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Shows from our 2016 season:

Show #1/4301. Soil Ecology-Not As Tricky As it Sounds

A Great Park in Manhattan
Monitoring the Soil
Enriching the Soil
A View from the Lab

Show #2/4302. Farm To Table

Fungal Infections
Dealing With Insects
Pruning Tips
Cool Season Crops And Warm Season Crops

Show #3/4303. Some Beautiful Early Season Plants And Color

Helleborus Will Naturalize
Ideal Conditions For Daffodils
Spring Flowering Trees

Show #4/4304. Blending The Old With The New

Blooming Plants
Growing Tomatoes
High Shade Garden

Show #5/4305. Two Gardens That Are An Extension Of The Home

Gardens Evolve
Secret Garden
Different Areas-Different Looks
Create Layers In Your Garden

Show #6/4306. Water Gardens, Vertical Gardens And Vegetables

Advantages Of Water Gardening
What About Going Up With Your Plants
Pruning Tips
Consider Making A Wreath

Show #7/4307. Community Gardens

Starting A Community Garden
Test The Soil
Get Kids Involved With Gardening
Raised Beds

Show #8/4308. Consider Containers

Globes On Pedestals
Support Vegetables
Container Combinations
Build A Container

Show #9/4309. Transforming A Backyard

From Parade Magazine To A Beautiful Backyard
How To Get There
Plants And Garden Art
Easy Care maintenance

Show #10/4310. A Great Place To Visit - The Cincinnati Zoo And Botanical Garden

Much More Than A Zoo
Trial Gardens
Great Plants
Rain Gardens

Show #11/4311. Ideas From A Great Garden Designer

Landscape Basics
Prolong The Growing Season
Window Boxes And Hanging Baskets
Create An Impact

Show #12/4312. Hardscaping And Plants

Replacing Railroad Ties
Dressing Up Your Front Entryway
Choosing Plants
Plant Maintenance

Show #13/4313. Smith-Gilbert Gardens

Bringing A Garden Back
Keeping A Perennial Border Garden Looking Fresh
Plants For Shade

Show #14/4401. The Garden Of A Great Garden Designer

Climbing Plants
New Plants
The Meadow
Supporting Plants

Show #15/4402. Look Beneath The Soil Surface

Beneath The Soil Surface
Soil Test
How Quickly Water Infiltrates The Soil
What Is Quality Compost?

Show #16/4403. A Garden Oasis In Atlanta

Edible Plants
Fruity Plants
Tropical Plants
Chihuly Exhibit

Show #17/4404. In Gardening What's Old Is New

Old Fashioned Methods Of Gardening
Seeds Or Starter Plants?
Shade Garden
Pruning Azaleas

Show #18/4405. Hydrangeas, Day Lilies And Aquatic Plants

Pruning Tips
Day Lilies
Water Gardens

Show #19/4406. Consider A More Natural Landscape

A Beautiful, Natural Site
Water Conservation
Planning Pathways
Attracting Wildlife

Show #20/4407. The Art, Skill & Care Of Bonsai

What Is Bonsai?
Some Impressive Bonsai Examples
Choosing A Bonsai
Care of Bonsai

Show #21/4408. Native, Organic Plants In The Big Apple

Wildlife Habitat
Organic Lawn

Show #22/4409. Tips For A Beautiful Year Round Lawn

Different Types Of Grass
Seed, Sod or Plugs
Lawn Care
Soil Test

Show #23/4410. After Disaster, A Gardening Paradise

Fragrance Garden
Fruit Orchard
Butterfly Garden
Xeriscape Plants

Show #24/4411. Environmentally Friendly Gardening

Environmentally Friendly Garden Design
Choosing Plants
Consider Surroundings
Plant Placement

Show #25/4412. Horticultural Therapy

Therapeutic Benefits Of Gardening
Different Kinds Of Tasks
Garden Design
Choosing The Correct Tool

Show #26/4413. A Garden Started In 1933

Herbs Can Be Pretty
A Garden For Kids And Adults
Gardening In A Small, Confined space
Plants For Sun, Shade And Transitional Areas

Show #27/4501. Tribute To A Great Gardener

Pruning Topiaries
Garden Design

Show #28/4502. Controlling - Erosion And Storm Water Runoff

GardenSoxx uses:
Soil Compaction
Surface Runoff
Stormwater Filtering
Growing Plants

Show #29/4503. The Magnificent Gardens Of Biltmore Estate

Different Seasons-Different Garden Look
Making A Water Garden
Short On Space-Go Up

Show #30/4504. Farm To Table

Seasonal Food
Nutritional Quality

Growing The Food
Crops-Year Round
Unusual Crops

Show #31/4505. Gardening In The Fall

Dividing and Moving Plants
Fall Favorites
Fall Care
Planting In Fall

Show #32/4506. A Passionate Gardener And An Innovative Garden

Different Gardens
Plants For Specific Conditions
Historic Gardens
Period Gardens

Show #33/4507. Gardening Outreach

Unusual Plants
Unusual Locations
Unusual Plant Design
Somewhat Unusual Time To Plant

Show #34/4508. Getting The Most Out Of Our Turf

Lawn Care
Insect issues
Testing The Soil
Selecting Grass

Show #35/4509. Healthy Eating Can Start At Home

Community Garden
Getting Folks Involved
Changing The Neighborhood-One Garden At A Time
Small Space Gardening

Show #36/4510. Behind The Scenes - Farmer’s Markets Gardens

Farmer’s Markets
Vegetable Gardening
Different Seasons, Different Crops
Visiting An Apple Orchard

Show #37/4511. Two Homes, Two Great Gardens

Garden Design Ideas
Color And Texture
What To Do With A Large Space?
Utilize Light In The Garden

Show #38/4512. Annuals-Design, Implementation And Maintenance

Selecting The Right Container
Color is Important
Designing Beds

Show #39/4513. Have A Good Time Putting Containers Together

Containers - Colorful or not?
Container Plants
Unusual Containers
Sun or Shade?

Show #40/4601. Gardening In A Spot Better Known For Snow

Gardening At Altitude
Saving Seeds
Alpine Rock Garden
Trough Planters

Show #41/4602. A Garden Estate Known For Spring Color

Flowering Trees
Beautiful Bushes

Show #42/4603. Kitchen Gardening In The 1700's

Commonplace Plants From 1700's
Cold Frames
Historical Perspective
Where To Begin

Show #43/4604. A Lakeside Gardeners Paradise

Color Themes
Difficult Soil
New Plants
Watering Tip

Show #44/4605. The Gardens Of A Legendary Plant Breeder

Spring Flowering Plants
Ferns and Hostas
Serpentine Garden
Garden Design vs. A Nursery

Show #45/4606. Stunning Gardens At An Incredible Site

300 Years Of People-Plant Relationships
Gardens From Different Centuries
A False Perspective
Clumping Annuals

Show #46/4607. Bring Vibrant Color And Focal Points To Your Landscape

Garden Design With Containers
A Dynamic Container
Choosing Plants
How To - Plant A Container

Show #47/4608 Landscape Installation

Meeting The Landscape Designer
Landscape Plan
Installing Tiles and Pavers
New Product Ideas For Custom Tiles

Show #48/4609. Landscape Installation - Plant Material

Build Structure And Balance Into The Garden
Use Plants To Create A Room
Where Do Trees Come From
Evergreen Plant Material

Show #49/4610. Finishing Touches And Tweaks

Review Progress
Turn Down Tiles
Last Minute Tweaks And Placement

Show #50/4611. Early Season Color

Varieties Of Daffodils
Daffodil Care
Companion Plants
Flowering Trees

Show #51/4612. GardenSMART Visits The Largest Conservatory In America

Shade Gardening
Watering Techniques

Show #52/4613. Innovative Rainwater Management Ideas

Cleaning Water
Storing Water
Moving Water

GardenSMART Featured Article

By Natalie Carmolli, Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrubs
Photographs courtesy of Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrubs

The Pantone color of the year is Viva Magenta. Pantone describes it as a “brave and fearless, pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration…” For a list of woody ornamentals that show off this outstanding color, click here .

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