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Shows from our 2015 season:

Show #1/3901. Tweaking And Massaging A Unique Landscape

How To Approach A Site
Formal Plantings
Loose, Whimsical Feel
Window Boxes And Hanging Baskets

Show #2/3902. Creating A Welcoming Front Entrance

Sprucing Up The Driveway
Curb Appeal
Incorporating Plants Into The Design
Plant Success

Show #3/3903. An Early American Garden With Many New And Exciting Plants

Old Time Ornamental Garden
Growing Tomatoes 150 Years Ago
Borrowed Views
Pruning Azaleas

Show #4/3904. View Your Garden As A Canvas

1st Home
Front And Middle Garden
2nd Home
Front, Back And Courtyard Gardens

Show #5/3905. At Home With A GardenSMART Viewer

Pruning Roses
Beautiful Containers
Unusual Container Plants
Furniture, Containers and Plants Ideal For A Shady Outdoor Area

Show #6/3906. Taking An Active Role In Growing What We Eat

Cool Season And Warm Season Crops
Strawberries And Blueberries
Farm To Table
How Does A Hydroponic System Work

Show #7/3907. Compost Can Be Used In Many Different Ways

What Is Compost
Managing Stormwater Runoff
Cultural Issues
Creative Gardening Ideas With Socks

Show #8/3908. Vegetables That Perform Well In Containers

What Vegetables Do Best In Containers
Container Gardening Tips
Vegetables Can Be Attractive
Amazing Yields

Show #9/3909. Getting The Most Out Of Our Turf

Selecting Grass For Your Climate
Soil Compaction
A Healthy Lawn -The Best Way To Control Weeds And Disease
What�s Going On In The Soil

Show #10/3910. An Olmsted Landscape As Beautiful Today As It Was 120 Years Ago

Formal Yet Welcoming
Tropical Plants
Things To Consider With Containers
Planning Ahead

Show #11/3911. Container Gardening Can Be Fun, Even Whimsical

Basic Principles For Great Containers
Make It Bold
What To Look For In A Container
Selecting Plants

Show #12/3912. Approach A Site With Passion And Vision

A Truly Beautiful, Natural Site
Water Conservation
Plan Pathways To Provide Surprise Views
Provide Natural Habitat For Animals

Show #13/3913. As The Garden Grows, So Does The Gardener

Select Plants For Different Seasons
Address Plant Disease
Watering Philosophy
Garden Art

Show #14/4001. Healthy Soil Makes For Healthy Plants

Visiting Different Areas Of The Park
What�s Going On Beneath The Soil?
What Type Of Soil Do You Have?
Feeding The Soil

Show #15/4002. A Victorian Garden Experience

Water Garden Care
Unique Plants
Column In A Flower Pot
Garden On Your Door

Show #16/4003. A Landscape That Is Nothing Short Of Presidential

Background Of The Site
Ambitious Sustainable Objectives
Water Management
Consider Native Plants

Show #17/4004. A Functional, Yet Visually Beautiful Vegetable Garden

Keep Your Vegetable Garden Close To The Kitchen
Designing A Kitchen Garden
Different Seasons, Different Planting Opportunities
To Prune Or Not To Prune

Show #18/4005. Community Gardening-So Many Benefits

Two Urban Gardens
Two Impressive Gardeners
Gardens In Under-Served Communities
Neighborhood Gardening Experience

Show #19/4006. A Garden Can Become An Extension Of The House

Water Features
An Exuberant Garden
Paths Lead Us Through A Garden
A Bowling Green

Show #20/4007. An Amazing Park In New York Harbor

A Park In One Of The Busiest Cities In The World
Recently Planted, Yet Established
Not Super-Groomed, Yet Comfortable
What To Plant In Low Spots

Show #21/4008. A Garden With Natural Beauty And Stunning Architectural Elements

Rose Collections
Water Garden
Historic Plants
Rainforest Plants

Show #22/4009. Architectural Accents Add Real Interest

Just Blocks Stacked Up-No
Meet Pamela
Fantastic Plants

Show #23/4010. The Environment Dictates The Landscape

A Green Landscape Is Different Than A Conventional Landscape
How Does One Create An Attractive Green landscape?
Choosing Plants
Different Conditions, Different Plants

Show #24/4011. A Garden For All Ages In Texas

Splashes Of Color And Lots Of Shapes
Blue Garden
A Young Gardener
Plants For A Japanese Garden

Show #25/4012. Don't Overplant, Plant According To Your Space

Consider The Site
How Will You Use The Site
Drama At The Entrance
Focal Points

Show #26/4013. Connecting People With Plants

Color Schemes And Textures
Plants From - The Rockies To Tropicals
Naturalistic Gardens
Whimsical Containers

Show #27/4101. Landscaping - Understated Luxury

Creating Intimate Spaces
Add Points Of Interest
Flowers That Can weigh 5 Pounds

Show #28/4102. Reflections Of A Passionate Gardener

Monticello - A Botanic Garden
A Garden Book
Designing Flower Beds
Can�t Handle A Small Garden - Try A Bigger Garden

Show #29/4103. Keeping Our Gardens In Harmony With The Environment

Pollinator Gardens
Nocturnal Critters

Show #30/4104. Remembering Our Nation's History With Plants

Sunny Garden
Garden Rooms
Trees = A Shady Garden
Favorite Plants

Show #31/4105. Garden Gems In The Heartland

Grand Estate Garden
Mixed Border Garden
Accenting The View
Period Gardens

Show #32/4106. Tropical Paradise With Plenty To Eat

Growing Palm Trees At Home
Hawaiian Native Plants
Kitchen Crops

Show #33/4107. Innovative Rainwater Management Techniques

Is Water Runoff A Concern
When Should Runoff Be Addressed
What Methods/Techniques Are Available
What Plants May Help In This process

Show #34/4108. A Garden That Has Risen Phoenix-Like Out Of Ruins

Oak Alley
Victorian Influence
Different Seasons-Different Look
A Restful, Yet Organized Garden

Show #35/4109. Evaluating And Trialing Plants

Plants That Trialed Well
Several Strong Plants
Tips For Preparing The Soil
What To Plant In A Rain Garden

Show #36/4110. Eco Friendly Subdivision

An Envelop For the Home Within The Lot
Managing Periodic Torrential Rainfall
Bring Nature Next To The Home
Native Plants

Show #37/4111. Historic Garden Week

Knott Garden
Bring Outdoors In

Show #38/4112. Gardening In The Heartland

Plants For Shade - Wet And Dry
Perennial Collection
Exceptional Annuals
Evaluating Plants Success

Show #39/4113. The Use Of Water In Plants

Understanding How Water Work In Plants
Water In-Water Out
Why A Green Roof?
How Does This Relate To Home Gardeners?

Show #40/4201. While Our Gardens Are Asleep, The Growers Are Busy

Great Shade Plants
Plants With Great Foliage
Flowers And Foliage
Companion Plants

Show #41/4202. A Landscape Design Versus A Nursery

A Plant Collector
Spring Flowering Trees And Shrubs
So Many Great Ferns
A Serpentine Garden

Show #42/4203. One Man's Garden Masterpiece

Different Blooming Times For Different Daffodils
Laying Out A Daffodil Bed
Different Daffodils
Great Spring Plants

Show #43/4204. Two Very Different, Standout Gardens

Select Plants With Location In Mind
Plants Under A Tree
Break Up The Turf
Courtyard Garden

Show #44/4205. Container Gardening

Container Considerations
Container Plant Considerations
Unusual Plants For Containers
Planting Tips

Show #45/4206. The Gardens Of Michelle and Lynn

Perennial Garden
Playground Garden
Raised Beds
Seasonal Vegetables

Show #46/4207. Two Beautifully Landscaped Island Homes

The Pool Is A Part Of The Garden
Shade Garden
Screening Plant Material
The Garden Reflects Local Surroundings

Show #47/4208. Utilizing Space Effectively

A Lot Going On In A Small Space
A Sense Of Scale
Bringing A Garden Back
Her Garden Is Her Palate

Show #48/4209. Some Great Plant Ideas, Including What Some Claim Is The Best Tomato

Unusual Plants
Plants As A Fashion Statement
Plants From Seed

Show #49/4210. Finding The Right Plants

Know Your Soils PH
Know Your Space
Planting Common Spaces
Gorilla Gardening

Show #50/4211. Gardening In Shade And On Steep Slopes

Garden Becoming
Mature Wilderness Garden
Art & Sculpture
Unique Plant Placements

Show #51/4212. Two Gardeners Answer The Question - What Do I Want My Garden To Be?

Smaller Garden Space
Make It Interesting
Going Big
Creating Garden Spaces

52/4213. Community Gardens Are A Community Effort

Why Or Where A Community Garden
Planning Considerations
For The Long Haul

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By Power Planter
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Spring-planted bulbs will burst with beautiful blooms this summer. And will make quite a statement with little effort plus are perfect for cut-flower arrangements. And with the Power Planter auger they are quite easy to plant. For an article with a list of favorites, click here .

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