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Shows from our 2013 season:

Show #1/3101. A Beautiful Home With Equally Impressive Gardens

Olmsted Influence
Container Tips
Pruning Roses
Transitioning From Season To Season


Show #2/3102. Three Asheville Gardens With Unique Personality

A New Garden In The Woods
An Established Garden In The Woods
A Garden With Great Hardscapes And Plants


Show #3/3103. Garden Design And Plant Care In North Carolina

Unique Gardens
Pruning Tips
Planting Tomatoes
Planting An Attractive Vegetable Garden


Show #4/3104. An Historical Virginia Garden Showpiece

Landscaping in 1759
Naturalistic Paths
18th Century Pleasure Garden
200 Year Old Vegetable Garden


Show #5/3105. Turf Tips From Florida

Selecting The Correct Grass
De thatching
Diagnosing Insect Damage


Show #6/3106. Keeping It Green

Environmentally Friendly Design
Plant Plan - Courtyard
Plants - Waters Edge
Maintaining A Green Landscape


Show #7/3107. Two Unique Community Gardens

Testing Soil PH
Root Pruning Bougainvillea
Creating A Focal Point
Backside Of The Garden


Show #8/3108. Gibbs Gardens

Favorite Daffodils
Proper Planting depth
Companion Plants
Pruning Crepe Myrtle


Show #9/3109. Container Gardening

What Is Needed For A Successful Container
Positioning Containers
Emphasize Texture In Containers
Building A Beautiful Container


Show #10/3110. Historic Gardens In The Center Of Atlanta

Rock Quarry
Smith Family Farm
The Swan House
High Shade Garden


Show #11/3111. Planning And Installing A Community Garden

Why And How - A Community Garden
Preparing The Site
Expected Yield
Care And Maintenance


Show #12/3112. Ft. Worth Botanic Garden

Theme Gardens
Selecting Roses
Meeting A Young Gardener
Plant Selections


Show #13/3113. Chandor Gardens

Building The Garden
Theme Gardens


Show #14/3201. An Unusual Garden Club Site

Dealing With Wind In The Garden
Unusual Garden Rooms
Bird Habitats
Low Water Usage Plants


Show #15/3202. Gardening Lessons Dating To The Early 1900's

Perennial Border Garden
Bi-Annuals And Perennials
Unusual Vegetables
Iris Collection


Show #16/3203. A Natural Versus A Native Garden

The Beginning
Spend Time In Your Property
Make Your Property Meaningful To You
Plants For A Natural Garden


Show #17/3204. Bush Library

Managing Storm Water Runoff
Restoration Process
Native Plants
Native Turf


Show #18/3205. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Attracting Wildlife
A New Trend - Meadows


Show #19/3206. Battery Park City

Soil Sample
Perk Test
Community Component
High Quality Compost And Compost Tea


Show #20/3207. Long Island Garden Tour

Garden #1
Plant Combinations
Garden #2


Show #21/3208. A Gardener's Paradise In Lake Tahoe

Interesting Plants & Color Combinations
Water & Soil
Enhancing The Soil
Planting Tips


Show #22/3209. The Heart Of Gardening In New Orleans

Different Roses
Vertical Wall
Historic Plants
Relationship - Plants, Insects And Animals


Show #23/3210. Two Native Gardens In North Carolina

1st Home
Non-Traditional Backyard
Flexibility And Mobility In The Yard
Criteria For Wildlife Habitat

2nd Home
Natural Landscapes Are Unique
Erosion Concerns


Show #24/3211. Wilmington Garden Club Tour

Mixed Light Garden
Dry Shade Garden
Vertical Gardening And Espalier
Formal And Informal Garden Design


Show #25/3212. Choosing The Correct Plant

Backyard Transformation
Selecting Plants


Show #26/3213. A Hidden Garden Treasure In Washington, DC

Beautiful Raised Bed Garden
Fun With Color
A Garden With Two Sides
A Circular Garden


Show #27/3301. Great Vegetables For Containers

Selecting Vegetables For Containers
Making Vegetables Attractive
Advantages Of Growing In Containers
Amazing Yields With Vegetables In Containers


Show #28/3302. An Historic Site That's Prepared For Fall For 170 Years

Fall Garden Jobs:
Color At The Front Door


Show #29/3303. Fall Can Be A Special Time In The Garden

Fall - Often Forgotten In The Garden
Fall Fragrance


Show #30/3304. Gardening In The Fall Can Be Richer With Diversity

Border Plants
Unusual Plants
Plants Create Habitats
Tropical Perennials


Show #31/3305. A Green Space That Impacts Atlanta Positively

Informal Border
Trees & Design
Right Plant, Right Place
Fall Lawn Care


Show #32/3306. Gardening On The Potomac

Small Scale Meadow Garden
Saving Seeds
Fall Bloomers
Winter Interest


Show #33/3307. Let's Have A Parade - With Roses

Constructing A Float
Floral Designer
Selecting Plants And Flowers
And The Winner Is...


Show #34/3308. New And Different Plants And Containers

Embrace Color
Container Plants
Window Box
Container Globes


Show #35/3309. Growing Fresh, Healthy Food In An Urban Environment

Eating Healthy
Relationship - Plants And People
Small Space - Great Garden
Salad Table Garden


Show #36/3310. Color Schemes And Native Plants

Plants Used By Native Americans
Containers In Water?
Established Gardens And New Gardens
Art And Plants


Show #37/3311. Several Unique New Orleans Gardens

How This Garden Has Changed
Private, Serene Garden
Formal And Informal Garden Elements
Garden Design Lessons


Show #38/3312. All About Roses

Propagating Roses
Looking At Different Roses Side By Side
How And Where To Use Roses
Bringing Fragrance Back To Roses


Show #39/3313. An Urban Escape In Cleveland

Herbs Are Aesthetically Pleasing
Square Foot Gardening
Whimsical Containers
Plants For - Sun, Transitional And Shade Areas


Show #40/3401. Landscape Makeover - Selecting And Planting Containers

What To Consider When Choosing A Container
What to Consider When Choosing Plants
Flowering Trees And Shrubs In Containers
Planting And Maintaining Containers


Show #41/3402. Landscape Makeover - Beautify The Front Entrance

Replacing Cross Tie Walls
Correct Plant, Correct Space
Preparing The Plant Bed
Containers At The Front Entrance


Show #42/3403. Landscape Makeover - An Impressive Transformation

Railroad Ties vs. Modular Walls
How To Approach An Intimidating Site
Why Containers
Selecting The Proper Plant


Show #43/3404. Rocky Soil, High Elevation, Yet Two Great Gardens

Garden Design Principles
Stonework And Hardscapes
How To Garden On A Steep Slope
White Garden


Show #44/3405. Connecting Home And Plants

Focal Points Lead The Eye Through The Garden
Creating A Sense Of Intimacy In The Garden
Same Plants, Different Effect
Hardscape Can Play A Prominent Role


Show #45/3406. Implementing A Landscape Plan

Landscape Objectives
Select Top Notch Landscape Professionals
Choose Appropriate Plants And Materials


Show #46/3407. Finishing Touches For An Outdoor Living Space

Edging Pavers
Utilizing Outdoor Accessories
Creating Outdoor Rooms


Show #47/3408. Springtime - A Welcome Change

Spring Blooming/Flowering Plants
Spring Blooming Trees And Shrubs
Spring Maintenance


Show #48/3409. An Unusual Garden With Plants From Around The World

Butterfly Garden
Carolanne's Favorites
Tropical Plants
Palm Trees


Show #49/3410. It's Spring, Time To Think About Turf Care

What Grass Should I Choose
Turf Care
Analyzing Problems
Soil Testing


Show #50/3411. Daffodils, Daffodils And More

Daffodils Bloom At Different Times
Planting Tips
Vertical Elements In The Spring Garden
Springtime - Pruning Time


Show #51/3412. In The Plant World - What's Old Is New

Favorite Perennials
Planting Tomatoes-The Old Fashion Way
Early American Perennial Garden
Heirloom Vegetables


Show #52/3413. Containers - Color And Focal Points

Containers - Why And Where
Different Container Materials
Great Plant Ideas
Container Planting Tips


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