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Show #24/4811. Take Plant Clues From Nature

How To Have a A Successful Growing Season

THE GUYS NEXT VISIT THE ROSE ARBOR. When couples get married in the garden this is the spot they normally choose for the ceremony. It's a new structure. They've planted vines, etc. to create a romantic space for the ceremonies. This area also provides an opportunity to trial different varieties. Some do better than others. Vines can be tricky because many will take over and you don't want that. They wanted a vine that would grow quickly, but not too quickly. One of the best, for them, has been Rosa Rose Lilly and Gibson. Wisteria is another choice. The Chinese Wisteria is a real thug and can take the whole structure down if it's not solid enough and it will spread. So they have an American version, American Wisteria is much less aggressive. The cultivar they're using is Wisteria frutescens 'Amythest Falls' American Wisteria, it's very pretty with dangling purple flowers. They also have native Lonicera Honeysuckle which has pale yellow flowers. They're trying different things like Hydrangea petiolaris Climbing Hydrangea. It's slower to start but once it gets going it's fantastic and it doesn't overwhelm things. Bill believes that's the key. Find plants that will take their time, yet do well. Don't go for the instant effect then be pulling them off for a long time. Here they're willing to wait a few years for the right thing. Once this group of plants matures, they will have the purple of the Wisteria, the red or yellow of the Honeysuckle, depending on the variety, then the white flowers of the Hydrangea. It will be a great looking combination.

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