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Every week we will publish "Video Tips" on this page. These short video clips contain valuable information that will help you in your gardening adventures. If you click on the link, Windows Media Player will open and the video will start playing. You can also right click on the link to save it to your local drive to view it later.

This season’s (2016) Video Tips:

Show #1/4301. Soil Ecology-Not As Tricky As it Sounds

Show #2/4302. Farm to Table

Show #3/4303. Some Beautiful Early Season Plants And Color

Show #4/4304. Blending The Old With The New

Show #6/4306. Water Gardens, Vertical Gardens And Vegetables

Show #7/4307. Community Gardens

Show #8/4308. Consider Containers

Show #9/4309. Transforming A Backyard

Show #10/4310. A Great Place To Visit - The Cincinnati Zoo And Botanical Garden

Show #11/4311. Ideas From A Great Garden Designer

Show #12/4312. Hardscaping And Plants

Show #13/4313. Smith-Gilbert Gardens

Show #14/4401. The Garden Of A Great Garden Designer

Show #15/4402. Look Beneath The Soil Surface

Show #16/4403. A Garden Oasis In Atlanta

Show #17/4404. In Gardening What's Old Is New

Show #18/4405. Hydrangeas, Day Lilies And Aquatic Plants

Show #19/4406. Consider A More Natural Landscape

Show #20/4407. The Art, Skill & Care Of Bonsai

Show #21/4408. Native, Organic Plants In The Big Apple

Show #22/4409. Tips For A Beautiful Year Round Lawn

Show #23/4410. After Disaster, A Gardening Paradise.

Show #24/4411. Environmentally Friendly Gardening

Show #25/4412. Horticultural Therapy

Show #26/4413. A Garden Started In 1933

Show #27/4501. Tribute To A Great Gardener

Show #28/4502. Controlling - Erosion And Storm Water Runoff

Show #29/4503. The Magnificent Gardens Of Biltmore Estate

Show #30/4504. Farm To Table

Show #31/4505. Gardening In The Fall

Show #32/4506. A Passionate Gardener And An Innovative Garden

Show #33/4507. Gardening Outreach

Show #34/4508. Getting The Most Out Of Our Turf

Show #35/4509. Healthy Eating Can Start At Home

Show #36/4510. Behind The Scenes - Farmer's Markets Gardens

Show #37/4511. Two Homes, Two Great Gardens

Show #38/4512. Annuals-Design, Implementation And Maintenance

Show #39/4513. Have A Good Time Putting Containers Together

Show #40/4601. Gardening In A Spot Better Known For Snow

Show #41/4602. A Garden Estate Known For Spring Color

Show #42/4603. Kitchen Gardening In The 1700's

Show #43/4604. A Lakeside Gardeners Paradise

Show #44/4605. The Gardens Of A Legendary Plant Breeder

Show #45/4606. Stunning Gardens At An Incredible Site

Show #46/4607. Bring Vibrant Color And Focal Points To Your Landscape

Show #47/4608. Landscape Installation - Hardscape

Show #48/4609. Landscape Installation - Plant Material

Show #49/4610. Finishing Touches And Tweaks

Show #50/4611. Early Season Color

Show #51/4612. GardenSMART Visits The Largest Conservatory In America

Show #52/4612. Innovative Rainwater Management Ideas

Check back every week for more "Smart Tips".

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By Heather Blackmore for Proven Winners
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