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Show #25/4412. Horticultural Therapy

Radius Tools

Tools are evolving every year and much emphasis has been put on making tools more ergonomic. Radius Tools has made great strides in developing fantastic ergonomic tools. These tools will relieve some of the stress and strain on the body, they help relieve the strain on the joints and make gardening more fun.

Eric loves these tools and shows us several of these innovative tools. The first is the Radius, Ergonomic Cultivator. It is a go-to tool for him in the garden. It has 3 rigid fingers that are super strong. He uses this tool for all types of weeding functions, it’s good for oxygenating the roots, basic cultivation, it makes the plants happier and makes weeding easier.

The next is the Radius Ergonomic Scooper. It is a tool not as big as a shovel, but larger than a trowel. Eric likes to use it for transferring potting media from the bag into the container. But it’s a tool that can be used for almost anything. He likes grilling outside and uses this tool for scooping the coals out of his grill. Or even moving bulk substrate around, whether it’s sand, perlite, etc. If you have a really nice well cultivated garden area this tool can be used to move bulk soil around when planting large containers.

Another tool Eric thinks every gardener should have is the Ergonomic Transplanter. It has depth marks so when planting bulbs you will know exactly how deep to plant them. He uses this when planting seeds. It is a very long reach tool. And with the wonderful ergonomic handle it won’t strain your wrist. A wonderful tool.

One thing we typically hate as gardeners is weeding. Finding a great weeder that’s well designed for the task is so important. This is a new and different take on a weeding implement. It has these wonderful serrated edges. It is great for removing tough weeds like dandelions, it allows us to get down beside the tap root and excavate it because we know as gardeners that if we don’t get the entire root out we’re simply going to have more baby dandelions, which in some cases will make our job even harder. This tool is perfectly designed for this, a great ergonomic tool.

Finally, last but not least, the Ergonomic Trowel. This is the obligatory garden tool, every gardener has one. This is unbeatable. For your everyday transplanting of annuals, basic planting, putting seeds out, small bulbs, almost anything you can imagine you must have a trowel in your tool bag. Eric guarantees you won’t find one better than this.

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