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Every week we will publish "Video Tips" on this page. These short video clips contain valuable information that will help you in your gardening adventures. If you click on the link, Windows Media Player will open and the video will start playing. You can also right click on the link to save it to your local drive to view it later.

This season’s (2017) Video Tips:

Show #1/4701. Garden Art On A Huge Scale

Show #2/4702. Introducing Kids And Adults To Gardening

Show #3/4703. Springtime - A Great Time To Be In Our Gardens

Show #4/4704. An Estate That Dates Back To When Cotton Was King

Show #5/4705. Bringing A Garden Back Into Scale

Show #6/4706. Incorporate Your Personality Into Your Garden Space

Show #7/4707. The Joy Of Gardening

Show #8/4708. Managing Rainwater Runoff

Show #9/4709. Majestic Miniatures

Show #10/4710. A Great Teaching Garden In Ohio

Show #11/4711. Therapeutic Impact Of Gardening

Show #12/4712. The Land Has Something To Tell

Show #13/4713. The Marriage Of Horticultural Knowledge With Artistic Talent

Show #14/4801. Water Gardens

Show #15/4802. Children Learn A Lot From Gardening

Show #16/4803. The Freshest Food Imaginable

Show #17/4804. A Floral Display On Wheels

Show #18/4805. Flora And Fauna Of Beach And Intercostal

Show #19/4806. Color Combinations For Your Garden

Show #20/4807. Gardening when it's very hot

Show #21/4808. Plants for Shade

Show #22/4809. Cemeteries - The Birthplace Of Landscape Architecture

Show #23/4810. Design Tips To Consider When Planning Your Garden

Show #24/4811. Take Plant Clues From Nature

Show #25/4812. Oakland Cemetery

Show #26/4813. Local Farmers' Fresh Produce

Show #27/4901. Floral Arranging

Show #28/4902. Gardening Lessons From Kentucky

Show #29/4903. The Latest In Hardscape Materials And Installation

Show #30/4904. Installing Plants And Trees

Show #31/4905. Landscaping - From Paper To Reality

Show #32/4906. The Desert Can Be A Beautiful Garden

Show #33/4907. From Garden Rooms To Vegetables To Butterflies - A Great Garden

Show #34/4908. Desert Plants Are Tough, But Adaptable

Show #33/4907. From Garden Rooms To Vegetables To Butterflies - A Great Garden

Show #34/4908. Desert Plants Are Tough, But Adaptable

Show #35/4909. GardenSMART Goes To College To Talk Gardening

Show #36/4910. Gardening Basics Are The Same

Show #37/4911. Gardening In Colonial Times

Show #38/4912. One Garden, Four Floras

Show #39/4913. A Garden With A French Tradition

Show #40/5001. Push The Climate Zone

Show #41/5002. Gardening In Ft. Lauderdale

Show #42/5003. Plans And Tools Pros Use When Designing A Beautiful Garden

Show #43/5004. Heirloom Roses At An Historic Estate

Show #44/5005. GardenSMART Goes To Holland (Michigan That Is)

Show #45/5006. A Series Of Beautiful, Little Rustic Gardens

Show #46/5007. An Exceptional Gardener That Beautifully Finds A Plant for Every Space

Show #47/5008. Trees, Trees, Trees - Lessons From A Tree Farm

Show #48/5009. Daffodils - 4 Different Blooming Times

Show #49/5010. Landscape Installation - Irrigation And Containers

Show #50/5011. Landscape Installation - Annuals, Perennials & Trees

Show #51/5012. Landscape Installation - Steps, Wall, Outdoor Furniture And Reveal

Show #52/5013. Landscape Installation - Maintenance Tips

Check back every week for more "Smart Tips".

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