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Shows from our 2012 season:

Show #1/2701. Designing And Planting A Vegetable Garden

Creating A Good Looking Vegetable Garden
Planting Tomatoes
Planting Lettuce And Cucumbers
Vegetables Throughout The Season


Show #2/2702. Incredible Vegetable Production - In Containers

The Best Tomatoes
Culture Of Growing In Containers
Pamela's Back Patio
Bounty Of The Day

Show #3/2703. Early Season Color At An Historical Estate

Daffodil Maintenance
Azalea Maintenance
Containing Wisteria
Iris Maintenance

Show #4/2704. Gardening In A Civil War Fort

The Joy Of A Garden Club
Rebuilding A Garden
Gardening In Shallow Soil
Creating Natural Breaks To Protect Plants

Show #5/2705. A Garden Gem In Cleveland

Theme Gardens
Plants For Sun
Plants For Transitional Areas
Plants For Shade

Show #6/2706. Gardening In New Orleans

Creating Layers
Patio-An Outside Room
Creating Different Areas
Good Garden Design

Show #7/2707. Urban Gardening

Blaine Ave. Community Garden
Testing The Soil
Neighborhood Eco-Village
Front & Back Yard

Show #8/2708. Gardening With Containers

Colorful Containers
Conservative Containers
Colorful Plants
Unusual Forms For Containers

Show #9/2709. New Orleans National Landmark

Garden History
Garden Rooms

Show #10/2710. Two Beautiful Gardens In Key West

Design Philosophy
Home #1 - Hidden Gem
Home #2 - Ocean View


Show #11/2711. Lake House Landscape Makeover Part 1 - Containers

Beautiful Containers
Fantastic Plants
Container Design
Planting A Container


Show #12/2712. Lake House Landscape Makeover - Part 2 - The Entryway

Renovating Front Entrance
Landscape Design
Choosing Plants


Show #13/2713. Lake House Landscape Makeover - Part 3 - Landscaping A Difficult Site

Retaining Walls
Design Concept
Plant Material


Show #14/2801. Restoring A Garden

Creating An Alle
Avoid Compacting The Soil
Working With A Slope
Four Corner Garden


Show #15/2802. Tropical Plants

Tropical Plants
Courtyard - A Focal Point
Plants - Accents To The Home


Show #16/2803. Four Unique Gardens, Four Interesting Gardeners

Gardening In Town
Gardening In The Sky
Small Space Gardening
Community Gardening


Show #17/2804. Gardening In Alaska

Lush Perennials
Working With Rocks In The Garden
Recycled Materials In The Garden
Try New And Different Plants


Show #18/2805. A Beautiful Hot Summertime Garden

Choosing Colors/Plants
Trial Garden
Plants Ideal For Summertime Heat
Tough Plants


Show #19/2806. Asheville Garden Tour

Garden Blogging
Chris' Garden
Mrs. Carrie's Garden
Demaris' Garden


Show #20/2807. A Landscaper's Backyard Paradise

Creating The Space
Garden Rooms
Garden Art
Framing A View


Show #21/2808. An Artists Seaside Cottage

Similarities - Painting and Landscaping
Color In The Landscape
Gardens That Compliment Inside Rooms
Matching Plants To The Site


Show #22/2809. Landscaping America's Largest Home

Rose Garden
White Garden
Victorian Border Garden


Show #23/2810. Historic Charleston Plantation Gardens

Flowerdale - Oldest Un-Restored Garden in U.S.
Camellia Japonica Garden
Romantic Garden
Formal Landscape
Ornamental Grasses


Show #24/2811. Growing And Cooking With Berries

Growing Berries For Food
Berries As A Landscape Shrub
Controlling Pests
In The Kitchen


Show #25/2812. Two Private Charleston Gardens

Two Larger More Formal Gardens
Renovating The Gardens
Choose Plants You Like
Making A Plain Area Stand Out


Show #26/2813. A Premier Woodland Rock Garden

Creating A Rock Garden
Plants That Work In This Environment
Plant Care
Planting Pockets


Show #27/2901. Gardening Ideas From Biltmore Estate And Gardens

Water Gardening
Vertical Gardens
Making A Wreath
Vegetable Garden


Show #28/2902. Those That Cultivate The Soil Are A Noble Breed

The Home Of A Gardener
Missionary Of Seeds
Designing Flower Beds
Growing Vegetables


Show #29/2903. Fall Lawn Care

Change To Cool Season Grass
Good Seed/Soil Contact
Promoting Good Grass Germination


Show #30/2904. River, Boats And Gardening

Plant Material - Change It Up
Plants For Sun
Plants For Shade
Ideas For Highlighting Plants


Show #31/2905. It's Fall - Think Bulbs

Types Of Bulbs
Bulb Care
Garden Design With Bulbs
Maximizing Color With Bulbs


Show #32/2906. Gardening In Alaska

Flowers In Alaska Are Vibrant
Planning A Garden Bed
Theme Gardens
World Record Vegetables


Show #33/2907. A Garden Plan - Get It On Paper

Concept For The Space
Sketch Something Out
Choosing Plants
Placing Plants


Show #34/2908. Birthplace Of Ecological Restoration

Homeowners Can Effect The Environment
Putting Nature Back Together
Selecting Plants
Ecological Restoration Practices


Show #35/2909. Transforming A Laguna Beach Cottage - Part 1

Landscape Designer's Plan
Starting Over
Preparing The Land
Beginning Installation


Show #36/2910. Transforming A Laguna Beach Cottage - Part 2

Selecting Quality Plants
Placing Plants
Sod Installation
What Makes A Sustainable Landscape


Show #37/2911. Gardening Lessons In Palm Springs

Front Yard
Back Yard
Side Yard
Unifying Plant Material


Show #38/2912. Gardening Ideas At 8,200 Feet

Theme Gardens
Gardening By Altitude
Saving Seed


Show #39/2913. Nature's Desert Garden

Desert Willow
Creosote Bush


Show #40/3001. A Garden Gem In The Big Apple

Roses & Maintenance
Consider Conifers
Colorful Plants For Shade
Watering Tips


Show #41/3002. Pushing The Climate Zone In Texas

Planting Under Trees
Plants For High Traffic Areas
Plants For Full, Hot Sun
Keeping Turf Looking Good


Show #42/3003. Garden Ideas From Texas

Texas Regions
Typical Flora
Landscape Ideas
Plant Ideas


Show #43/3004. Historic Vegetable Garden

Gardening - 1700's vs. Today
18th Century Plants
Vegetable Garden
Perennials vs. Annuals


Show #44/3005. A Public/Private Garden Partnership in St. Louis

Combining Old And New In The Garden
Innovative Planting Ideas
Using Color In The Garden
Bed Preparation


Show #45/3006. An Historic New Jersey Estate & Garden

Utilizing Texture & Color
Design Ideas For A Border Garden
Attracting Wlidlife
Controlling Invasive Plants


Show #46/3007. A Garden Gem On Maine's Coast

Stressing Regional Character In The Garden
Ground Covers
Ornamental Plants
Creating the "Wow" Factor


Show #47/3008. An Unusual Town With A Lot Of Color

Selecting Plant Colors
Bed Prep
Planting On A Slope
Hanging Baskets


Show #48/3009. Addressing Erosion And Storm Water Runoff

Putting Compost In Socks
Planting Socks
Growing Vegetables
4 X 4 Garden


Show #49/3010. A Gentleman's Farm In New York

Working Gardens
Borrowing A View
Carving A Garden Out Of The Wilderness
Garden Maintenance


Show #50/3011. A Garden Tour In Boothbay Maine

Front Gardens Frame The Home/Building
Working Herb Garden
Succession Planting
Beautiful Perennial Garden


Show #51/3012. Spring In St. Louis

Smaller Garden
Theme Gardens
Plants Of Merit
Plants For Shade


Show #52/3013. Restoring An Historical Garden In The Brandywine Valley

Restoring a Garden
Using An Allee As A Focal Point
Dealing With Compacted Soil
Planting On A Slope


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