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Visit to Greenwood Restaurant

Dr. Rick visits with Bill Greenwood and Gail Zorn at Greenwood Restaurant. Bill has an interesting philosophy about making his
restaurant unique, giving people an enjoyable place to visit before and
after eating and in giving back to the community. Gail Zorn takes Dr.
Rick on a tour of the garden describing many plants and discussing the
care of these plants, etc. She discusses the many Annuals and
Perennials, giving tips on their care.

Dr. Gary Wade has some unique ideas for preparing a bed and planting Annuals.

First add organic matter to the bed. Approximately 25% by volume, for a 12" depth you will need 3" of organic matter. Till this in until
uniform. To conserve moisture and control weeds, next wet 2 sheets of
newspaper (more will stop water and nutrients) and spread over the
surface of the bed. Add about 3" of mulch to the top of the paper. Make
a hole in the mulch and paper, put a slow release fertilizer in the
hole. Put in the plant. You have a great growing environment and one
that will hold water and keep weeds to a minimum.

Dr. Rick introduces us to the Purple Cone Flower - Echinacea.

This beautiful plant is drought tolerant, native to the east and central
parts of the U.S. and blooms throughout the summer. It is also
attractive during the winter months. It is a great addition to our

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