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Shows from our 2006 season:

Show #1
Philadelphia Flower Show
Flower Arrangement

Show #2
Morris Arboretum
The Fernery
Starting From Seed
Witch Hazel/Camellias

Show #3
Longwood Gardens
Silver Garden/Mediterranean Garden
East Conservatory

Show #4
Florida Indoor Conservatory
St. Augustine Area
Everglades Garden
Key West Garden

Show #5
Garden Bed Design
Renovating a Bed
Tropical Plants

Show #6
Leu Gardens-Orlando
Camellia Collection
Tropical Plants
Rock/Evening/Shade/Herb Gardens

Show #7
Outdoor Furniture for:
Enclosed Environments
Protected Areas
Outdoor Groupings

Show #8
Container Gardening
Containers/Garden Art/Architectural Pieces
New Plants

Show #9
Plants After Tulips

Show #10
Meijer Gardens

Show #11
Blossom Time Festival
Fruit Trees
Care & Maintenance
Hanging Baskets

Show #12
The Hermitage-Classic 1800's Garden
Vegetable Garden
Formal Garden Design

Show #13
The World's Largest Indoor Garden
Soil/Proper Planting
Water Plants/Orchids

Show #14/401
Cheekwood Gardens
History of Landscape Design
Boxwood Garden
Wildflower Garden

Show #15/402
Trial Garden
All American Selection Plants
Growing Plants from Seed

Show #16/403
Taos, New Mexico Garden Tour
In Town
Retirement Community

Show #17/404
Taos, New Mexico-Resort
Design Ideas

Show #18/405
Plants for Taos areas:
In-Town/Mesa/High altitude
Earthships-Passive Solar Homes

Show #19/406
Dallas Landscape Tour
Texas - Feel Landscape
Formal Landscape

Show #20/407
Indoor Texas Garden
Changing a Color Bed
Bed Maintenance

Show #21/408
Dallas Arboretum
Design Ideas
Plants That Beat The Heat
Women's Garden

Show #22/409
Heritage Museums and Gardens
Rhododendrons, Hydrangea & Others
Maze and Labyrinth
Sculpture Garden

Show #23/410
Landscape Design
Garden Rooms
Framing a View

Show #24/411
Fairy Castle Sculptures
Plants that fit the Scale
Garden at Historic Inn

Show #25/412
Rock Gardens
Plants - Ferns, Perennials, and Others

Show #26/413
Children's Garden
Detention Basin
Ornamental Grasses
Planting a Fall Bed

Show #27/501
Holly Garden/Evergreen Garden
Pests and Diseases
Annuals Garden
Vegetable Garden

Show #28/502
Landscape Makeover - Part 1
Laguna Beach Resort

Show #29/503
Over-Seeding, Aeration, Sod
Home Putting Green

Show #30/504
Conclusion - Landscape Makeover Contest

Show #31/505
Gardens at an Historic Inn
Gardens inspired by Impressionist Painters
Backyard Wildflower Preserve

Show #32/506
Washington Bulb Company

Show #33/507 - The Home Garden of a Renowned California Restauranteur
Heirloom - Herbs, Vegetables and Fruits
Preparing a Meal

Show #34/508 - Temple University/Ambler - Trees and Shrubs
Interesting/Unusual Trees
Colorful Shrubs
Formal Garden with Perennials and Tropicals

Show #35/509 - Chicago Botanic Garden - Enabling Garden
Gardens Designed To Be Body Friendly
Adaptive Tools
Sensory Plants

Show #36/510 - Carl English Garden - Seattle
Garden Smart Visits Seattle
Traditional English Garden located at a lock
Momoyama Style Japanese Garden

Show #37/511 - Rose Garden at Elizabeth Park
Garden Tour
Different Types of Roses

Show #38/512 - Perennial Flowers at White Flower Farm
Demonstration Gardens
Plants with Different Colors and Forms

Show #39/513 - Philadelphia Penitentiary/Ornamental Grasses
Types of Ornamental Grasses
Different Woody Shrubs

Show #40/601 - Children's Garden at Botanical Garden
Elements of a Good Children's Garden
Train Exhibit

Show #41/602 - Roof Top Gardening in Chicago
Benefits of Roof Top Gardening
Stepping Stones with Leaf Print

Show #42/603 - Seattle Restaurant with Culinary Gardens
Display and Working Gardens
Year Round Gardening
Unusual Vegetables/Herbs/Lettuce
Prepare a Meal/Herbal Syrups

Show #43/604 - California Backyard with Grapes and More
Overview of a Viewers Backyard
Planting and Raising Grapes
Grapes in a Commercial Setting
Preparing a Scrumptious Meal Using Grapes

Show #44/605 - Median Planting Beds in Chicago
Plantings in the Heart of the Business District
The How, What and Why of Median Planters
Community Garden
Making a Hypertufa Sphere

Show #45/606 - Fruit Show From Vermont
Organic Berry Farming
How To Grow and Maintain
Tomato Growing Machine
Preparing Deserts with Berries

Show #46/607 - Historic Estate Gardens
Heirloom Roses-Different Varieties
Clematis & Flowering Shrubs
Care and Maintenance

Show #47/608 - Tips for Garden Center Shopping
Start With A Small Space
How to Choose Plants
Unusual Plants

Show #48/609 - Garden Design and Water Gardens
Designing An Outdoor Room
Science of Water Gardening
Caring For Plants In A Water Garden

Show #49/610 - Vermont: Vegetable, flower and Butterfly Garden
Demonstration Gardens
Beautiful Vegetable Garden
Full Season of Color-Butterfly Garden
Flower Cutting Garden
Edible Flower Salad

Show #50/611 - Perennial Border Garden at an Historic Estate
What is a Perennial Border Garden
New Trends
Plant Ideas
Concrete Stamping

Show #51/612 - Orchids at the United States Botanic Garden
Different Varieties
Why Choose an Orchid
Care and Maintenance

Show #52/613 - Extending the Garden Inside Your Home
B & B Gardens - Inside and Out
Indoor Plant Care

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