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Shows from our 2017 season:

Show #1/4701. Garden Art On A Huge Scale

Edible Plants
Aquatic Plants
Bed Prep

Show #2/4702. Introducing Kids And Adults To Gardening

History Of Community Gardens
Benefits Of Community Gardens
Planning process
Long Term Sustainability

Show #3/4703. Springtime - A Great Time To Be In Our Gardens

5 Great Hydrangeas
Water Gardens
Hearty Water Lilies
Tropical Water Lilies

Show #4/4704. An Estate That Dates Back To When Cotton Was King

Garden Rooms
Heirloom Plants
Pleasure Gardens
Favorite Plants

Show #5/4705. Bringing A Garden Back Into Scale

Garden Design
Keep Your Garden Looking Fresh
Conifer Tips
Shade Gardening

Show #6/4706. Incorporate Your Personality Into Your Garden Space

Refreshing A Site
Where To Start
A loose, Whimsical Feel
Extend The Season

Show #7/4707. The Joy Of Gardening

English Influence In The Garden
Early Spring
Formal Garden
Music Garden

Show #8/4708. Managing Rainwater Runoff

Clean-Store Water
Direct Water
Slow Water
Plants Can Be Helpful

Show #9/4709. Majestic Miniatures

What Is A Bonsai Plant?
Several Beautiful Examples
How Much Work?
Care And Maintenance

Show #10/4710. A Great Teaching Garden In Ohio

The Ohio State University
Various Theme Gardens
Perennial Plants In A Teaching Garden
A Trial Garden

Show #11/4711. Therapeutic Impact Of Gardening

Therapeutic Benefits
Utilization Of Space
Raised Beds
The Right Tool

Show #12/4712. The Land Has Something To Tell

Two Beautiful Homes And Gardens
Accent The View
Different Garden Themes
Connecting The Home And Surroundings With Plants

Show #13/4713. The Marriage Of Horticultural Knowledge With Artistic Talent

Climbing Plants
Is A Meadow For You?
Historic Gardening Ideas
Plant Favorites

Show #14/4801. Water Gardens

Consider The Reflection
Symbolism Of Japanese Gardens
Water Features for Your Yard
Water Plants

Show #15/4802. Children Learn A Lot From Gardening

Longwood Children's Garden
Unique, Interesting Gardens
Gardening Tips
Gardening Is Great For Kids

Show #16/4803. The Freshest Food Imaginable

Cooking An Unusual Dish
Fresh And Healthy
Planning The Garden
Year Round Crops

Show #17/4804. A Floral Display On Wheels

A Huge Floral Display
How Does It Work
What Is Used
The Big Day

Show #18/4805. Flora And Fauna Of Beach And Intercostal

Plants Differ From The Ocean To The Intercostal
A Beautiful Courtyard
Unique Plant Ideas

Show #19/4806. Color Combinations For Your Garden

Selecting the Correct Plant
Plant Combinations
Placing Plant Material
Color Echo

Show #20/4807. Gardening When It's Very Hot

Perennials Can Add Color
Unifying Plant Material
Consider Native Plants

Show #21/4808. Plants For Shade

Research Plants For Shade
Woodland Shade
Ground Cover Plants

Show #22/4809. Cemeteries - The Birthplace Of Landscape Architecture

Rural Cemeteries Forerunners To Arboretums
Great Trees:
Dawn Redwood
Bald Cypress

Show #23/4810. Design Tips To Consider When Planning Your Garden

Your Garden Can Be Like A Painting
Dinner Plate Hibiscus
Great Outdoor Rooms

Show #24/4811. Take Plant Clues From Nature

Transitioning From A Natural Area To A More Planned Environment
We've Gone Cone-Crazy
Don't Be Afraid To Make Gardening Mistakes - We All Do

Show #25/4812. Oakland Cemetery

Heirloom Plants
Sandy Loam soil
Big Trees
Understory Plantings

Show #26/4813. Local Farmers Fresh Produce

Fresh Food Movement
How To do At Home

Show #27/4901. Floral Arranging

Gardening Connects People
Getting Started In Flower Arranging
Young And Old Find Common Ground
Special Thanks

Show #28/4902. Gardening Lessons From Kentucky

Plant Collections
Theme Gardens
Unusual Plants
How To Incorporate Design Into Your Garden

Show #29/4903. The Latest In Hardscape Materials And Installation

The Landscape Plan
New Products

Show #30/4904. Installing Plants And Trees

Utilizing Plants To Create Balance In The Garden
Choosing Trees
An Interesting Tree - Parrotia
A Garden Tip When Planting Hedges

Show #31/4905. Landscaping - From Paper To Reality

What's Happened So Far
Outstanding Containers - How They Are Made And Why Were They Selected
Last Minute Tweaks
What's Coming Up

Show #32/4906. The Desert Can Be A Beautiful Garden

Indians Lived Off This Land
Interesting And Useful Plants
Edible Plants
A Desert Garden Can Be A Beautiful Garden

Show #33/4907. From Garden Rooms To Vegetables To Butterflies - A Great Garden

A Beautiful Vegetable Garden
Planting Ordinary Plants From The Grocery Store
A Wild Garden

Show #34/4908. Desert Plants Are Tough, But Adaptable

A Garden Where Temperatures Can Range From 0 - 120
A Wide Range of Desert Plants
Cactus And Agaves
Making A Wreath

Show #35/4909. GardenSMART Goes To College To Talk Gardening

Shade Garden
Perennial Garden

Show #36/4910. Gardening Basics Are The Same

Wattle Fence
Plants In Alaska Can Be Big And Vibrant
A Rock Garden
Outstanding Perennials

Show #37/4911. Gardening In Colonial Times

18th Century Gardening Methods and Tools
Melons, Cucumbers and Tomatoes
Perennial Garden vs. Botanic Garden
Start Small

Show #38/4912. One Garden, Four Floras

Growing Areas Of Texas
Children's Garden
Saving Water
Cottage Garden

Show #39/4913. A Garden With A French Tradition

Creating A Vista
Creating An Alle
Tips For Planting On A Slope
Four Corner Garden

Show #40/5001. Push The Climate Zone

Shady Areas
Sun And Shade
Full Sun
High Traffic Areas

Show #41/5002. Gardening In Ft. Lauderdale

Oak Hammock
Champion Trees
Dealing With Storm Damage
Staghorn Fern

Show #42/5003. Plans And Tools Pros Use When Designing A Beautiful Garden

Where To Start
What Wold You Like To Accomplish?
Consider The Space
Address Plant Material

Show #43/5004. Heirloom Roses At An Historic Estate

Different Roses
Fringe Tree

Show #44/5005. GardenSMART Goes To Holland (Michigan That Is)

Different Varieties
Bulb Care
Care After Blooming
Different Locations With Attractive Bulbs

Show #45/5006. A Series Of Beautiful, Little Rustic Gardens

Pruning And Thinning
Repeated Elements
Making A Parking Lot Beautiful

Show #46/5007. An Exceptional Gardener That Beautifully Finds A Plant for Every Space

Evaluating New Plants
Different Gardens
Propagating Succulents
Tropical Plants

Show #47/5008. Trees, Trees, Trees - Lessons From A Tree Farm

Containerized or In-Ground Trees
Where Does It Start?
Insect Problems
New Cultivars

Show #48/5009. Daffodils - 4 Different Blooming Times

Selecting Daffodils For A Longer Show
Planting Daffodils
Companion Plants

Show #49/5010. Landscape Installation - Irrigation And Containers

Entry Wall
Advancements In Irrigation Technology
Irrigation Installation

Show #50/5011. Landscape Installation - Annuals, Perennials & Trees

Plants For Shade
Ornamental Grasses

Show #51/5012. Landscape Installation - Steps, Wall, Outdoor Furniture And Reveal

Outdoor Furniture

Show #52/5013. Landscape Installation - Maintenance Tips

Tree Care & Pruning
Create A Gardener's Calendar
Care Of Annuals
Lawn Care

GardenSMART Featured Article

By Justin Hancock, Costa Farms Horticulturist
Photographs courtesy of Costa Farms

Justin has written a great article about the Tradescantia family of plants, how they’re a diverse selection of delightful and easy-care plants we can enjoy indoors and out. To read the article, click here .

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