets Overgrown

English Perennial Border Garden
Repeating Themes
Keeping A Border Garden Looking Fresh
Spacing Plants

Show #22/5609. Create Amazing Garden Spaces

Climbing Plants
Changing The Color On Hydrangeas
A Meadow - Creating And Care
Espalier Plants

Show #23/5610. A Garden With A Lot of Vegetables In A Very Small Space

Chef Likes Fresh
Cool Season Vegetables
Protecting Plants From The Cold
Succession Planting

Show #24/5611. As The Garden Grows, So Does The Gardener

Transforming The Backyard
Selecting Plants
Keep In Mind Different Seasons

Show #25/5612. Water In A Garden Can Be Transformative

Waterfalls, Ponds
Plants For Water
Plants For The Edges Of Water
Locating And Caring For Aquatic Plants

Show #26/5613. A Shade Garden With Warm, Intimate Spaces

How The Garden Was Built
Creating A Private Feeling
Silver Garden
Boxwood Garden

Show #27/5701. Color In The Garden Doesn't End Because Summer Is Over

Fall - A Favorite Time Of Year
Extend The Season

Show #28/5702. Hedges

Why Hedges
Categories Of Hedges
Pre-Grown Hedges
Unusual Plants As Hedges

Show #29/5703. Oregon Garden

Water Remediation
Fuchsias And Trilliums

Show #30/5704. Where Do Trees Come From

Growing Good Roots
2 Year Old Trees
A Mature 10 year Old Tree

Show #31/5705. Sebright Gardens - Shade Plants

Hellebores, Ferns And Epimedium
Tips For Shade Plant Care

Show #32/5706. Fall & Winter Garden Tasks

Fall Pruning
Plant Bulbs In The Fall
Dividing Perennials

Show #33/5707. A City With A Green Canopy-The Importance Of Trees

Importance Of Trees
Forest Reclamation
Invasive Species
Educational Component

Show #34/5708. A Noah's Ark Of Plants

Arboretum Vs. A Garden
Rare And Unusual Forms
Tom's Favorites

Show #35/5709. Old Standards, New Ideas And Multi Use Plants

Landscape Design Philosophy
Edibles In The Garden
Medicinal Plants
Consider Foliage

Show #36/5710. Grass - East Lake Golf Club

Warm Vs. Cool Season Grass
Weed Control

Show #37/5711. An Outstanding Cottage Garden & Gardener

Formal Vs. Informal
Multiple Layers Create A Sense Of Intimacy
Fragrance In The Garden

Show #38/5712. A Floral Display On Wheels

History Of Rose Bowl Parade
Designing A Float
Building A Float
Everything Botanical

Show #39/5713. Developing A landscape With The Site In Mind

Landscape Concept
Landscape Plan
Water Conservation/Plan
Review The Installation

Show #40/5801. Create Colorful Containers

Colorful Containers
Container Plants
Plants In A Window Box
Colors, Texture And height

Show #41/5802. After A Long Winter Spring Color Is A Welcome Change

Daffodils, Tulips

Show #42/5803. CONIFER KINGDOM

What Is A Conifer?
New Conifers
Slow Growing Conifers
Conifers With Color

Show #43/5804. Propagating Trees

Difference Between Cultivar And Species
Selection Process
New Plants

Show # 44/5805. Garden Club Of Virginia

Mary And Richard’s Garden
Borrowed View
Charles Shows Morrowdale
Scale Is Important

Show # 45/5806. Gardens - Country Home Era

Creating Garden Rooms
Large, Medium and Small Rooms
Choosing Containers
Folly Garden

Show # 46/5807. An Incredible Garden Surrounded By Natural Beauty

Dealing With A Wet Area
When Planting, Saturate The Root Ball
A Monochromatic Scheme of Golds And Greens
Caring For Containers

Show # 47/5808. Gardening Tips From Key West

Outdoor Room
Palms As Focal Points
Utilizing Light In The Garden
Hardscape Design

Show #48/5809. Growing And Caring For Conifers

When To Use Conifers
Tom’s Favorites
Rare Species
The Correct Conifer

Show #49/5810. Garden Lights

2 Million Lights
Palms, Crepe Myrtle and More
Poinsettia Care
Winter Containers

Show #50/5811. A Beautiful Location, An Impressive Landscape Makeover - Part 1

Selecting The Landscape Designer
Developing A Plan
Hardscaping And Softscaping

Show #51/5812. A Beautiful Location, An Impressive Landscape Makeover - Part 2

Installing Irrigation
Placing Plants
A Sustainable Landscape
The Reveal

Show #52/5813. Probably The Hottest Garden In The Country

Hummingbird Garden

GardenSMART Featured Article

By Natalie Carmolli, Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrubs
Photographs courtesy of Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrubs

The Pantone color of the year is Viva Magenta. Pantone describes it as a “brave and fearless, pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration…” For a list of woody ornamentals that show off this outstanding color, click here .

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