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Every week we will publish "Video Tips" on this page. These short video clips contain valuable information that will help you in your gardening adventures. If you click on the link, Windows Media Player will open and the video will start playing. You can also right click on the link to save it to your local drive to view it later.

This season’s (2013) Video Tips:

Show #1/3101 - A Beautiful Home With Equally Impressive Gardens

- Roses Are Easy To Grow [flv]
- Rose Maintenance [flv]

Show #2/3102 - Three Asheville Gardens With Unique Personality

- Impatiens Will Grow In A Pond [flv]
- Raised Beds [flv]

Show #3/3103 - Garden Design And Plant Care In North Carolina

- Making A Water Garden [flv]
- Using Succulents In Containers [flv]

Show #4/3104 - An Historical Virginia Garden Showpiece

- Watering -Then and Now [flv]
- New Alternatives To English Boxwood [flv]

Show #5/3105 - Turf Tips From Florida

- Fertilizing Your Lawn [flv]
- Identifying Insects In our Lawn [flv]

Show #6/3106 - Keeping It Green

- Maintaining A Green Landscape [flv]
- Designing And Caring For A Green Landscape [flv]

Show #7/3107 - Two Unique Community Gardens

- Knowing The PH Of Your Soil Is Important [flv]
- Testing The Soil [flv]

Show #8/3108 - Gibbs Gardens

- Proper Planting Depth For Daffodils [flv]
- Proper Pruning Technique For Crepe Myrtle [flv]

Show #9/3109 - Container Gardening

- Choosing A Container [flv]
- Planting A Container [flv]

Show #10/3110 - Historic Gardens In The Center Of Atlanta

- Planting Tomatoes in the Garden [flv]
- Pruning Azaleas [flv]

Show #11/3111 - Planning And Installing A Community Garden

- Why And How Raised Beds [flv]
- Blossom End Rot [flv]

Show #12/3112 - Ft. Worth Botanic Garden

- How To Create A Small Space Japanese Garden [flv]
- Preparing The Soil [flv]
- Calvin Gives Us A Planting Lessonl [flv]

Show #13/3113 - Chandor Gardens

- Surfinia Summer Double [flv]

Show #14/3201 - An Unusual Garden Club Site

- It's Always Good To Review Planting Basics [flv]

Show #15/3202 - Gardening Lessons Dating To The Early 1900's

- Shop For Plants At Your Grocery Store [flv]
- Tips For Growing Iris [flv]

Show #16/3203 - A Natural Versus A Native Garden

- Getting Moss To Establish On Rocks [flv]

Show #17/3204 - Bush Library

- Managing Water At Home Or At The Presidential Center [flv]

Show #18/3205 - Brooklyn Bridge Park

- Plants Ideal For a Salt Marsh [flv]
- Starting A Wetland Garden [flv]

Show #19/3206 - Battery Park City

- Testing Soil [flv]
- High Quality Compost And Compost Tea [flv]
- Looking Beneath The Surface [flv]

Show #20/3207 - Long Island Garden Tour

- Creating Vertical Elements From Interesting Standards [flv]
- The Grotto [flv]

Show #21/3208 - A Gardener's Paradise In Lake Tahoe

- Planting Tips [flv]
- Plant In The Fall [flv]

Show #22/3209 - The Heart Of Gardening In New Orleans

- Great Plants for The Heat [flv]

Show #23/3210 - Two Native Gardens In North Carolina

- Maintaining A Natural Landscape [flv]
- What Is Needed For A Wildlife Habitat [flv]

Show #24/3211 - Wilmington Garden Club Tour

- French Parterre Form [flv]

Show #25/3212 - Choosing The Correct Plant
- Garden Art [flv]

Show #26/3213 - A Hidden Garden Treasure In Washington, DC

- How Do You Water An Archway? [flv]
- How To Build And Plant An Archway [flv]

Show #27/3301 - Great Vegetables For Containers

- Growing Large Vegetables In A Small Footprint [flv]
- Vegetables In Containers - Great Looking, Wonderful Yields [flv]

Show #28/3302 - An Historic Site That's Prepared For Fall For 170 Years

- Fall Is A Great Time To Prune [flv]
- You Can Have Color On Your Porch In The Fall [flv]

Show #29/3303 - Fall Can Be A Special Time In The Garden

- A Great Garden Takes Years [flv]
- Shaping A Shrub Into A Chicken [flv]

Show #30/3304 - Gardening In The Fall Can Be Richer With Diversity

- Interesting Plants Often Have Interesting Stories [flv]

Show #31/3305 - A Green Space That Impacts Atlanta Positively

- Considerations For Planting A Plant [flv]
- Water Feature - Go Big And Bold [flv]

Show #32/3306 - Gardening On The Potomac

- A Meadow In Your Backyard [flv]
- Plan For Fall [flv]
- Fall Plant Ideas [flv]

Show #33/3307 - Let's Have A Parade - With Roses

- Forcing - Bird Of Paradise [flv]
- A Great Looking Floral Arrangement [flv]

Show #34/3308 - New And Different Plants And Containers

- Containers That Automatically Water The Plants [flv]
- Several Of Pamela's Favorite Plants [flv]

Show #35/3309 - Growing Fresh, Healthy Food In An Urban Environment

- Urban Agriculture & Conservation [flv]
- Garden Tips For A Community Garden [flv]

Show #36/3310 - Color Schemes And Native Plants

- There's Often An Interesting Story Behind Plants [flv]
- Choose Plants That Provide A Variety Of Interest [flv]

Show #37/3311 - Several Unique New Orleans Gardens

- It's Not Too Early To Think About Growing Tomatoes [flv]

Show #38/3312 - All About Roses

- The Rose Revolution [flv]

Show #39/3313 - An Urban Escape In Cleveland

- Keep Orchids Blooming Longer [flv]
- Herb Gardening In A Limited Space [flv]

Show #40/3401 - Landscape Makeover - Selecting And Planting Containers

- New Hydrangeas Bloom Two Times A Year [flv]
- Kokomo Sunset Day Lilies [flv]

Show #41/3402 - Landscape Makeover - Beautify The Front Entrance

- New Azaleas [flv]
- Dress Up Your Front Entrance [flv]

Show #42/3403 - Landscape Makeover - An Impressive Transformation

- Tropical Plants As A Centerpiece In Containers [flv]
- A Modular Wall Is Functional And Beautiful [flv]

Show #43/3404 - Rocky Soil, High Elevation, Yet Two Great Gardens

- Creating Intimacy And Warmth [flv]
- Clematis Claire De Lune [flv]

Show #44/3405 - Connecting Home And Plants

- Eric's Tips For A Great Garden [flv]

Show #45/3406 - Implementing A Landscape Plan

- Choosing And Placing Plants [flv]
- Proper Planting Techniques [flv]
- Dressing Up the Landscape [flv]

Show #46/3407 - Finishing Touches For An Outdoor Living Space

- One Solution For Basement Flooding [flv]
- Dressing Up A Concrete Patio [flv]
- Choosing Containers - Why & How [flv]

Show #47/3408 - Springtime - A Welcome Change

- New Plant Ideas [flv]
- Choosing Soils, Mulch, Fertilizer, etc. [flv]

Show #48/3409 - An Unusual Garden With Plants From Around The World

- When Planting, Think About Conserving Water [flv]

Show #49/3410 - It's Spring, Time To Think About Turf Care

- Choosing The Correct Fertilizer [flv]
- Address Insect Damage [flv]

Show #50/3411 - Daffodils, Daffodils And More

- Plant Daffodils 3 Times As Deep As Their Length [flv]
- Crepe Myrtles Bloom On New Wood [flv]

Show #51/3412 - In The Plant World - What's Old Is New

- Sarah's Tips For Planting Tomatoes [flv]
- Correct Pruning Techniques For Azaleas [flv]

Show #52/3413 - Containers - Color And Focal Points

- The Correct Container In The Correct Spot [flv]
- Planting A Container Can Be Quick and Easy [flv]

Check back every week for more "Smart Tips".

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