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Shows from our 2020 season:

Show #1/5901. Early Season Color

Daffodils and Tulips
Spring Flowering Trees

Show #2/5902. Spring Time Is Turf Time

Types Of Grass
Preventative Care

Show #3/5903. Vegetables - Amazing Yields And Beautiful Containers

Selecting Plants For Containers
Tips For Growing Vegetables In Containers
Container Combinations

Show #4/5904. Taking An Active Role In The Things We Eat

Dealing With Insect Issues
Pruning Tips
Pattern Gardens
Vegetable and Fruit Gardens

Show #5/5905. Two Urban Gardens, Two inspiring Gardeners

Blaine Community Garden
Test The Soil
Mark’s Garden
Closed Ecology Garden

Show #6/5906. Vegetable Gardening

Potager Garden
Mixing Flowers With Vegetables
Leaving Cool Season Vegetables
Cucumbers, Tomatoes And Lettuce

Show #7/5907. A Memorable Garden Immersed In The Victorian Experience

Water Garden
Vertical Garden
Making A Wreath
Pruning Tips

Show #8/5908. New Ideas And Gardening Inspiration

Design Thoughts When Approaching A Site
How To Accomplish A Whimsical Garden Feel
Prolong The Growing Season
Window Boxes And Hanging Baskets

Show #9/5909. A Beautiful Garden 30 Years In The Making

Day Lilies
Water Gardens
Plant Care

Show #10/5910. Bulbs, Garden Design And Maintenance

Theme Gardens
Incorporate Tall And Shorter Plants

Show #11/5911. Carve Out Your Own Piece Of Paradise

Garden 1
Plant Combinations, Go Vertical
Garden 2
Grotto, Theme Gardens

Show #12/5912. A Beautiful Willamette Valley Garden

Companion Plants
Witches Broom
Plants That Attract Pollinators

Show #13/5913. Color In The Garden

Selecting A Container
Selecting The Plants
Garden Beds
Garden Prep

Show #14/6001. The Art And Science Of A Tree In A Container

What Is Bonsai
Selecting Plants
Growing Media

Show #15/6002. A 1900's Garden Treasure

Beautiful Vegetable Garden
Plants From The Grocery Store
Wild Garden
Iris Collection

Show #16/6003. Beautiful Gardens With A Rich History

Garden Rooms
Heirloom Plants
Rock Garden
Pruning Shrubs

Show #17/6004. Gardening With The Community In Mind

Testing For PH
Root Pruning Bougainvillea
Create A Focal Point
Gorilla Gardening

Show #18/6005. A Fantastic Zoo And Botanical Garden

Trial Garden
Selecting The Best Plant
Rain Garden
Plants For A Rain Garden

Show #19/6006. Deer In The Garden

Biological Capacity For Deer
Deer Are A Keystone Predator
Where To Plant
What to Plant

Show #20/6007. Atlanta Beltline

Ryan Gravel
Ryan’s Vision
Kevin Burke
Kevin’s Vision

Show #21/6008. Two Beautiful New Orleans Gardens

The Side Garden
Patio Garden
Rose Garden
The Backyard

Show #22/6009. Two Beautiful Gardens With A Lot of History

Formal Gardens
English Influence In Gardens
A Garden Diary
Music Garden

Show #23/6010. Planting And Caring For Trees

Importance Of Urban Landscape And Trees
Forest Reclamation
Invasive Species

Show #24/6011. Three Different, Yet Unique Gardens

Garden Blogging
Garden #1
Garden #2
Garden #3

Show #25/6012. Plants From the Ocean To The Intercoastal

Plants On The Ocean Side
Plants On The Intercoastal Side

Show #26/6013. A Children's Garden That Is Over The Top

Plant Choices
Different Areas/Themes Of The Children’s Garden
Pruning Vines
Pruning Geraniums

Show #27/6101. Gardening In The Shade

Tips For Maintaining Shade Plants

GardenSMART Featured Article

By Nancy Buley, Communications Director, J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.
Photographs courtesy of J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.

Many autumn leaf peepers see the color red. But there are other colors of fall that are spectacular too. Nancy has written a great article on trees with great fall color. click here to read the article.

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