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Show #9/4709. Majestic Miniatures

Where To Start with Bonsai

There he'll pick out a couple of trees that he will turn into bonsai. But what should he be looking for? Are there any plants that he should avoid or are there some that Rodney really likes that traditionally people have more success with? Rodney would not pick any exotic plant, they tend to be little harder to grow, particularly if they’re from out of the area. If looking for something with small leaves and short inter nodes a magnolia might be ruled out. It can be done, but probably best ruled out. One should be looking for a healthy plant, a nice line and a good root system. Those things are hard to build. The branches can be positioned where you need them. So between conifers are there ones that are typically easier or harder to work with? Most of the bonsai books show the pine tree juniper style so that is what most people are used to and expect a bonsai to look like. Deciduous will grow in their own style. One can go out and look at the way they grow. It's a little different. Rodney is of the opinion that the easiest tree to start with would be a juniper. Some type of juniper.

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