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Shows from our 2021 season:

Show #1/6301. An Estate And Gardens That Have Endured, Even Flourished, For Over 100 years

White Garden
Victorian Border Garden
Allium Care
Transitioning From Season To Season

Show #2/6302. Springtime - Time To Have Fun In Your Garden

Garden Art Enhances A Garden
Minor Bulbs
Combining Annuals And Bulbs
Summer Flowering Bulbs

Show #3/6303. Daffodils And Companion Plants

Different Blooming Times
Daffodil Planting Tips
Companion Plants For Daffodils
Spring Flowering Trees

Show #4/6304. Historic Sites And Beautiful Gardens

Different Blooming Times
Daffodil Planting Tips
Companion Plants For Daffodils
Spring Flowering Trees

Show #5/6305. Limitless Opportunities For Container Gardening

Colorful Containers
Container Plants
Textures, Color & Height
Globes On Top Of Pedestals

Show #6/6306. Water Is Precious, We Must Protect It

Cleaning/Storing Water
Cuts In Curbing
Utilizing Plants To Help Manage Water
Address Water Issues Early, Before They Gain Momentum

Show #7/6307. Six Unique Gardens Provide Insight Into Atlanta's History

Vegetable Garden
Interesting Method Of Planting Tomatoes
Shade Plants
Pruning azaleas

Show #8/6308. Bringing A New Plant To Market

Tissue Culture
New Plants

Show #9/6309. An Historic Golf Course-A Great Place For Turf Tips

Sprigged, Plugged Or Sodded
Diagnose Insect Damage
Soil Testing

Show #10/6310. Azaleas-From Propagation To The Landscape

New Cultivars
Where Will Azaleas Grow
Ideal Soil Conditions
Azalea Care And Maintenance

Show #11/6311. Every Garden Has Its’ Challenges

Fragrant Garden
Fruit Garden
Butterfly Garden
Different Planting Techniques

Show #12/6212. Bellingrath Gardens

East Terrace

Show #13/6313. Cornerstone Gardens

Cornerstone Gardens - A Hidden Gem
British Garden

Show #14/6401. The Gardens At Mt. Vernon

Eric Meets General Washington
The Paths
High Impact Plants In The Flower Garden
The Vegetable Garden

Show #15/6402. Thomas Jefferson - An Old Man, Yet A Young Gardener

Oval Flower Beds
The Winding Walk
Growing Hot Weather Vegetables

Show #16/6403. As Gardeners We Can Make A Difference

Create A Sense Of Depth
Vertical Garden
A Place To Relax
Zen Garden

Show #17/6404. Sprucing Up An Entryway

Replacing Cross Tie Walls
Installing Pavers
Designing An Entryway
Plant Choices

Show #18/6405. The 1, 2, 3 Of Landscape Design

Modular Walls
Design Concept
Plants And Containers
Steep Terrain

Show #19/6406. Four Gardens In The High Desert

Earthship Garden
Carport Size Garden
Lush Garden In The High Desert
Butterfly Garden

Show #20/6407. A Unique Botanical Garden

Rock-Shade Garden
Utilizing Recycled Materials
Long Days And Cool Weather Effects plants
Different Climate But Horticulture Basics The Same

Show #21/6408. A Community Garden Designed With Sustainability In Mind

History Of Community Gardens
Planning Process

Show #22/6409. A Landscape That Inspires Fabric Design

Painting Background
Dinner Plate Hibiscus
Front Of The House
Back Of The House

Show #23/6410. The Nation's First Civic Garden

Square Foot Gardening
Sun Perennials
Plants For Transitional Areas
Plants For Shade

Show #24/6411. Inspiring Design Utilizing Containers

Choosing A Container
Choosing Plants
Trees And Shrubs In Containers
Planting A Container

Show #25/6412. Impressive Small Space Vegetable Production

Selecting Container Plants
Culture Of Growing In Containers
Container Combinations
Ease Of Harvest

Show #26/6413. Pushing The Boundaries On Hedges

Two Categories Of Hedges
Conventional Hedge
Certain Plants Are Better For Hedges
Unusual Plants As A Hedge

GardenSMART Featured Article

By Kelsey Minalga, Ball Ingenuity
Photographs courtesy of Ball Ingenuity

The flower industry is busy bringing new and exciting fall plants to the mix. And one of the most popular accent plants for the season is celosia, also know by the common name cockscomb. To learn more click here .

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