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Every week we will publish "Video Tips" on this page. These short video clips contain valuable information that will help you in your gardening adventures. If you click on the link, Windows Media Player will open and the video will start playing. You can also right click on the link to save it to your local drive to view it later.

This season's (2010) Video Tips:

Show #1/1901 - The Gardens of our Third President

- Old Varieties of Seeds [flv]
- Flowers For Fragrance & Curiosity [flv]

Show #2/1902 - Landscape Makeover

- Develop Subdivisions With Nature In Mind [flv]
- Create A Natural Environment [flv]
- Be A Good Steward Of The Land [flv]

Show #3/1903 - 1800's Garden

- Shade Gardening [flv]

Show #4/1904 - Gardening in Maui

-A Beautiful, Functional Space [flv]
-Flower Named After A Greek God [flv]
-Creating A Point Of Interest [flv]

Show #5/1905 - Key West Botanical Garden

- Conserving Water [flv]

Show #6/1906 - Key West Garden Club

- Bed Prep [flv]

Show #7/1907 - Key West Garden Tour

- Low Maintenance Planting Tips [flv]

Show #8/1908 - Virginia Garden Week Tour

-Addressing Different Watering Zones [flv]
-Rose Care Tips [flv]
-In Design, Be Sensitive To The Land [flv]

Show #9/1909 - New Orleans Botanical Garden

- Heat and Drought Resistant Annuals [flv]

Show #10/1910 - New Orleans Garden Tour

- Tips for Growing Tomatoes [flv]

Show #11/1911 - Longue Vue House and Gardens

- Vegetable Gardening [flv]
- Iris Troughs [flv]

Show #12/1912 - Gardening in Dayton, Ohio

- An Oval Garden [flv]
- Interesting, Colorful Plants For Shade [mp4]

Show #13/1913 - Rainwater Runoff

- Approach Run-Off On A Micro-Scale [flv]
- Cuts In Curbing To Capture Water [flv]

Show #14/2001 - American Horticultural Society

- Creating A Meadow Garden [flv]
- AHS & River Farm [flv]
- Options For Fall Color [flv]
- Fall Is A Great Time To Plant [flv]

Show #15/2002 - 1800's Garden

- Creating Intimate Spaces [flv]

Show #16/2003 - Community Garden

- Raised Beds [flv]
- Blossom End Rot [flv]

Show #17/2004 - Early Hawaiian Crops

- Palm Trees Can Grow Across The Country [flv]
- Growing and Harvesting Bananas [flv]

Show #18/2005 - New Plant Ideas

- Creating a Rain Garden [flv]
- Choosing Plants for a Rain Garden [flv]
- Irrigation is Critical for Cincinnati [flv]

Show #19/2006 - A Magnificent Lake Tahoe Lodge and Gardens

- Irrigation Can Increase The Plant Palette [flv]
- New Plant Ideas [flv]
- Preparing Your Plant for Planting [flv]
- Thinking Planting, Think Fall [flv]

Show #20/2007 - The Gardens of Our First President

- Using Irrigation In The Flower Garden [flv]
- Choosing The Correct Boxwood [flv]

Show #21/2008 - Tucson and Native Plants

- Attracting Hummingbirds [flv]
- The Beauty of Natives [flv]
- The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum [flv]
- How To Attract Butterflies [flv]

Show #22/2009 - Gardening At The Capitol Steps

- Watering An Archway [flv]
- Have Limited Space? - Go Vertical [flv]

Show #23/2010 - A Woodland Paradise In The Sierra Buttes

- Dry Stone Walls And Turf [flv]

Show #24/2011 - Gardening in Lake Tahoe

- Gardening Design Principles [flv]
- Saving Clematis Seeds [flv]

Show #25/2012 - How Water Works in the Plant World

- How Do Scientific Principles Apply To Our Garden [flv]
- Studying Climate Change And Water Usage [flv]
- When Do Plants Flower [flv]

Show #26/2013 - Columbus, Ohio Trial Garden.

- Pop-Up Sprinklers [flv]
- Containers Make Gardening Possible For Many [flv]

Show #27/2101. An Historic Site With A Great Fall Garden.

- Giant Sunflower [flv]
- Designing With Containers [flv]

Show #28/2102. Louisiana Garden Tour.

- How To Have Continuous Blooming Flowers [flv]
- Plants That Are Beautiful Plus Can Be Eaten [flv]

Show #29/2103. Fall Need Not Be The Forgotten Garden Season.

- Foliage Combinations Create A Sense Of Intimacy [flv]
- Creating A Topiary [flv]

Show #30/2104. Plants That Will Last Generations.

- It's A Wise Man Who Plants A Tree Under Whose Shade He Will Never Sit [flv]

Show #31/2105. Fall Gardening in Oregon.

- Gardening Is Nurturing From the Ground Up [flv]

Show #32/2106. Roses And How They're Used.

- Roses Can Be Used In Every Corner Of The Garden [mp4]

Show #33/2107. Gardening On Porches, Patios And Balconies.

- Pruning Your Roses When Out Of Control [flv]

Show #34/2108. Plants That Look Good Fall And Winter.

- Try Different Or Unusual Plants [flv]

Show #35/2109. Floral Display On Wheels.

- Mechanically Forcing Blooms For A Party [flv]
- Layering And Color Contrast In Floral Arrangements [flv]

Show #36/2110. Behind The Gates In Maui.

- Create Mystery At The Entrance [flv]
- Create A Screen Not An Enclosure [flv]
- A Private Lot In A Subdivision [flv]

Show #37/2111. An Historic Garden In Pasadena.

- Roses Don't Need To Be Labor Intensive [flv]
- Select A Rose For Your Area [flv]

Show #38/2112. A Kentucky Collectors Garden.

- Ideas For Landscape Design [wmv]

Show #39/2113. The Perfect Plant For A Shady Spot.

- Design Ideas For Shade Plants[flv]

Show #40/2201. Landscape Makeover Part 1

- Plant Placement[flv]
- Planting Trees& Shrubs[flv]
- Selectng Mulch & Edgers[flv]

Show #41/2202. Landscape Makeover Part 2

- Designing A Swale[flv]
- Constructing The Pavers Patio[flv]
- Selecting Containers[flv]

Show #42/2203. Denver Botanic Gardens

- People Connecting With Plants[flv]
- Plant Intergration[flv]

Show #43/2204. Rock Gardens & Unusual Plants

- Making A Hypertufa Trough[flv]

Show #44/2205. Plant Propagation

- What Plant Propagation Means For The Home Gardener[flv]

Show #45/2206. Large Inner City Park

- Plants Have An Effect On Traffic Patterns[flv]
- Considerations For Installing A Water Feature[flv]

Show #46/2207. Managing Water Runoff

- New Water Conservation Products And Techniques[flv]

Show #47/2208. Every Plant Has a Story

- A Garden Oasis In The High Plains[flv]

Show #48/2209. Gardening In Harsh Conditions

- Constructing a Dry Creek Bed [flv]
- Compost Ideas [flv]
- Use Every Drop Of Water Wisely [flv]

Show #49/2210. A Big Garden In A Small Town

- Design Idea - Clumping In Annual Beds [flv]

Show #50/2211. Springtime At Longwood Gardens

- Use Color To Add Excitement And Interest [flv]

Show #51/2212. A Beautiful Garden in Orlando

- Fertilize As You Water [flv]
- Growing Herbs Indoors [flv]

Show #52/2213. Run For The Roses

- Container Design - Pillar, Filler and Spiller [flv]

Check back every week for more "Smart Tips".

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