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Show #1/4701. Garden Art On A Huge Scale

Fruits and Vegetables Ideal For Containers

Amanda also has a number of containers that are wonderful examples of what can be done if one only has a patio or a back deck. One can still grow vegetables. They are very aware that not everybody in the city has large plots of land where they can grow things. A lot of people are relegated to having pots, thus like to show that one can grow vegetables in those pots. They have a whole array of sizes. Most of the things that are in their pots are kind of bred for, or do really well in pots. And, one can get a good bit of production from pots. That is because there are so many wonderful dwarf vegetables and plants that do so well in containers. But keep that in mind that when growing in containers; determine which plants are designed for that really tight, compact space.

Eric notices a wonderful planter with a columnar apple tree. Great presentation and makes a lot of sense. Absolutely, it is much better than planting a tree that is going to want to get twenty feet tall. This will stay really, really tight. Again, they want others to think about designing with containers. Keep in mind questions like - What design can work in this environment, what is going to perform best? But by understanding these issues one can get great results. One can get a great harvest with containers.

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By Kimberly Toscano, Southern Living Plants
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