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Show #38/2112. A Kentucky Collectors Garden

Ideas For Landscape Design

Eric thanks Paul for the tour, he knows there is much to see but wonders if Paul could provide some thoughts on gardening and how we might make our own gardens at home better. He asks Paul to tell us some of the lessons he's learned at Yew Dell. How might we have a design instead of a nursery? Paul thinks Yew Dell is a great example of that. One of the things he likes about this space is it helps people see that one doesn't have to landscape and design everything as one big space. Instead break it up into smaller spaces. Number one, this approach makes the space not as overwhelming, number two it provides an opportunity for different approaches in designing all the spaces in the garden. Eric feels they have done that well in this garden. All of the gardens provide a focal point for people's eyes to be drawn into the garden. As one goes out of one garden they are then looking towards the upcoming focal points as they're going to the next garden. An example would be the allay of Hollies or the Yew espaliered on a wall, all really draw the eye into the garden and provide focal points. As well they have borrowed views out beyond the property. Here they look into the countryside, which is a nice thing to be able to do when designing a garden. Moving through the garden with color repetition is a great idea. The all gold Hakonechola macra Variegated Hakone Grass in the wall garden repeats the gold of the little honey Hydrangea quercifolia 'Oak Leaf' Hydrangea. This is a great way to keep motion in the garden so one doesn't look at something and see it all at once. They have come up with many different, fascinating solutions like the Hostas planted on the little rock embankment, which is a wonderful way of displaying those kinds of plants. Theodore was the driving force in much of this. An overriding theme is don't fight the site, work with what you have, take advantage of the opportunities that are present.
Eric thanks Paul. It's been a wonderful experience, we've truly enjoyed Yew Dell Gardens.

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