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Shows from our 2001 season:

Show #1
Crepe Murder
Parker Andes/Callaway Gardens - Spring Plants
Soul food
Sharpen Tools
Pansies/Callaway Gardens
Timely tips

Lawn Core Aeration
Planting Caladium's
Hiding fading Daffodils
Fertilizing Bulbs
Flower Feature
Serious Pruning

Show #3
Dr. Rick offers tips on bed line design.
Use of Pre-emergents.
Building a pond/water garden at Callaway Gardens.
Identifying Southern grasses.
Dr. Rick's Timely Tips

Show #4
Dr. Rick discusses container gardening and how to select the proper container.
Different types of mulch.
Pruning Forsythia and Holly
Erin visits Turnipseed Nursery

Show #5

Dr. Rick discusses organic matter and your soil.

Dr. Rick has new research and ideas for fertilizing trees and shrubs.
It's time to plant tomatoes - we've got some ideas and tips.
Gardening and Kids
Dividing Seedlings
Dr. Rick has an interesting way to combat weeds with a Wick Herbicide
Applicator and he shows you how to make one.

Show #6
Dr. Rick has some interesting ideas for growing Herbs and Vegetables in a hanging basket.
We visit Horticulturist Roger Ditmer at the Cloister Hotel, Sea Island, Georgia. Roger discusses plants suitable for a coastal environment.
Wayne McLauren author of "Herbs In Southern Gardens" discusses planting and care for Herbs. Some of the Herbs mentioned are Dill, Parsley, Rosemary, Lemon Tyne, Basil, Oregano, Lemon Grass and Sage.
Dr. Rick has some new ideas that can help you keep your plants straight.

Show #7
Dr. Rick has some tips on rectangular bed liners.
The folks at Callaway Gardens show us how to make a Waddle Fence. Its attractive, unusual and practical.
We have some ideas about selecting plants at your nursery by looking at their roots to determine if it is a healthy plant.
Dr. Rick and Kay Bennett discuss the competition between trees and turf. This information should be helpful in determining what should grow where.

Parker Andes from Callaway Gardens gives us some tips on pruning Azaleas.

Dr. Ricks timely tips - Spider Mites
Dr. Rick has some information about a different, beautiful plant, the Red Hot Poker.

Show #8
Dr. Rick has some design tips for our yards and gardens. What colors catch our eye, what combinations work well together, this segment will provide some ideas on landscape design.
We look at a compact garden and see the number and variety of plants that can be grown in a small area.
Dr. Rick gives us some tips on different types and care of Hostas.
Catherine Drewery from Goodness Grows in Lexington, Georgia introduces us to self-sowing Herbaceous Plants
Deadheading- to help your plants keep forming blooms and not going to seed, try deadheading. We'll show you how.
In response to an email, we'll show you how to identify Poison Ivy.

Show #9
Dr. Rick has some ideas for correcting problems with Crepe Myrtles if they were pruned incorrectly earlier in the season.
We visit the Antique Rose Emporium. Did you know some roses have lived up to 1,000 years? We look at roses such as: Ballerina, Martha Gonzales, Petite Pink Scotch, Baltimore Belle, New Dawn, American Pillar, Sea Foam, The Fairy, Belinda, Carolina Rose, Gabriella.
Evelyn Rose, Master Gardener, welcomes us to her garden.
Do you have a problem with Aphids on Roses? We'll give you some tips for getting rid of them.
Dr. Rick's Timely Tips - Black Spot - If you have roses you've had Black Spot, Dr. Rick tells us how to deal with the problem.

Show #10
Dr. Rick thinks if you haven't already moved your indoor plants outside it is time to do so. Keep them away from direct sunlight and you might want to consider putting the potted plant into another pot and putting it in the ground.
Tara Dillard, a garden designer from A Garden View, Inc. does a make-over on a mailbox. The results not only dress up your home but can add dollars to its' "curb appeal."
Helen Phillips and Herb Lore. Helen Phillips from Callaway Gardens shows us a beautiful Herb garden and tells us how she thinks some Herbs were used in the past. Herbs in the Moon Bed mentioned are: Lamb's Ear, Wormwood, Rosemary, Horse-Tail, Sage, Purple Sage, Tri-colored Sage, Lovage, Celery and Borage.
Dr. Rick's Timely Tips - After the floods in Houston and the alerts for Fire Ants there and just because it's that time of year, Dr. Rick has some advice for fighting Fire Ants.

Show #11
Dr. Rick has tips for cutting flowers and bringing them indoors. By following his advice the flowers should last longer.
Parker Andes from Callaway Gardens gives us tips on mixing Annuals and Perennials.
Dr. Gil Landry discusses setting your lawnmower to the proper height for mowing your grass.
Dr. Tim Murphy, a weed specialist, gives us ideas for dealing with common summer weeds.
For a greener lawn, you might want to consider Iron. We'll show you how.

Show #12
Dr. Gary Wade has some Xeriscaping tips.
Helen Phillips from Callaway Gardens shows us how to make a unique pond garden with a Frog and a wheelbarrow.
Dr. Rick has some tips for getting plants to grow in those troublesome shady areas.
Parker Andes from Callaway Gardens has tips on the care of Oak Leaf Hydrangeas.
Dr. Rick demonstrates a rain and roof top retrieval method that makes good use of rain coming from your gutters.
Dr. Rick has some ideas about Termites.

Show #13
Dr. Rick feels conserving water makes sense. In this segment he creates functional use zones.
We take a look at different methods used to control Mosquitos.

Catherine Drewery introduces us to one of her favorite plants, the Cardoon.
Dr. Rick's Timely Tips - Tomato Horn Worms, Simplicity in Color and Sedum

In response to an email. We discuss how to kill Poison Ivy.

Show #14
Pruning Tips with Kay Bennett.
Entomologist, Kris Bramen discusses the Spittle bug and its' effect on our lawns.
Grass Cycling
Dr. Rick's Timely Tips - Dead Areas In Your Lawn.
We respond to an email about Lichens.

Show #15
Gardeners Dictionary - Annuals, Perennials and Biennials
Propagating Ferns
Sprouting Dahlias
Yellow Jackets

Show #16
Visit to Greenwood Restaurant
Dr. Gary Wade has some unique ideas for preparing a bed and planting Annuals.
Dr. Rick introduces us to the Purple Cone Flower - Echinacea.

Show #17
Butterfly Gardens with Paul Thomas
Butterfly Life Cycle
Hummingbirds and Butterflies
Dr. Rick Introduces us to Amaranthus
Plum Leaf Azaleas
Dr. Rick and Hay Bale Gardening

Summer Tree Health
Irrigating Big Trees
Caliper of Trees
Bald cypress
Sick Holly
Dr. Rick likes Fig Trees and a hot new area is "edible landscape."

Show #19
Harvesting Vegetables
Tomato Problems with David Chambers
Maintaining Annual Beds
Propagating Begonias
Living Color Wheel With Helen Phillips

Show #20
Dr. Rick Visits The Conifer Garden At The Atlanta Botanical Garden
Tropical Plants with Parker Andes
Container Planting and Maintenance with Helen Phillips
Dr. Rick Introduces Us To The Hardy Ice Plant

Show #21
Dr. Rick - Selecting Plants At The End Of The Season
Preserving Herbs with Jenny Watson
Azalea Lace Bug
Dr. Rick takes on the Argentine Ant.

Show #22
Tropical Paradise with Tom Harvey
Composting with Wayne McLauren
Dr. Rick Introduces Us To The Scarecrow

Show #23
Bees As Pollinators
Mexican Sunflower - Tithonia Rotundifolia
Slope Management
Controlling Bamboo

Show #24
Drying and Preserving Annuals and Perennials
Late Blooming Annuals with Steve Mitchell
Dr. Rick Gives the Low Down on Petunias
Pruning Hydrangeas
Dressing Up a Planting Bed

Show #25
Planting Cool Season Annuals
Year Round Use of Color With Helen Phillips
Fall Bag Worms
Dr. Rick Shows Us Some Pollen Free Plants

Show #26
Monkey Grass With Wally Pressy
Dividing Perennials - Irises - With Tom Harvey
Dr. Rick Plants Pansies and Violas

Show #27
Layering Tulips
Trough Making With Helen Phillips

Ivy In Trees

Show #28
Fall Color
Visit To Saul's Nursery
Fall Flowers - Tartarian Daisy and Joe Pye Weed
Planting Fall Fescue Grass

Show #29
Fish and Foliage
Kudzu Vine Wreath
Dr. Rick Discusses The Proper Care and Storage of Your Containers For Winter
Mosaic Stepping Stones
Setting Stepping Stones

Show #30
Fall Tips
Forcing Bulbs

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