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Shows from our 2018 season:

Show #1/5101. Water Features In A Garden Can Be Transformative

Water Features In Our Yards And Gardens
Advantages Of Water Gardens
Plant Choices
Japanese Garden

Show #2/5102. A Garden Undergoing A Radical Transformation

Bringing A Garden Back
Planting Tips
Pruning Connifers
Shade Garden

Show #3/5103. Garden Design Ideas

Rejuvenating Your Garden
A More Formal Planting Scheme
A Loose Whimsical Garden Feel
Prolong The Growing Season

Show #4/5104. Hydrangeas, Day Lilies And More

Types Of hydrangeas
Care And Maintenance Of Hydrangeas
Day Lily Care
Design Ideas

Show #5/5105. Even A Prehistoric Canyon Can Provide Gardening Tips

Meet The Conservationist
Learn About Dogwood Canyon
Trails, Water, Animals
Let's Go Fishing

Show #6/5106. A Green Landscape Can Be Beautiful

A Green Design
Starting Over?
Selecting Plants

Show #7/5107. Improving The Soil

Collecting A Soil Sample
How Does Water Move Through Your Soil?
Compost Tea

Show #8/5108. A Collection Of Unique Gardens

Heirloom Plants
Tropical Plants
Sandy Loam Soil
Understory Plants

Show #9/5109. A Garden Designer's Garden

Creating A Meadow
Displaying Plants

Show #10/5110. Colorful Container Gardening

Make Your Containers Colorful
Selecting Container Plants
Consider Color, Texture And Height
Plants For Containers In The Shade

Show #11/5111. Annuals - For Bold Displays Of Color

Utilizing Color In The Garden
Container Gardening
Garden Bed Design

Show #12/5112. Gardening -- Mixing Old And New

New Plants
Historic Plants
High Shade Garden
Pruning Tips

Show #13/5113. A Garden Onetime Known As The Garden Center Of Cleveland

Interesting, Unique Gardens
Plants For Sun
Plants For Shade
Plants For Transitional Areas

Show #14/5201. Flowers For A Purpose

Setting Up The Container
Color Theory
Composing The Arrangement
Bringing The Two Groups Together

Show #15/5202. Great Plant Combinations = Year Round Garden Interest

Choosing The Correct Plant Combinations
An Interesting Garden 12 Months Of The Year
Color Echo
Plants For Shade

Show #16/5203. A New Spin On Growing Vegetables

Choosing Vegetables For Containers
Growing In Containers
Support The Plant
Great Looking Containers And Productive Containers

Show #17/5204. A Thrilling Place To Garden

Rock-Shade Garden
Wattle Fence
Nature Trail
Basics Of Horticulture Are The Same

Show #18/5205. Ghent/Bruge

River Cruise
Video Tour Ghent
Ghent University's Botanical Garden
Video Tour Bruge

Show #19/5206. The Gardens Of Our First President

Eric Meets The General
Naturalistic Movement

Show #20/5207. Meise Botanical Garden

History Of Antwerp And Meise Botanical Garden
Rhododendron Garden
Flower Theatre

Show #21/5208. Our Gardens Connect Us To Nature

Strolling Garden
Blue And Silver Garden
Introducing Kids To Gardening
Japanese Garden

Show #22/5209. Muiderslot Castle And Gardens

Restoring The Gardens
Artwork Provides Clues
Vegetable Garden
Perennial Garden

Show #23/5210. A Woodland Paradise

Starting From The Beginning
Blending Nature With The New
Natural Versus Native
Cultivated Varieties

Show #24/5211. A Large, Impressive Home And Gardens

An Olmsted Designed Property
A Formal Landscape Yet Very Welcoming
Tropical Plants
Victorian Border Garden

Show #25/5212. Kinderdijk

How Windmills Operate
Living In A Windmill
Outdoor Garden Room
Nature Preserve

Show #26/5213. de Hortus Botanicus

Medical Garden
Medicinal Plants
Unusual Plants
Historic Plant Houses

Show #27/5301. Plant Selections And Care For Shade Gardens

Address Plants For Shade From The Top, Down
Do Some Research

Show #28/5302. Keukenhof

Romance In The Flowers
Theme Gardens
Lasagna Planting
Showing Off Hyacinths

Show #29/5303. Hard Work U

Fungal Infections
Cool Season Crops
Hydroponic Gardening

Show #30/5304. Majestic Miniatures

What is Bonsai
Let's Look At Some Beautiful Bonsai Examples
Selecting Plants
Caring For Those Plants

Show #31/5305. The Exploding World Of Farmer's Markets

Popularity Of Local Farmer's Markets
Seasonal Choices
What Can Home Gardeners learn From Professionals
Apple Trees

Show #32/5306. Keukenhoff And Aalsmeer

Video Tour Of Keukenhoff
Bulb Care
Flower Auction - Royal Flora Holland
How The Auction Works

Show #33/5307. It's Fall, Time to Think About Grass

Selecting Grass Type
Grass Care
Determining What Insects Are Causing Problems

Show #34/5308. Cooking Fresh From The Garden

A Cooking lesson
Nutritional Quality
Growing Food For Farmer's Markets And Others
Planning Crops Ahead

Show #35/5309. Container Tips

Choosing Containers
Choosing Plants
Planting A Container
Container Care And Maintenance

Show #36/5310. Great Plants - Beautiful Sculpture - What's Not To Like

Edible Plants
Vegetables In Containers
Fruit Trees
Chihuly Exhibit

Show #37/5311. Gardening Is Good For Us

Gardening Has Therapeutic Benefits
How To Address Gardening Limitations
Pinpoint A Task
Pretty And Functional

Show #38/5312. The Personal Garden Of A Gardening Legend

An Accomplished Gardener's Design Sense
Creating A Sense Of Intimacy In The Garden
Fall Plant ideas
Unusual Plants/Designs

Show #39/5313. Forty-Five Artistically Designed Gardens On Twenty-Three Acres

Denver Botanic Garden
Native Plants
Alpine Area
Western Panoramas

Show #40/5401. Trees Atlanta

Importance Of Trees
Beltline Atlanta
Forest Reclamation

Show #41/5402. #1 Landscape Installation Series

Homeowner's Vision
Meet The Landscape Designer
Hardscape Materials
Hardscape Installation

Show #42/5403. #2 Landscape Installation Series

Build Structure And Balance Into Your Garden
Utilizing Plants To Create A Room
Planting Tips

Show #43/5404. #3 Landscape Installation Series

Choosing Containers
Choosing And Installing An Irrigation System
Tweaking The Plan

Show #44/5405. #4 Landscape Installation Series

Entry Wall
Irrigation - Design, Equipment And Installation
Containers - Sun
Containers - Shade

Show #45/5406. #5 Landscape Installation Series

Ground Cover
Interesting Plants
Fantastic Grasses

Show #46/5407. #6 Landscape Installation Series

Dressing Up The Porch And Steps
A Wall Can Dramatically Change There Look Of Our Home
Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor Accessories

Show #47/5408. #7. Landscape Installation

Tree Care
Caring For Boxwoods And Hydrangeas
Grass Care Tips
Start A Gardener's Calendar

Show #48/5409. Fall Gardening

Ground Covers
Extend Fall Season

Show #49/5410 - Winter Garden Prep

When To Prune
Bulb Care
Dividing Perennials

Show #50/5411. An Artist With Containers

The Container
Choosing Plants For A Container
Planting A Container
Maintaining a Container

Show #51/5412. Conifers

The Role Of Conifers In The Garden
Plants Most Likely To Succeed
Unusual Forms, Shapes And Rare Trees
It Starts With The Soil

Show #52/5413. Rare And Unusual Trees

Medicinal Plants
Rare And Unusual Forms
Tom's Favorites
How Conifers Are Produced

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