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Shows from our 2011 season:

Show #1/2301. Two Beautiful Gardens in Key West

Outdoor Room
Huge Space An Intimate Garden Room
Formal Gardens With Playful Aspects
A Borrowed View

Show #2/2302. New Orleans Revival Home & Gardens

Garden Conservancy Assistance
Beautiful Vegetable Garden
Plants From Your Kitchen Table
Native Plants

Show #3/2303. Garden Club At The Southernmost Point Of The U.S

Reclaiming A Garden
Fragrant Garden
Native Plants
Attracting Wildlife

Show #4/2304. Revitalized New Orleans Garden

Rose Garden
Tropical Plants
Sculptures From The WPA Era

Show #5/2305. The Only Tropical Forest And Botanical Garden In The Continental U.S.

Exploring Key West
Tropical Plants
Understory Plants

Show #6/2306. New Orleans Gardens and Gardeners

Every Room Looks Into The Garden
Year Round Interest
Front Yard
Back Yard

Show #7/2307. West Palm Beach Community Garden

What To Grow
How To Grow

Show #8/2308. George Washington's Gardens

The Bowling Green
Ha-Ha Wall
High Impact Plants
Fleur De Lis Garden

Show #9/2309. 1930's Lake Tahoe Summer Estate

Color Themes Unify The Garden
Planting in Shallow Soil
Enriching The Soil

Show #10/2310. Spring Color


Show #11/2311. Vegetable Gardening

Potager Garden Design
Cool Season & Warm Season Vegetables
Planting Cucumbers & Tomatoes
Succession Planting

Show #12/2312. Designing With And Planting Containers

Designing With And Choosing Containers
Designing With And Choosing Plants
Planting Tips


Show #13/2313. Springtime At Atlanta Botanical Garden

Tulips and Daffodils
Minor and Major Bulbs
Shade Garden
Pruning and Fertilizing


Show #14/2401. Designing And Landscaping Around The Front Entryway

Installing Pavers
Front Entryway Design
Choosing The Correct Plant
Plant Maintenance


Show #15/2402. Designing And Landscaping With Retaining Walls

Installing A Modular Wall System
Landscape Design
Selecting Plants


Show #16/2403. Denver Urban Oasis

Garden History
Romantic Garden
Western Panorama
Cottonwood Border


Show #17/2404. Cleveland Botanical Garden

Glass House
Herb Garden
Children's Garden
Perennial Garden


Show #18/2405. Garden Walk Cleveland

Dr. Roizen
Community Garden
Lasagna Gardening & Three Sisters Planting
Homeowner's Garden
Closed Ecology Garden


Show #19/2406. Erosion Control

Stormwater Management/Applications
Planting Ideas


Show #20/2407. California Garden Oasis

Desert Garden
Clair's Favorite Roses
Rose Tips


Show #21/2408. Our Nation's Garden

Checkerboard Garden
A Place To Relax
Zen Garden
Aesthetic Food Garden


Show #22/2409. The Gardens Of An Historic Horticultural Organization

Meadow Garden
Saving Seeds
Fall Color
Plants For Winter Interest


Show #23/2410. Denver Landscape Makeover - Part 1

Assessing The Site
Meeting The Experts
Selecting Plant Material


Show #24/2411. Denver Landscape Makeover - Part 2

Drainage Issues
Hardscape Changes
Focus On Details
Outdoor Furniture


Show #25/2412. Beautiful And Colorful Containers

Selecting Containers
Container Plants
Globes On Pedestals
Use Of Color In The Garden


Show #26/2413. Vegetable Container Gardening

Vegetables For Containers
Growing In Containers


Show #27/2501. A Beautiful Fall Garden

Fall Perennial Border Garden
Colorful Fall Plants
Plants With Berries
Fall Front Entranceway


Show #28/2502. Fall Flowering Plants

Creating A Fall Garden
Plant Selection
Creating Layers In The Garden
Theme Gardens


Show #29/2503. Beautiful Park, Great Gardening Tips

Maintaining A Large Park
Lessons That Apply At Home
Choosing The Correct Grass
Tips For Lawn Care


Show #30/2504. Noble Plants & Trees Of Distinction

Wingnut & Beech Trees
Dawn Redwood & Bald Cypress
Yellow Wood & Ginko Biloba
Headstones & Sculptures


Show #31/2505. Fall Gardening In Oregon

Art Inspired Gardening
Living Spaces On A Hill
City Sanctuary
Tranquil Setting


Show #32/2506. Blending Nature With Landscape

Capability Of The Site
Accent Nature
Growing Moss On A Boulder
Choosing Plants


Show #33/2507. Build A Garden - Step By Step

Introduction To Lake Tahoe
Street Garden
Terrace Garden
Collecting Seeds


Show #34/2508. Identifying Roses

Old Style - Developing New Roses
On-Root Roses
Telling Roses Apart
Selecting A Rose For Your Setting


Show #35/2509. Designing A Float With Roses - And More

Creating A Parade Float
All Natural Botanical Materials
Creating Colors
Plant Care


Show #36/2510. Two Great Gardens In Hawaii

Two Different Homes, Two Beautiful Landscapes
The Entryway Sets The Stage
Different Theme Gardens
Plant Material For Screening


Show #37/2511. Fall And Winter Plants In Oregon

Relationship - Plants & Animals
Consider Edible Plants In The Garden
Plants With Medicinal Properties
Plants With Multi-Season Interest


Show #38/2512. A Crown Jewel In The Heartland

1900's Garden
Peaceful And Serene Garden
Suburban Garden
Long, Linear Garden


Show #39/2513. Tropical Agricultural Garden

Maui History
Coconuts and Palm Trees
Kitchen Plants


Show #40/2601. Creating A Focal Point In the Garden In Hawaii

Valley Isle From 3,600 Feet
Plant Collection
Choosing The Site
Create Mystery And Interest


Show #41/2602. A Natural Garden In The Desert

Blending Nature And Landscape
Classic Desert Plants
Hummingbirds And Feeder Recipes
Moths, Butterflies and Bats


Show #42/2603. An Historical Plantation And Garden In Louisiana

Shade Garden
Picturesque Garden
Specimen Gardens
Formal Or Pleasure Garden


Show #43/2604. Plants, Energy And Water

Living In A Closed Environment
Applications To Our Yards And Gardens
How Do Plants Use Water
Create Biological Diversity


Show #44/2605. Develop Landscape With Site In Mind

Plan Subdivision With Property In Mind
Disturb The Lot As Little As Possible
Use Native Plants That Blend
Consider Water Needs Of Plants


Show #45/2606. St. Francisville Garden Tour

Avondale Garden
Flowers - Perennial & Cut
Lynn's Garden
Seasonal Herbs & Vegetables


Show #46/2607. Ohio State University Learning Gardens

Bread And Butter Perennials
Exceptional Annuals
Shade Plants
Plants For Sun


Show #47/2608. A Beautiful Trial Garden In Cincinnati

Bread And Butter Perennials
Exceptional Annuals
Shade Plants
Plants For Sun


Show #48/2609. A Beautiful Historic Garden In St. Francisville

Garden History
Spring Presentation
Creating Romance In Your Garden
Where To Start


Show #49/2610. Two Beautiful Virginia Gardens

Framing The View
Taking Advantage Of The Location
Connecting Elements In The Landscape
The Garden, An Extension Of The House


Show #50/2611. Managing Rainwater Runoff

A Tribute To Thomas Jefferson
Raindrop-Beneficial Or Destructive?
Manage Or Direct Water
Choose Correct Plants


Show #51/2612. Springtime In Kentucky

Plants & Trees That Welcome Spring
Rock Garden
Serpentine Garden
Garden Rooms


Show #52/2613. Horticulture And Horse Racing - A Rich Tradition

Plants For Early Color
Preparing A Bed
Heat Tolerant Plants
Container Design Fundamentals



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