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Pruning Tips with Kay Bennett.

What is the proper method for pruning trees? Kay shows us how, particularly as it gets hot and dry in the summer we need to be aware of the needs of our trees and how to best prune them.

Entomologist, Kris Bramen discusses the Spittle bug and its' effect on our lawns.

If you notice brownish circles on your lawn and a mucus like substance you may have Spittle Bugs. The Spittle Bug is tent shaped, black with two red stripes on its' abdomen. They can be harmful to your lawn. A high moisture environment is disruptive to them. One solution, keep your grass mowed to the proper height. Adult Spittle Bugs can also damage Hollies.

Grass Cycling

Don't fill landfills with grass clippings. Grass clippings contain about 3% Nitrogen and don't spread disease or weeds.

Dr. Rick's Timely Tips - Dead Areas In Your Lawn.

Dr. Rick discusses how to deal with those dead areas in your lawn.

We respond to an email about Lichens.

Lichens are a colony of algae and fungus working together. Their light green scales on your tree aren't harmful. They tell us the tree may need more sunlight.

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GardenSMART Featured Article

By Zanfel, Photographs courtesy of Zanfel

It's Fall, which often means clean up time in our yards and gardens. And that can often increase our exposure to poison ivy and poison oak. How do we best identify these culprits? Here is an informative article about identifying and reducing the exposure and misery from poison ivy and poison oak. Read more....

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