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Shows from our 2009 season:

Show #1/1501 - Kula Botanical Garden

Garden In Paradise Sweepstakes Winner
Design Ideas

Show #2/1502 - Maui Tropical Plantation

Palm Trees
Coffee Trees
Native Plants

Show #3/1503 - Maui Garden Tour

Two Very Different Landscapes
Interesting/Mysterious Entrances
Theme Gardens

Show #4/1504 - Restoring 100 Year Old Estate Gardens

The Long Walk or Vista
Creating an Allee
Lily Pond
Four Corner Garden

Show #5/1505 - Arizona Landscape Makeover

Developing Eco-Friendly Subdivisions
Landscape Plan
Water Conservation & Irrigation System
Reviewing Finished Project

Show #6/1506 - Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

Blending A Resort Into The Environment
Agave & Cactus
Pollination Gardens

Show #7/1507 - Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2 Goals Today
How Water Works In Our World
Green Roof Experiment

Show #8/1508 - Spring Flowering Bulbs

Types of Daffodils
Bulb Care
Designing with Bulbs

Show #9/1509 - Rosedown Plantation

The Gardens
Heirloom Plants
Creating Your Own Rock Garden
Pruning Shrubs

Show #10/1510 - Louisiana Garden Stroll

Michelle's Garden
Perennial Garden
Cut Flowers
Lynn's Garden
Herb Garden
Edible Flowers

Show #11/1511 - Afton Villa Gardens

Butler Greenwood
History of Garden
Different Garden Rooms
Gen's Tips

Show #12/1512 - Garden Ideas & Inspiration

Plants For Birds
Azaleas and Cherry Trees
Aromatic Plants
Shrubs and Perennials for a Woodland Setting

Show #13/1513 - Monticello

Flower Gardens
Woodland Garden
Vegetable Gardens

Show #14/1601 - Longwood Gardens

Children's Garden
Design and Plant Ideas
Pruning - Geraniums, Vines, Trees, etc.

Show #15/1602 - 18th Century Vegetable Garden at Colonial Williamsburg

Mark Catesby
Cold Frames/Hot Frames
Early Tomatoes

Show #16/1603 - Maine's Unexpected Oasis

Coastal Maine Botanical Garden History
Maine Blueberries
Black-Eyed Susan
Hillside Garden

Show #17/1604 - Stormwater Management

Cleaning & Storing Water
Directing Water
Detention Basins

Show #18/1605 - Virginia Garden Tour

History of Historic Garden Week
Mt. Sharon Farm

Show #19/1606 - How Indians Used The Desert As A Garden

Canyon Oasis
Plants That Grow Along Streams
Building Materials

Show #20/1607 - Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Trial Gardens
Choosing A Plant
Preparing The Soil

Show #21/1608 - Five Rivers Metro Parks

Wegerzyn Gardens
Aullwood Gardens
Cox Arboretum

Show #22/1609 - Chadwick Arboretum

Chadwick Gardens
Trial Gardens
Container Plants
Horticultural Therapy

Show #23/1610 - Texas Tough Plants

Director's Courtyard
Under An Oak Tree
Plants For Different Conditions
Turf Care

Show #24/1611 - Cheyenne Garden Tour

1st Home and Garden- Front & Back Yard
2nd Home & Garden - Antique Yard Art & Containers
3rd Home - Salad Garden & Compost

Show #25/1612 - Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

Rotary Century Plaza
Perennial Gardens
Annual Gardens
Gardening in a Greenhouse

Show #26/1613 - Plant History & Cheyenne

High Plains Horticultural Research Station
Plants and Their History
Lorna's Home and Landscape
Plants and Unusual Features

Show #27/1701 - The Crown Jewel of St. Louis

Renovating Government Hill
Plants For Colder & Windier Situations
Two Gardens In One

Show #28/1702 - High Altitude Gardening

Mountain Perennial Garden
Alpine Rock Garden
Vertical Rock Gardening
Trees Are Indicators

Show #29/1703 - Thunderbird Lodge

Colors Unify The Garden
New Plants
Saturating The Root Ball
Fall Is An Awesome Time To Plant

Show #30/1704 - Lake Tahoe Garden Tour

Barbara's Garden
Design Principles
Catherine's Garden
Clematis Claire de lune

Show #31/1705 - Big Springs Gardens

How It All Started
Blending With Nature
A Natural Garden Versus A Native Garden

Show #32/1706 - Texas - A Convergence of Plants

Diverse Flora
Plants by Region
Demonstration Gardens

Show #33/1707. Colonial Williamsburg's Historic Gardens

Gardens of Status
Make A Larger Space Seem Smaller
Period Plants
Tie It All Together

Show #34/1708. River Farm

Meadow Plants
Collecting Seeds
Fall Plants
Winter Plants

Show #35/1709. Mt. Vernon

The Naturalistic Movement
Plants for High Impact
The Vegetable Garden

Show #36/1710. U.S. Botanic Garden

Mediterranean Garden
Vertical Garden
Creating a Sense of Depth
Herb and Vegetable Garden

Show #37/1711. Gardening With Less Than 10 Inches Of Rain

Popular Local Plants
Plants From Different Regions of the World
Plants and Animals
Creating a Butterfly Habitat

Show #38/1712. Maine - God's Rock Garden

Combining Different Elements In A Garden
Succession Planting
Lily Leaf Beetle

Show #39/1713. A Classical Botanical Garden

Three Classes of Roses
Roses Will Re-Flower
Four Classes of Conifers

Show #40/1801. Barnsley Gardens In The Fall

Dividing And Moving Plants
Favorite Fall Plants
Planting Bulbs In the Fall
Designing A Fall Container

Show #41/1802. Fall Cottage Garden

Fall Fragrance in the Garden

Show #42/1803. Centennial Olympic Park

Background of Park
Water Features
Trees and Shrubs
Planting and Maintenance Tips

Show #43/1804. Gardening From A Boat

Intro to San Antonio and Riverwalk
Creating New Vistas
Hardscapes and Plant Material
Shade & Full Sun Gardening

Show #44/1805. Putting The Correct Plant In The Correct Place

Starting Plants From Seed
Doorway or Driveway Gardening
Choosing Plants For Different Conditions

Show #45/1806. Vail In The Summer

Selecting Color Combinations
Different Beds, Different Ideas
Plant Selection
Proper Irrigation Techniques

Show #46/1807. Planning, Designing And Planting A Garden

Develop A Plan
a. Conceptualization
b. Put It On Paper
Implement The Plan

Show #47/1808. Tournament of Roses Parade Float

History Of The Parade
Designing A Float
Floral Aspects

Show #48/1809. Woody Ornamentals

New Plants
a. Unique Sizes
b. Attractive Foliage
c. Breakthrough introductions
Landscaping and Container Design Ideas

Show #49/1810. The Huntington Gardens

Dessert Garden
Japanese/Chinese Garden
Rose Garden

Show #50/1811. A 1906 Estate Garden

Pruning & Trimming
Garden Rooms

Show #51/1812. The Colorado Gardens of Mary & Pearl

Gardening In The Rocky Mountains
Creating A Mountain Hillside Garden
Use Of Native Plants
Framing The View

Show #52/1813. New Jersey Country Estate

English Style Border Garden
Kettle-Now A Meadow
Use Native Plants For Succession Of Bloom
Attracting Wildlife

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