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Every week we will publish "Video Tips" on this page. These short video clips contain valuable information that will help you in your gardening adventures. If you click on the link, Windows Media Player will open and the video will start playing. You can also right click on the link to save it to your local drive to view it later.

This season’s (2014) Video Tips:

Show #1/3501 - Native Plants Can Be Beautiful And Help Conserve Water

- Capturing And Purifying Water [flv]

Show #2/3502 - Spring, A Welcome Change In The Garden

- Ornamental Grasses [flv]
- Gardening Soils For Different Areas [flv]

Show #3/3503 - Planning, Implementing And Sustaining A Community Garden

- Consider Raised Beds [flv]
- Tomato Care [flv]

Show #4/3504 - Fresh Vegetables From The Garden

- Oso Easy Paprika Roses [flv]
- Achillea, Yarrow, Geranium and Coreopsis [flv]

Show #5/3505 - A Shade Garden With Intimate Spaces

- New Petunias [flv]

Show #6/3506 - A Woodland Garden In New York City

- Salt Tolerant Plants [flv]
- Plants For A Low, Wet spot [flv]

Show #7/3507 - Environmentally Friendly Landscape Design

- "Green" Products And Tips For An Environmentally Friendly Landscape [flv]
- Plant Placement Is Important [flv]

Show #8/3508 - The Oldest Botanic Garden In Texas

- Creating A Japanese Garden Feel [flv]
- Doing The Right Thing for The Soil [flv]
- The Next Generation Gardeners [flv]

Show #9/3509 - Understanding What Lies Beneath The Surface

- Determine How Soil Will Perform [mp4]
- Compost Is More Than Leaves Breaking Down - Plus How To Make Quality Compost Tea [mp4]
- Check The Entire Soil Profile [mp4]

Show #10/3510 - Choosing The Correct Plant

- Orchid Care Tip [flv]
- Unique Planting Tip [flv]

Show #11/3511 - Tropical Plants In A Native Environment

- Use Water Efficiently [flv]

Show #12/3512 - Consider Containers For Growing Vegetables

- A Lot Going On In A Small Space [flv]
- Choosing Vegetables For Containers [flv]

Show #13/3513 - Two Gardeners Carve Out Their Piece Of Paradise

- Advantages Of Starting With Small Plants[flv]
- Interesting Garden Room - The Grotto [flv]

Show #14/3601 - Colorful, Unique Container Combinations

- Containers That Save Water [flv]
- Pamela's Container Plant Ideas [flv]

Show #15/3602 - An Empty Rectangular Backyard Transformed

- Selecting Plants For Shade [flv]

Show #16/3603 - Landscape Designs With A Gardener's Touch

- What's Going On In Your Soil [flv]
- PH Testers [flv]

Show #17/3604 - Good Garden Design Maximizes The Use Of Space

- Eric's Tips For Growing Tomatoes [flv]

Show #18/3605 - Two Great Gardens - One With English Inspiration, One With French Inspiration

- Training Creeping Fig [flv]

Show #19/3606 - Two Inspiring Gardens And Gardeners In Cleveland

- Composting [flv]
- Planting Ideas For Challenging Soil [flv]

Show #20/3607 - Landskip - Work With Nature, Don't Fight Nature

- Blending Nature In The Landscape [flv]

Show #21/3608 - Selecting Plants That Attract Wildlife

- When Maintaining Property Think About Wildlife [flv]
- Criteria For A Natural Habitat-Food, Water, Shelter And A Space To Live [flv]

Show #22/3609 - Connecting People With Plants

- Plants, Wildlife and People - All Can Work Together [flv]
- Your Gardens Doesn't Need To Be Green And Clean [flv]

Show #23/3610 - Around Every Turn - Something New

- Biggest Difference Between 18th Century And 20th Century Gardens - Irrigation [flv]
- French Parterre Garden [flv]

Show #24/3611 - Dogwood Canyon

- How Can All Of Us Do A Better Job At Conservation [flv]

Show #25/3612 - College of the Ozarks

- The What, Why And How Of A Hydroponic System [flv]

Show #26/3613 - Big Cedar Lodge

- Tips For Beautiful Hanging Baskets And Window Boxes [flv]

Show #27/3701 - Turf Care

- What Do Those Numbers On A Fertilizer Bag Mean? [flv]
- Insects In The Soil [flv]

Show #28/3702 - An Historic Garden Gem

- Time Tested Tips For Growing Tomatoes [flv]
- When To Prune And How [flv]

Show #29/3703 - A Magnificent Estate With Equally Magnificent Gardens

- Water Gardening In Containers - Plant And Container Ideas [flv]
- Choose The Correct Soil for Succulents [flv]

Show #30/3704 - A Spectacular Fall Garden

- Emulate Nature By Layering Plants [flv]
- Whimsical Topiaries [flv]

Show #31/3705 - An Historic Garden In New Orleans

- Don't Throw It Out-Plant It [flv]
- Iris Like To Have Their Feet Wet [flv]

Show #32/3706 - A Garden Gem In Los Angeles

- Rose Care Basics [flv]
- Choosing A Rose - Talk With Your Neighbors [flv]

Show #33/3707 - Bloggers Garden Tour

- Add Colorful Plants To A Water Feature [flv]
- A Great Way To Start Gardening [flv]

Show #34/3708 - Massive Floral Designs

- What To Do When A Flower Won't Open [mp4]
- Elements Of A Great Floral Design [mp4]

Show #35/3709 - Gardeners Shouldn't Overlook Fall

- Fall - Time To Set Up The Garden For The Next Season [flv]
- Color On The Front Porch In The Fall [flv]

Show #36/3710 - Fall And Winter Can Be An Interesting Time In Your Garden

- Replace Grass - Think Meadow [flv]
- You Can Have Color In the Fall [flv]
- Ideas For Fall Plants [flv]

Show #37/3711 - Creating Fantastic Garden Rooms In The Keys

- Great Garden Tips [flv]

Show #38/3712 - The Age Of Elegant Gardens Lives On

- Background On Roses [flv]
- Don't Let Pruning Intimidate You [flv]

Show #39/3713 - A Garden Legacy From The 1996 Olympics

- Gardening Heaven - The Right Plant In The Right Spot [flv]
- Love A Waterfall - Is it for Me? [flv]

Show #40/3801 - New Plants And Design Ideas Dating Back To 1850

- Drip Irrigation For An Archway [flv]
- Want More Plants? - Go Up [flv]

Show #41/3802 - Landscaping With Containers

- Hydrangeas Can Bloom - Spring And Fall [flv]
- Bi-Color, Long Lasting Day-Lilies [flv]

Show #42/3803 - Two Fantastic Gardens And Gardeners

- Eric Shares Some Garden Design Ideas [flv]
- Clematis Claire de lune - A Fantastic Plant [flv]

Show #43/3804 - A Great Plant Collectors Nursery

- Process Of Building A Trough Garden [flv]

Show #44/3805 - Valentines Day And Roses Just Go Together

- Roses - A Myriad Of Possibilities [mp4]

Show #45/3806 - Plants that Brighten Up Those Shady Areas

- Eric's Tips For Great Looking Plant Combinations [flv]

Show #46/3807 - Reducing Effects Of Storm Water Runoff

- Compost - A Great Idea For Gardeners [flv]
- Unusual Utilization Of Compost [flv]

Show #47/3808 - Divide Your Landscape Into Smaller Spaces

- How To Make Our Gardens And Landscape More Beautiful [flv]

Show #48/3809 - An Estate Garden Known For Its Spring Color

- It's Spring, Let's Think About Some New Plants [mp4]

Show #49/3810 - A Garden Tour And Planting Tips At A Magnificent Estate

- Some Of Eric's Favorite Plants [mp4]
- Watering Tip - Submerge The Plant [flv]

Show #50/3811 - Gardening And The Winners Circle

- Thrillers, Fillers, Spillers [flv]

Show #51/3812 - An Artist With Containers

- Deciding On The Perfect Container [mp4]
- Building A Beautiful Container [mp4]

Show #52/3813 - Daffodils - A Harbinger Of Spring

- Plant Daffodils 3 Times As Deep As Their Length [mp4]
- Should We Commit "Crepe Murder?" [mp4]

Check back every week for more "Smart Tips".

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