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Every week we will publish "Video Tips" on this page. These short video clips contain valuable information that will help you in your gardening adventures. If you click on the link, Windows Media Player will open and the video will start playing. You can also right click on the link to save it to your local drive to view it later.

This season's (2011) Video Tips:

Show #1/2301 - Two Beautiful Gardens In Key West

- Reduce Garden Maintenance [flv]

Show #2/2302 - New Orleans Revival Home & Gardens

- Grocery Store and Gardening [flv]
- Growing Iris - Tips [flv]

Show #3/2303 - Garden Club At The Southernmost Point Of The U.S.

- Soil Preparation [flv]

Show #4/2304 - Revitalized New Orleans Garden

- Tough Summer Annuals [flv]

Show #5/2305 - The Only Tropical Forest And Botanical Garden In The Continental U.S.

- Black Poly and Mulch - Good For Plants [flv]

Show #6/2306 - New Orleans Gardens and Gardeners

- Growing Tomatoes Can Be Easy [flv]

Show #7/2307 - West Palm Beach Community Garden

- Constructing A Raised Bed [flv]
- Black Crack On Tomatoes [flv]

Show #8/2308 - George Washington's Gardens

- Irrigation Keeps It Beautiful [flv]
- New Cultivars Of Boxwood [flv]

Show #9/2309 - 1930's Lake Tahoe Summer Estate

- Irrigation Can Increase The Plant Pallet [flv]
- Some Of Eric's Favorite Plants [flv]
- Bubbling [flv]
- Spring Isn't The Only Time To Plant [flv]

Show #10/2310 - Spring Color

- Great New Grasses For The Landscape And Containers [flv]
- Garden Center Product Choices [flv]

Show #11/2311 - Vegetable Gardening

- New-Old Fashion Rosess [flv]
- New Plant Ideas [flv]

Show #12/2312 - Designing With And Planting Containers

- Re-Blooming Hydrangeas [flv]
- New Day-lilies [flv]

Show #13/2313 - Springtime At Atlanta Botanical Garden

- Designing An Entryway [flv]
- Planting Bulbs [flv]

Show #14/2401 - Designing And Landscaping Around The Front Entryway

- Re-Blooming Azaleas [flv]
- Installing Pavers [flv]

Show #15/2402 - Designing And Landscaping With Retaining Walls

- Use Tropical Plants In Containers [flv]
- Constructing A Retaining Wall [flv]

Show #16/2403 - Denver Urban Oasis

- Attracting Wildlife To Your Garden [flv]
- Don't Make Your Garden Too Neatl [flv]

Show #17/2404 - Cleveland Botanical Garden

- Orchid Care [flv]
- Constructing A Spiral Garden [flv]

Show #18/2405 - Garden Walk Cleveland

- Bees And Composting [flv]
- Lasagna Gardening And The Three Sisters Planting Approach [flv]

Show #19/2406 - Erosion Control

- What is Compost? [flv]
- 4 by 4 Gardening [flv]

Show #20/2407 - California Garden Oasis

- Don't Over-Fertilize Roses [flv]
- Rose Selection [flv]

Show #21/2408 - Our Nation's Garden

- Waste Less Water [flv]
- Limited Space Planting Ideas [flv]

Show #22/2409 - The Gardens Of An Historic Horticultural Organization

- Perennial Garden/Meadow Garden [flv]
- Fall Blooming Plants [flv]
- Fall-A Good Time To Plant [flv]

Show #23/2410 - Denver Landscape Makeover

- Positioning Plants In The Landscape [flv]
- Site Preparation For Plants [flv]
- Wood Chip Mulch and Concrete Edgers [flv]

Show #24/2411 - Denver Landscape Makeover Part 2

- A beautiful Way To Correct A Drainage Problem [flv]
- Refurbishing A Concrete Patio [flv]
- Containers Add A Splash Of Color [flv]

Show #25/2412 - Beautiful And Colorful Containers

- Self Watering Containers [mp4]
- Proven Winners Plants For Containers [mp4]

Show #26/2413 - Vegetable Container Gardening

- Going Vertical On Pamela's Back Deck [flv]
- Planting A Pepper [flv]

Show #27/2501 - A Beautiful Fall Garden

- Controlling The Growth Of A Plant [flv]
- Bringing Color To Your Front Door In The Fall [flv]

Show #28/2502 - Fall Flowering Plants

- Creating Intimacy In The Garden [flv]
- The Art Of Topiary [flv]

Show #29/2503 - Beautiful Park, Great Gardening Tips

- Fall - A Great Time To Plant [flv]
- Planning A Water Feature [flv]

Show #30/2504 - Noble Plants & Trees Of Distinction

- Choose Plants Of Distinction [flv]

Show #31/2505 - Fall Gardening in Oregon

- Teaching Kindergarden And Gardening - Similar [flv]

Show #32/2506 - Blending Nature With Landscape

- Grass - Beauty And Function [flv]

Show #33/2507 - Build A Garden - Step By Step

- Garden At The Street [flv]
- Saving Seeds [flv]

Show #34/2508 - Identifying Roses

- New Roses [flv]

Show #35/2509. Designing A Float With Roses - And More

- Need Flowers To Bloom Early? [flv]
- Floral Design - Think Outside The Box [flv]

Show #36/2510. Two Great Gardens In Hawaii

- Design Tips [flv]
- Open Up Your Property [flv]
- Let Your Property Reveal Itself [flv]

Show #37/2511. Fall And Winter Plants In Oregon

- Diversity Makes Gardening More Interesting [flv]

Show #38/2512. A Crown Jewel In The Heartland

- Suburbia & Wide Open Spaces [flv]
- Color Is Possible In Shade [flv]

Show #39/2513. Tropical Agricultural Garden

- Use A Coconut To Grow A Palm Tree [flv]
- One Banana Tree, One Bunch Of Bananas [flv]

Show #40/2601. Creating A Focal Point In the Garden In Hawaii

- Emphasize Your Lawn Area [flv]
- Unusual Plants - Proteas [flv]
- Create Mystery And Interest In The Garden [flv]

Show #41/2602 - A Natural Garden In The Desert

- Attracting Hummingbirds [flv]
- Use Native Plants [flv]
- A Park Within A Park [flv]
- Attracting Butterflies [flv]

Show #42/2603 - An Historical Plantation And Garden In Louisiana

- Pruning Tips [flv]

Show #43/2604 - Plants, Energy And Water

- Lessons For Gardeners [flv]
- Background Biosphere 2 [flv]
- Study Of Plants And Animals [flv]

Show #44/2605 - Develop Landscape With Site In Mind

- Walk/Learn the Property First [flv]
- Duplicate Surrounding Environment [flv]
- Conserve Natural Resources [flv]

Show #45/2606 - St. Francisville Garden Tour

- Growing Cut Flowers [flv]
- Growing Flowers One Can Eat [flv]

Show #46/2607 - Ohio State University Trial Garden

- Irrigation Choices [flv]
- Containers Have Many Advantages [flv]

Show #47/2608 - A Beautiful Trial Garden In Cincinnati

- Managing Water Via A Rain Garden [flv]
- Native And Not-So-Native Plants [flv]

Show #48/2609 - A Beautiful Historic Garden In St. Francisvillei

- Romantic Garden Or Cottage Garden? [flv]

Show #49/2610 - Two Beautiful Virginia Gardens

- Different Plants, Different Water Requirements [flv]
- Caring For Roses [flv]
- The Land Has Something To Tell [flv]

Show #50/2611 - Managing Rainwater Runoff

- Address Water Runoff Before It Builds [flv]
- Stormwater Management Begins At The Street Or Parking Lot [flv]

Show #51/2612 - Springtime In Kentucky

- Create Garden Rooms [flv]

Show #52/2613 - Horticulture And Horse Racing - A Rich Tradition

- Design Tips For A Beautiful Container [flv]

Check back every week for more "Smart Tips".

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