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Shows from our 2021 season:

Show #1/6301. An Estate And Gardens That Have Endured, Even Flourished, For Over 100 years

White Garden
Victorian Border Garden
Allium Care
Transitioning From Season To Season

Show #2/6302. Springtime - Time To Have Fun In Your Garden

Garden Art Enhances A Garden
Minor Bulbs
Combining Annuals And Bulbs
Summer Flowering Bulbs

Show #3/6303. Daffodils And Companion Plants

Different Blooming Times
Daffodil Planting Tips
Companion Plants For Daffodils
Spring Flowering Trees

Show #4/6304. Historic Sites And Beautiful Gardens

Different Blooming Times
Daffodil Planting Tips
Companion Plants For Daffodils
Spring Flowering Trees

Show #5/6305. Limitless Opportunities For Container Gardening

Colorful Containers
Container Plants
Textures, Color & Height
Globes On Top Of Pedestals

Show #6/6306. Water Is Precious, We Must Protect It

Cleaning/Storing Water
Cuts In Curbing
Utilizing Plants To Help Manage Water
Address Water Issues Early, Before They Gain Momentum

Show #7/6307. Six Unique Gardens Provide Insight Into Atlanta's History

Vegetable Garden
Interesting Method Of Planting Tomatoes
Shade Plants
Pruning azaleas

Show #8/6308. Bringing A New Plant To Market

Tissue Culture
New Plants

Show #9/6309. An Historic Golf Course-A Great Place For Turf Tips

Sprigged, Plugged Or Sodded
Diagnose Insect Damage
Soil Testing

Show #10/6310. Azaleas-From Propagation To The Landscape

New Cultivars
Where Will Azaleas Grow
Ideal Soil Conditions
Azalea Care And Maintenance

Show #11/6311. Every Garden Has Its’ Challenges

Fragrant Garden
Fruit Garden
Butterfly Garden
Different Planting Techniques

Show #12/6212. Bellingrath Gardens

East Terrace

Show #13/6313. Cornerstone Gardens

Cornerstone Gardens - A Hidden Gem
British Garden

Show #14/6401. The Gardens At Mt. Vernon

Eric Meets General Washington
The Paths
High Impact Plants In The Flower Garden
The Vegetable Garden

Show #15/6402. Thomas Jefferson - An Old Man, Yet A Young Gardener

Oval Flower Beds
The Winding Walk
Growing Hot Weather Vegetables

Show #16/6403. As Gardeners We Can Make A Difference

Create A Sense Of Depth
Vertical Garden
A Place To Relax
Zen Garden

Show #17/6404. Sprucing Up An Entryway

Replacing Cross Tie Walls
Installing Pavers
Designing An Entryway
Plant Choices

Show #18/6405. The 1, 2, 3 Of Landscape Design

Modular Walls
Design Concept
Plants And Containers
Steep Terrain

Show #19/6406. Four Gardens In The High Desert

Earthship Garden
Carport Size Garden
Lush Garden In The High Desert
Butterfly Garden

Show #20/6407. A Unique Botanical Garden

Rock-Shade Garden
Utilizing Recycled Materials
Long Days And Cool Weather Effects plants
Different Climate But Horticulture Basics The Same

Show #21/6408. A Community Garden Designed With Sustainability In Mind

History Of Community Gardens
Planning Process

Show #22/6409. A Landscape That Inspires Fabric Design

Painting Background
Dinner Plate Hibiscus
Front Of The House
Back Of The House

Show #23/6410. The Nation's First Civic Garden

Square Foot Gardening
Sun Perennials
Plants For Transitional Areas
Plants For Shade

Show #24/6411. Inspiring Design Utilizing Containers

Choosing A Container
Choosing Plants
Trees And Shrubs In Containers
Planting A Container

Show #25/6412. Impressive Small Space Vegetable Production

Selecting Container Plants
Culture Of Growing In Containers
Container Combinations
Ease Of Harvest

Show #26/6413. Pushing The Boundaries On Hedges

Two Categories Of Hedges
Conventional Hedge
Certain Plants Are Better For Hedges
Unusual Plants As A Hedge

Show #27/6501. Beautiful Containers In Beautiful Settings

Indoor Containers
Containers On Decks, Courtyards And Patios
Containers In The Landscape
Containers For An Entryway

Show #28/6502. A New Garden-Where To Start

Challenges Of The Site
Plant Selection
Why Dwarf Plants

Show #29/6503. Design Principles For Creating Intimate Garden Venues

Design Principles
Color, Texture And Form
Groupings Of Plants

Show #30/6504. Inside The Mind Of A Creative Landscape Designer

Meet The Landscape Designer
Custom Tiles
Installing Pavers

Show #31/6505. Choosing The Right Plants And Trees

Balance And Structure In A Garden
Growing A Tree
Prepare The Ground
Move Water Away From The House And Plants

Show #32/6506. Irrigation, Containers And Shade

Technological Advancements In Irrigation
Installing Irrigation
Containers In Shade

Show #33/6507. Plants And Trees

Native, Maple and Oak Trees
Entryway Trees
Ornamental Grasses

Show #34/6508. Garden Design And Containers

Quadrant 1
Quadrant 2
Quadrant 3
Quadrant 4

Show #35/6509. The Bones And Structure Of A Garden

Water Management
Adding Plants To The Rocks
Chipseal Pathway
Planting On A Vertical Slope

Show #36/6510. Managing Deer

Deer Are A Predator
Where To Plant
What To Plant
Larger Trees And Shrubs

Show #37/6511. Planting Containers Can Be A Fun, Beautiful Experience

Colorful Containers
Color In The Garden
Color In The Shade
Conservative Containers

Show #38/6512. Plan Your Garden For All Seasons

The Meadow
Sod Sofa
Collecting, Saving Seeds
Plants For Winter Interest

Show #39/6513. A Sustainable Garden In The Eastern Most Western City

Period Gardens
A False Perspective
Two-Story Annual Bed
Perennial Gardens

Show #40/6601. Hedges - From Privacy To Formal

Two Categories Of Hedges
Certain Plants Better For Hedges
Unusual Plants As A Hedge
Pre-Formed Hedge

Show #41/6602. Rare And Unusual Plants

Hellebores, Ferns
Care For Shade Plants

Show #42/6603. Designing With Containers

Design Of 4 Different Quadrants
Include Circles
Containers Highlight Many Different Landscape Spots

Show #43/6604. Tips And Tricks Utilizing Containers

Container Water Requirements
Choosing The Correct Plant
Vegetables in Containers

Show #44/6605. Finishing Touches And Container Tips

Metal Edging
Unique Containers
Unusual Plants For Containers
Plants For Sun And Shade

Show #45/6606. Back Yard Makeover

Vision For The Project
Taking Down A Tree
Stump Grinding

Show #46/6607. Back Yard Makeover - What's Beneath Your Feet

Retaining Wall Advantages
Installing A Retaining Wall
Cleaning And Staining Block Walls

Show #47/#6608. Backyard Makeover - Sod, Lighting & Containers

Selecting Sod
Installing Sod
Outdoor Lighting

Show #48/6609. Back Yard Makeover - Finishing Touches

Expand An Outdoor Living Space
Fire Pit
Base For Patio
Outdoor Kitchen

Show #49/6610. Front Yard Makeover - Developing A Plan, Starting To implement That Plan

Converting A Tired Landscape
Edit Certain Plants/Trees
Laying Out Plants

Show #50/6611. Front Yard Makeover-From Soil To Furniture

Soil Prep
Tools Helpful In Planting
Correct Planting Techniques
Forestry Agriculture

Show #51/6612. Front Yard Makeover-Outdoor Kitchen Area

Fire Pit
Pizza Oven
Outdoor Kitchen

Show #52/6613. The Wilmington Gardens Of Sylvia And Debbie

English Style Garden
Dry Shade Garden
Cottage Style Garden

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