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Shows from our 2022 season:

Show #01/6701. Six Unique, Historic Gardens

Rock Quarry
Early American Border Garden
Heirloom Vegetables
High Shade Garden

Show #02/6702. Soil - Key To Healthy Plants

A Shovel And Soil probe
Soil Sample
Perk Test

Show #03/6703. Spring Has Sprung

Different Daffodil Blooming Times
Planting Tips For Daffodils
Companion Plants For Daffodils
Pruning Crepe Myrtle

Show #04/6704. Updating And Restoring An Out-Of-Scale Garden

Bringing The Garden Back
Keeping A Border Garden Looking Fresh
Spacing Plants
Shade Gardens

Show #05/6705. From Farm To Table At Hard Work U

Cool Season Crops And Warm Season Crops
Blueberries And Strawberries
Farm To Table

Show #06/6706. Great Garden Designers Create Amazing Spaces

Climbing Plants
Fragrant Vines
The Meadow
Staking Or Supporting Plants

Show #07/6707. Amazing Yields, Beautiful Containers

Plants For Containers
Container Combinations
Vegetables For Containers
Growing In Containers

Show #08/6708. Making A Space Come Alive - From A Tried Garden To An English Cottage Garden

1st Steps
Remove Trees And Roots
Amend The Soil
Placing The Plants

Show #09/6709. Turning Challenging Sites Into Community Garden Paradises

Healthy Eating
Working Together - Plants And People
Community Garden
Mark’s Garden

Show #10/6710. A Truly Inspirational Garden

Size And Scope Of Keukenhof
Pocket Gardens
Gardens On Mounds
Gardening Tips

Show #11/6711. Bringing Back A Prairie Inside A City

Presidential Direction
Managing Storm Water Runoff
Environmental Design
Native Plants

Show #12/6712. Update Makeover Show - English Cottage Garden - In Spring

Get The Soil Right
Placing Plants
Eric’s Favorite Plants
Selecting Containers

Show #13/6713. Choosing The Correct Plant

Cultivars Of Traditional Plants
Leland Cypress
Woodland Garden
Wet Area

Show #14/6801. Iconic Southern Garden

Future Plans

Show #15/6802. A Plant Collectors Paradise

Wetland System

Show #16/6803. Beauty, History, Culture And Crops

History of Maui
Palm Trees
Coffee Trees

Show #17/6804. Historic Gardens In Historic Belgium

Ghent University Botanical Garden
Unusual Plants
Video Tour Bruge

Show #18/6805. Spending The Day With A World Famous Plant Breeder

New Cultivars
Next Improvements
Where Will Azaleas Grow?
Azalea Maintenance

Show #19/6806. Behind The Gates In Maui

1st Home
Shade Garden
Blue Pocket Garden
2nd Home
Architecture Of The Home
Screening Plant Material

Show #20/6807. Beautiful Flowers And An Auction House Where Sold

Bulb Size
Bulbs For Warmer Climates
Royal Flora Holland
Auction Room
Buyers And Growers

Show #21/6808. A Garden Built For Respite And Retreat

Formal Gardens Are Peaceful
Garden Laid Out In Quadrants

Show #22/6809. Planting And Caring For Trees On A Citywide Level

Importance Of Urban Landscape And Trees
Endangered Ecosystem
Forest Reclamation
Educational Component

Show #23/6810. Building A Garden From The Ground Up

Improving The Soil
Power Planter
Correct Planting Height
Outdoor Furniture

Show #24/6811. Cooking In The Garden

Adding A Room To Your Home
Outdoor Kitchen

Show #25/6812. Transforming A Deck Into A Gardening Work Of Art

Different Locations For Containers
Containers On A Deck
Vertical Elements With Containers
Repeated Themes

Show #26/6813. Container Plants For Intense Shade Or Sun

How Much Shade
Indoor Plants-Outdoors
Specific Plants

Show #27/6901. Improving Curb Appeal

Connect It To This Location
Window Boxes
Vertical Gardens
Modular System

Show #28/6902. Tips For Planning A New Garden

Jim’s Vision For This Site
What To Do With The Site
Steps To Take
Plan For Multiple Seasons

Show #29/6903. The Challenge Of Gardening With Deer Pressure

Deer have Become A Problem-Very Different Than In The Past
There Can Be Too Many Deer-A Keystone Predator
Manage Deer Population
Plant With Deer In Mind

Show #30/6904. After The Landscape Plan-Consider Topography, Plants, Hardscape

First Address The Space
Taking It In Stages
Site Preparation
Pathways and Irrigation

Show #31/6905. Two Beautiful Historic Gardens With 200 Years Of History

Formal Gardens
English Influence
Gardening In A Ruins
Creating a Music Garden

Show #32/6906. Good Garden Design In New Orleans

Ruthie's Garden
Side Garden
Secret Garden
Sybil's Garden
Front Yard
Back Yard

Show #33/6907. A Plant Enthusiasts Garden Featuring Rare Plants And Conifers

Arboretum Vs. A Garden
Medicinal Plants
Rare Plants
How Are Conifers Produced

Show #34/6908. A New Jersey Garden That Overlooks Manhattan

Pruning And Thinning
Exploring Different Gardens
A Fun Garden - Folly

Show #35/6909. Bonsai-An Art And A Science

What Is Bonsai
Choosing /The Best Plant For You/Bonsai
Correct Soil
Pruning Tips

Show #36/6910. Garden Tour - Two Ponds

Create Different Places
Utilizing Water

Show #37/6911. Behind The Scenes Of Two "Locally Grown” Farms

Growing For Farmer’s Markets
Selecting The Correct Plants
Growing Apples
Care Of Apple Trees

Show #38/6912. The Colonial Garden At Williamsburg

18th Century:
Cultivation, Tools
Gardening Techniques
Typical Plants
Cold Frames, Hot Frames

Show #39/6913. The Barn

The Meal

Show ##40/7001. Garden In The Sky

Water Feature
Slope Garden
Native Plants
More Formal Plants

Show #41/7002. Tips For Tree Care

Containerized Trees vs. In-Ground Trees
Establishing The Central Leader
Disease Or Insect Problems
What’s Coming In The Tree World

Show #42/7003. Highlands Biological Center

Design Of A Pollinator Garden
Maintenance Of A Pollinator Garden
Why Pollinators Are Important
Where Can We Build A Pollinator Garden?

Show #43/7004. Spring Is On The Radar - We Hope

Check For Daffodil Blooming Times
Daffodil Design
Daffodil Planting And Maintenance
Additional Spring Blooming Plants And Trees

Show #44/7005. Gardening And Wildlife

Water Plants
Building A Tub Garden
Wildflower Meadow

Show #45/7706. It's Fun - Try Something New In Your Garden

Malabar Spinach
Planting A Prairie
Tropical Plants

Show #46/7007. Cashiers Farmers Market

Growing Micro Greens
Growing Mushrooms

Dahlia - Growing, Cultivation and Care Tips
Harvesting Dahlias

Show # 47/7008. Conifers - A Four Season Garden

Collecting Conifers
Tom’s Favorites
Unusual Forms
Plants Most Likely To Succeed

Show # 48/7009. A Stunning Community Garden

Planting In Difficult Conditions
Attracting Wildlife
A Full Year Garden
Synthetic Turf

Show #49/7010. What A Difference A Garden Makes

Finding The Right And New Plants
Converting A Cul-De-Sac Into A Tropical Masterpiece
Creating A Visual Focal Point
Handle Challenging Spots

Show #50/7011. Plan For Seasons Of Color In Our Garden

Extending The Season
Companion Planting
Availability Of New Plants
Dwarf Plants

Show #51/7012. Gardening Means Being Engaged With The Natural World

Shade Gardening

Show #52/7013. Gardening Inspiration

How To Approach A Site
Prolong The Growing Season
Window Boxes And Hanging Baskets

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