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Shows from our 2006 season:

Show #1
Philadelphia Flower Show
Flower Arrangement

Show #2
Morris Arboretum
The Fernery
Starting From Seed
Witch Hazel/Camellias

Show #3
Longwood Gardens
Silver Garden/Mediterranean Garden
East Conservatory

Show #4
Florida Indoor Conservatory
St. Augustine Area
Everglades Garden
Key West Garden

Show #5
Garden Bed Design
Renovating a Bed
Tropical Plants

Show #6
Leu Gardens-Orlando
Camellia Collection
Tropical Plants
Rock/Evening/Shade/Herb Gardens

Show #7
Outdoor Furniture for:
Enclosed Environments
Protected Areas
Outdoor Groupings

Show #8
Container Gardening
Containers/Garden Art/Architectural Pieces
New Plants

Show #9
Plants After Tulips

Show #10
Meijer Gardens

Show #11
Blossom Time Festival
Fruit Trees
Care & Maintenance
Hanging Baskets

Show #12
The Hermitage-Classic 1800's Garden
Vegetable Garden
Formal Garden Design

Show #13
The World's Largest Indoor Garden
Soil/Proper Planting
Water Plants/Orchids

Show #14/401
Cheekwood Gardens
History of Landscape Design
Boxwood Garden
Wildflower Garden

Show #15/402
Trial Garden
All American Selection Plants
Growing Plants from Seed

Show #16/403
Taos, New Mexico Garden Tour
In Town
Retirement Community

Show #17/404
Taos, New Mexico-Resort
Design Ideas

Show #18/405
Plants for Taos areas:
In-Town/Mesa/High altitude
Earthships-Passive Solar Homes

Show #19/406
Dallas Landscape Tour
Texas - Feel Landscape
Formal Landscape

Show #20/407
Indoor Texas Garden
Changing a Color Bed
Bed Maintenance

Show #21/408
Dallas Arboretum
Design Ideas
Plants That Beat The Heat
Women's Garden

Show #22/409
Heritage Museums and Gardens
Rhododendrons, Hydrangea & Others
Maze and Labyrinth
Sculpture Garden

Show #23/410
Landscape Design
Garden Rooms
Framing a View

Show #24/411
Fairy Castle Sculptures
Plants that fit the Scale
Garden at Historic Inn

Show #25/412
Rock Gardens
Plants - Ferns, Perennials, and Others

Show #26/413
Children's Garden
Detention Basin
Ornamental Grasses
Planting a Fall Bed

Show #27/501
Holly Garden/Evergreen Garden
Pests and Diseases
Annuals Garden
Vegetable Garden

Show #28/502
Landscape Makeover - Part 1
Laguna Beach Resort

Show #29/503
Over-Seeding, Aeration, Sod
Home Putting Green

Show #30/504
Conclusion - Landscape Makeover Contest

Show #31/505
Gardens at an Historic Inn
Gardens inspired by Impressionist Painters
Backyard Wildflower Preserve

Show #32/506
Washington Bulb Company

Show #33/507 - The Home Garden of a Renowned California Restauranteur
Heirloom - Herbs, Vegetables and Fruits
Preparing a Meal

Show #34/508 - Temple University/Ambler - Trees and Shrubs
Interesting/Unusual Trees
Colorful Shrubs
Formal Garden with Perennials and Tropicals

Show #35/509 - Chicago Botanic Garden - Enabling Garden
Gardens Designed To Be Body Friendly
Adaptive Tools
Sensory Plants

Show #36/510 - Carl English Garden - Seattle
Garden Smart Visits Seattle
Traditional English Garden located at a lock
Momoyama Style Japanese Garden

Show #37/511 - Rose Garden at Elizabeth Park
Garden Tour
Different Types of Roses

Show #38/512 - Perennial Flowers at White Flower Farm
Demonstration Gardens
Plants with Different Colors and Forms

Show #39/513 - Philadelphia Penitentiary/Ornamental Grasses
Types of Ornamental Grasses
Different Woody Shrubs

Show #40/601 - Children's Garden at Botanical Garden
Elements of a Good Children's Garden
Train Exhibit

Show #41/602 - Roof Top Gardening in Chicago
Benefits of Roof Top Gardening
Stepping Stones with Leaf Print

Show #42/603 - Seattle Restaurant with Culinary Gardens
Display and Working Gardens
Year Round Gardening
Unusual Vegetables/Herbs/Lettuce
Prepare a Meal/Herbal Syrups

Show #43/604 - California Backyard with Grapes and More
Overview of a Viewers Backyard
Planting and Raising Grapes
Grapes in a Commercial Setting
Preparing a Scrumptious Meal Using Grapes

Show #44/605 - Median Planting Beds in Chicago
Plantings in the Heart of the Business District
The How, What and Why of Median Planters
Community Garden
Making a Hypertufa Sphere

Show #45/606 - Fruit Show From Vermont
Organic Berry Farming
How To Grow and Maintain
Tomato Growing Machine
Preparing Deserts with Berries

Show #46/607 - Historic Estate Gardens
Heirloom Roses-Different Varieties
Clematis & Flowering Shrubs
Care and Maintenance

Show #47/608 - Tips for Garden Center Shopping
Start With A Small Space
How to Choose Plants
Unusual Plants

Show #48/609 - Garden Design and Water Gardens
Designing An Outdoor Room
Science of Water Gardening
Caring For Plants In A Water Garden

Show #49/610 - Vermont: Vegetable, flower and Butterfly Garden
Demonstration Gardens
Beautiful Vegetable Garden
Full Season of Color-Butterfly Garden
Flower Cutting Garden
Edible Flower Salad

Show #50/611 - Perennial Border Garden at an Historic Estate
What is a Perennial Border Garden
New Trends
Plant Ideas
Concrete Stamping

Show #51/612 - Orchids at the United States Botanic Garden
Different Varieties
Why Choose an Orchid
Care and Maintenance

Show #52/613 - Extending the Garden Inside Your Home
B & B Gardens - Inside and Out
Indoor Plant Care

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By Heirloom Roses
Photographs courtesy of Heirloom Roses

In many areas of the country this is an excellent time to prune roses. Although rose pruning may seems daunting, it’s not hard to learn and the results are well worth the effort. For an informative article on rose pruning, click here .

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